Dungeons 3

Developed by Realmforge Studios and published by Kalypso Media UK Ltd, Dungeons 3 is a true gem that combines dungeon building with real-time strategy elements. Furthermore, The game’s story takes place a short time after the events of Dungeons 2.

Dungeons 3: What’s It all About Kalypso?

On a new continent ruled by the good paladin Tanos. However, Tanos has also adopted a young dark elf sorcerer named Thalya in an attempt to cure her inner darkness. And of course, prevent her from doing evil. But you’ll have to conquer the empire for the Dungeon Lord using Thalya as a lieutenant.

Dungeons 3

But if not for the gorgeous visuals, you’ll definitely stay for the incredible humor. British meta-humor of course and lots of breaking the fourth wall style of dialogue. Both from the narrator in the game and Thalya. Oh, and if you’re fans of Dungeon Keeper you’re going to love it even more. Yes, it’s a bit long, but Dungeons 3 is filled with great graphics, awesome music and a good story. Indeed the vocal in Dungeons 3 is exceptional, especially from Emma Tate. The actress who voices this character. You’ll fall in love with theatrical delivery, her laugh and pretty much everything else.

Such as the pacing of the campaign, the variety of the rooms and of course the ease of using the UI.

Oh, and within those 20+ (let’s face it 30 hours) hours of playtime, there’s a campaign with 20 missions. Not to mention randomly generated levels which are fun. However, that specific snarky British humor will certainly not appease to every pallet. You either like it or not. Much like Monty Python. If you grew up with that type of humor, then great. If not you’re in for a headache. But although Dungeons 3 is a gem, it has a very specific fan-base. Much like with the humor.

Dungeons 3

If you’re into Dungeon Keeper, for instance, you’re going to love it as well. It’s a true gem. Make sure to get it here IndieGala.

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