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Halloween Kills Review

Oh and one more thing. Happy Halloween everyone. Stay safe and celebrate it responsibly. Don’t forget that there’s still a raging pandemic outside. Have fun but, make sure to stay safe.

Halloween Kills Review: The Middle Child In A Brand New Reboot

We’re all familiar with John Carpenter’s Halloween franchise. The 1978 indie slasher started an entire franchise. 11 films have followed the Halloween movie since, and back in 2018 the director David Gordon Green started a reboot. The 2018 Halloween is a direct sequel to that original slasher classic, and pretty much ignores all the previous sequels. Well, Halloween Kills comes right after that and doesn’t waste any time with setting up the story. In fact, the movie picks up right after the 2018 Halloween movie ended.

Laurie Stroud (Jamie Lee Curtis) is bleeding and headed to a hospital. Along with her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) of course. However, the movie introduces some old/new characters in a rather nostalgic way. They’re all survivors of Michael Myers and they’ll all come together to fight him on Halloween night. Evil dies tonight is their mantra, but things will not go smoothly. Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall), Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards), Marion Chambers (Nancy Stephens) and Lonnie Elam (Robert Longstreet) are back… But so are their fears. And with a good reason. Michael Myers is not an easy man to kill.

Halloween Kills Review

Plenty Of Gore And Blood… Not Much Else

Oh, how gory it is. Seriously. The depiction of violence in this movie is unbelievable. And for a squeamish person like myself… The gore didn’t sit too well. But if you’re after that then this is the perfect movie for you. It does however recycle some of the kills from the previous movies in the installment, but yeah. There’s plenty of blood to see. And since I’m starting off with the recycled stuff, there’s also plenty of flashbacks and backstory to some of the returning characters. Green doesn’t really overstay his welcome with those scenes, but they do make a nice throwback. And a nice reminder to everyone that gets lost in the story.

One other thing I should mention from the positive portion of this review is the score. Oh my god, how great is the score here? John Carpenter’s score is truly the high point of the movie. It’s still amazing, and yeah. Does a fine job at delivering the scares. Even when the other stuff in the movie doesn’t really work, you can always count on John Carpenter’s score to do the trick. However, despite the bloodshed and the gore, there’s not much going on for the movie. It lacks on every other aspect… Most importantly the script.

Halloween Kills Review

Laughingly Bad Script Make Laughingly Bad Characters

I get it. Revenge is the theme here. Every single one in this movie is trying to get even with Michael Myers. To kill him once and for all. However, they do make stupid decisions along the way. I won’t go into any details, but angry mob mentality won’t do the trick here. Sorry guys. Nor will the clothing irons, baseball bats and plumbing pipes that the people of Haddonfield are carrying with them. But that’s just my pet peeve. My biggest issues with the script go beyond that. For instance, the campy dialogue is deserving of an eye roll throughout the 95-minute runtime. Oh my god, how ridiculous the dialogue is. Bad. Just bad.

But for me, the biggest offender is the decision to make Laurie weak and confined to a hospital bed most of the time. Seriously, she spends the entire movie yelling in the hospital and… well it’s just lazy film-making in a nutshell. Yes, some other characters are given their moments to shine. Yes, it’s a kinda passing of the torch moment, and I get it. But come on. Why bother bringing Laurie if she’s gonna do nothing? But the thing is… It’s not just Laurie. Almost every single character is useless in this movie. Again… I’m very well it’s a filler movie but come on. I have to believe that some brain cells were used in the making of this movie.

Halloween Kills Review

The Decent Direction Doesn’t Save The Day?

No, not really. However, it does a great job of presenting the gore I mentioned. The visual tricks from David Gordon Green attempt to elevate the movie. And to fix the mistakes that the script is making all throughout the movie. He doesn’t always succeed, but the director is trying his hardest to hide the flaws. But the verdict, in the end, is that despite being a filler movie (in an unnecessary trilogy) it does live up to the expectations from the title. Halloween kills. Oh yes, it does. There’s plenty of killing but not much else. I do hope that the final entry in the trilogy is much better than this. It’s the perfect Halloween pick for those of you who love blood, gore and merciless killings. And on Halloween, it’s practically a must.

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