Game Bundles on Happy Hour

So what are you going to choose this summer? Game bundles or game deals? For most savvy game shoppers, this is a total no-brainer. Who cares about 90% off on 1 game when you can get 90% off on 12? Just ask Drake!

Game Bundles vs. Game Deals

And we happen to have 8 live bundles right now! So, if you want the most bang for your buck, make it rain on game bundles. Perhaps you should take a peep at our lineup.

7 Steam Game Bundles Starting From $1

It seems like 7 is our lucky number this week. Don’t be shocked when you see stuff like this. It might seem crazy but get used to it; almost all of our game bundles have a $1 tier.

Monday Motivation Bundle

The Summer Scratchy Sale's Monday Motivation Bundle

That’s right, one of our game bundles helps kick off the start of a laborious week. We call it the Monday Motivation Bundle and this one went live when our Summer Scratchy Sale did. It’s packed to the brim with 12 awesome indies. We nicknamed it the “GIANT Monday Motivation Bundle” because it’s got Goliath. The Monday Motivation Bundle is on Happy Hour right now at $4.36. And in case you don’t know what “Happy Hour” means — you can get up to 4 bundle gifts for the price of 1. Why would you miss it?

Hump Day Bundle

Hump Day Bundle

Ever concerned with the well being of our community, we’ve also got a Hump Day Bundle. The one on the shelf right now is due to expire tomorrow and it’s also on Happy Hour.  You don’t want to miss the chance to snag 10 new crispy indie games at a price tag of $4.99. In fact, pick up today’s Hump Day Bundle and get the early bird price on tomorrow’s and you’ll be up 20 games that, combined, are still 3x cheaper than No Man’s Sky. (You don’t want No Man’s Sky, btw 😜).

Even more game bundles

Do we still need to convince you? How about new VR-only bundles that hit the shelves once a month? Or our Gameplay Bundle where you can pick 5 games and try to beat our minigame for a discount? No matter how you chalk it up the facts remain clear. You can save a whole bunch more on game bundles than you can just trying to cherrypick. Make yourself happy and become a savvy PC games collector today.

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