SuperPower 2

SuperPower 2 is a game released in the year of 2004. Well, this title published by THQ Nordic Gmbh is nearly 17 years old now. How time flies, my dear readers.

However, this game is still valid if you like long-lived and accurate strategy games. Find out why this game is worth trying out!

A world to conquer

SuperPower 2 gameplay

In SuperPower 2 you will have to choose a nation to control and manage it at 360 degrees. That’s right, you can choose from around 193 nations, virtually any State in the world.

You will need to develop your government in 3 areas: political, economic, and military. Of course, the management of each area will be detailed, you won’t have to leave anything to chance. I can assure you that Superpower 2 is a challenging game. If you want to complete the main goal of the game, conquer the world, it’s not at all easy.

One way or another, through brute force or diplomatic agreements, you can subdue the entire globe, becoming the predominant nation. Well, that sounds like the dream of El Presidente, the dictator of Tropico, doesn’t it?

If you’re good enough, you’ll be able to conquer world domination in about 100 years no matter which country you choose. However, beware of the consequences of your actions. Every choice you make in the game will be thwarted by the enemy AI that will do anything to hinder you.

Bring balance or global chaos: the world is yours!

SuperPower 2: is it technically still valid?

In game options

I know what you’re thinking, “But can a game of almost 17 years be technically valid?” Well, the answer is yes. Superpower 2 uses a 3D graphics engine that can reproduce an attractive and immersive environment. Sure, don’t expect miracles, the graphics are undoubtedly dated, but still enjoyable. Here you can take a look at the trailer.

Moreover, the game is not perfect. If you have a critical eye you will notice several bugs that can create problems during real-time wars. However, it is nothing tragic, I assure you. Despite some imperfections, the game is nice and guarantees you several hours of gameplay without ever getting bored.

Plus, I want to emphasize the multiplayer mode of 32 players. To be honest, the community is not very rich, but if you can find a match you will be delighted by the competition.

Try the game and let me know your opinion

In my opinion, Superpower 2 is a must if you love political games and secretly aspire to dominate the world (you snake!). You can call it a masterpiece of the strategy genre, you can not help but try it.

If you want to save on this purchase, get the Steam edition now at a low price in our store. Alternatively, let me know your opinion on the game. Does it remind you of the sweet memories of a carefree childhood, when you still dreamed of conquering the world? Well, share your thoughts with the Indiegala community, you’re not alone, pal!

The world is just waiting to be conquered, unleash your geopolitical superpower, and dominate.

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