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Writing about cool characters is nothing new for me. Vegeta, Pac-Man, Lilith and now Mr. Rhino in Exit Limbo. That’s right. Indie Gala is proud to present Exit Limbo. A fun retro neo-retro, side-scrolling beat ’em up game with adventure elements.

Developed by Virtual Craft Studio and published by IndieGala, Exit Limbo offers a great deal of fun in a retro-inspired fashion. The game’s not out yet, but add it to your Steam wishlist to get updated about its release.

In this particular post I’m going to focus on rhino characters strictly from the popular culture (comic-books, animated movies and so on). Be on the look-out for more rhino-themed content in the days to come. They will instantly transport you to your childhood. And speaking of childhood…

Some of my favorite childhood (OK both childhood and adult) characters are going to be featured on this list. A bunch of lovable (and not so lovable) rhino characters all in one place. Since Mr. Rhino is one such character of course. Who will become part of this list? Scroll down to find out. But a brief introduction of Exit Limbo’s Mr. Rhino is in order.

Exit Limbo

Exit Limbo And Mr. Rhino

Mr. Rhino is of course a humanoid rhino. He lives in a small flat in Modena, Italy. Mr. Rhino has a crappy job which he does without much enthusiasm, and is fed up with life in general. At the same time, he feels alienated and self-conscious. So he tries his best to avoid social situations for the fear of rejection.

One day, apparently for no reason, a world populated by raging zombie sheep will become his new reality. Mr. Rhino will now have no other choice, but to fight for his life with the help of the most anti-heroic characters you’ve ever met.

Exit Limbo is a great beat blast from the past, but with a modern twist. Not to mention a killer soundtrack done By Exit Limbo – the band. But, back to the topic at hand. The amazing humanoid rhino characters. Who are they? And why are they so special?

Exit Limbo and the famous rhinos

Throughout history, rhinos were not the only pachyderms depicted in various media outlets. Other pachyderms like elephants, hippos and even extinct animals like mammoths have been featured as well. Whether it’s in film, television, animation, literature or video games, there’s no shortage of them in the modern culture.

However, because of Mr. Rhino, (the main character in Exit Limbo) is a rhino, I’ll be focusing solely on rhinos too. Let’s begin, shall we? And I’ll omit the hippos like Gloria (from Madagascar) for another occasion. And another post of course.

Exit Limbo

Murakami Gennosuke from Usagi Yojimbo

Also known as Gen, Murakami Gennosuke is an anthropomorphic rhino who makes a living working as a bounty hunter. Originally, the son of an important samurai, Gen comes from a long, complicated and tragic family history as well.

A highly prominent feature about Gen is the cut off horn on his head, which adds to his layered character. In fact, he lost his horn in a sword fight with Zato-Ino, but learned to live without it. Gen is skilled in Kenjutsu, a special Japanese swordsmanship. And needles to say, he’s one of the most layered and complicated characters that was ever written. Gen is truly amazing.

Rocksteady From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Is there any more iconic duo of villains out there? OK, maybe Scorpion and Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat, but hey. Let’s not nit-pick here. I’m here just for Rocksteady not his partner in crime Bebop (you know, since I’m focusing solely on rhinos).

What’s so iconic about Rocksteady you might ask? Well, let’s start with his name. He (along with his partner) are named after the iconic music genres. However, both of them are devoted henchmen to the Shredder, and on a constant revenge mission on the Ninja Turtles for their defeat. Shredder’s experiment will leave them mutated into rhino and warthog, and things will never be the same for them. But don’t you worry. Even with the mutation, they’ll remain the dumb thugs they were even before the experiment gone awry. Rocksteady has an enhanced condition, strength, hearing and a sharp horn. And of course, Rocksteady (along with Bebop) has been the cult favorites ever since.

Officer McHorn From Zootopia

Did you know that the voice behind officer McHorn is Mark “Rhino” Smith? A wrestler turned actor? That’s right. The nickname of the voice actor is „Rhino“. For real. Isn’t that amazing? And very fitting to the character?

And although just a supporting character, McHorn is memorable for not being nice and pleasant. Especially to his female co-workers. Zootopia portrays him as a very brash, proud and arrogant character. He shows open hostility and disinterest toward those whom he sees as lesser than him. And he can be very dismissive and dishonest as well.

In contrast to all of this, McHorn is also a no-nonsense type of a cop. He’s also serious, stoic, albeit distant cop with a fierce dislike to fist-bumps. He will annoy you with his old school misogyny. But his character is not one of the most notable ones for sure.

Exit Limbo

*Bonus: Rhino from Marvel’s Comics

I’m counting Rhino here in this list. Why? Because frankly, he appeared in several animated series, comic books and what not, before his appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He’s also one of the legendary Marvel villains and I will be exploring him (in-depth) in a different post. Stay tuned for that as well. I figured he’s such a unique character that deserves a standalone post. In which I will explore his evil ways, motivations, and back-story, but Rhino deserves a brief mention even here.

Originally from Russia, Aleksei Sytsevich was just another thug in the Russian mafia. Seduced by promises of wealth and power, Aleksei underwent a life-threatening series of chemical and radiation treatments to transform him into an agent with superhuman strength. His armor is permanently fused with his body, and the amour itself, is modeled after the hide of a rhinoceros. Hence, Rhino was born.

While on the outside he’s tall, strong and extremely muscular, he’s the exact opposite on the inside. He has a short-tempered character, with raging issues. But he’s a fascinating character that transcends media. Which is why I think it’s good to take a better look once again in another post. 

Exit Limbo and some of your picks

What’s your favorite rhino character? And what makes them so great? Is it their temper, character, wit or something else? Tell us in the comment section below. We’d love to know.

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