Coronavirus Optimism

Is there’s anything like coronavirus optimism? Seems like there’s no end to this pandemic, but I’ve already started implementing this mindset: coronavirus optimism.

What is the coronavirus optimism you might ask? Personally, for me, it’s a beacon of light that keeps me sane.

It’s an optimism that sustains me, and gives me hope that I can enjoy all things I used to do. Before this awful virus. Also, it’s imagining myself in life without the constant fear of getting a coronavirus.

Ultimately it’s the positive outlook on life, and thinking of all the things I’ll be able to do again.

That’s my version of coronavirus optimism, my friends. Do you have it as well? Tell me about it.

Coronavirus optimism

Coronavirus optimism: it’s not all doom and gloom

However, I know that I should count my blessings, even in these dark times. I’m grateful because everyone I love is healthy and alive, which is an extremely important thing in my book.

Of course, I worry about my elderly parents and my husband who’s a medical professional. But, they’re healthy and that’s all that matters.

However, I’m constantly thinking about them and their health.

In addition to being a kick-ass doctor, my husband has been in the front lines of this pandemic for months now and hasn’t complained once. Therefore I feel that I should follow his example of stoicism and non-complaining.

But then again…. How would I even write this post?

In addition to my silver lining, I wanted to spin this post in a more positive outlook. To get you to think about the bright and virus free future. Hence, the topic for this post. Coronavirus optimism.

Coronavirus optimism: In the middle of a global pandemic

While my life is not that bad (given the circumstances), I also wanted to shine a light on how things are going for me and my family. Like I mentioned earlier, everyone around me is healthy and has a job. Myself included. So, that’s a plus.

Also, I have the best dog ever, which is a great bonus. However, due to the restrictions and lockdowns, it’s getting increasingly difficult for me to walk my dog properly.

And as a result of that confinement, my back yard has become his personal toilet. But hey… There’s nothing that we can do about it.

Not to brag, but Loki is the most perfect Cocker Spaniel on the planet. And yes, I named him Loki after my favorite comic book character. Not to mention, I adore Tom Hiddleston too, but you’ve probably guessed that already. Right?

Meet Loki

Coronavirus optimism: A life after this pandemic

As much as I’m content with my life during these never-ending lockdowns, contamination fear and social isolation, I can’t help but think of the future.

Probably a better future without all of the aforementioned fears. So, I’ve composed a list of all the things I intend to do when this coronavirus nightmare is over. Whenever that may be.

Almost all of the things I’m going to list are superficial and trivial, but frankly they mean so much to me. They’ve been part of my life for so long, so don’t judge.

The cinema is waiting!

Netflix and chill is great and all, but nothing can substitute the movie-watching experience as going to the movies.

Besides, it’s not just about the movies. It’s the experience that I want. First, the picking of the movie, then driving to the movie theater and finally the watching of the movie.

Popcorn, Coke, and chocolate for me, please! Not to mention that I’m sick of watching movies on my sofa. It’s just not the same. Most importantly, I want to dress up and go to the movies. Sitting in my pajamas doesn’t count.

So, I want the movie theater damn it! And when this is all over, i’m going to get it!

amy poehler popcorn GIF

Fancy restaurants await as well!

Likewise, the dining experience is not the same. I’ve never been much of a party animal, so occasional indulgence of fine dining is a rare treat for me and my husband. I miss that as well.

Because no amount of home-cooked Tikka Masala will substitute for the eating that same dish in an Indian restaurant. In all honesty, the same thing applies for Pasta Carbonara, but i digress. After this pandemic, I’m headed to a nice restaurant! How about you?

I miss the beach too

Regardless of what your idea of a vacation is, nothing will substitute the beach for me. And personally, I haven’t been to a beach since my honeymoon last year.

Certainly, I miss going to the beach so much, and for someone who lives in a landlocked country, it’s extremely important to see the beach and the sea. Preferably this year. Who knows when I will be able to do that, but hey. It’s nice to dream about it nonetheless.

Not traveling is the worst

While traveling for a vacation is great, there are other occasions for traveling as well. And frankly, I miss them too. For me (as a journalist and film blogger) it’s hard not to be able to travel to film/comic-book conventions, film festivals, and award ceremonies.

 Indeed I have so many invitations and approved inquiries for attending events it’s insane. But, with all the travel restrictions it’s damn impossible to get to any of them. So, I intend to travel when this is all over. A lot.

Miss my friends the most

Finally, thing that I miss the most in this coronavirus pandemic. My friends. While I get to see my family from time to time, I haven’t been able to socialize with my friends since forever. So, that’s what I’m doing when this is all over. Seeing my friends too.

Skype calling and talking to them over the phone is not the same, and you know it. I used to grab a beer or drink some coffee with them on a daily basis, but that’s all ancient history now. Not seeing my friends is killing me in this pandemic.

Excited George Costanza GIF

Your thoughts

What are you doing first after the coronavirus pandemic is over? Tell us in the comments below. We’d love to know your post-pandemic plans and activities.

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