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Metal Slug is a series that has entered the life of every gamer sooner or later. The games of the saga have amused hundreds of players, including me.

When visiting an arcade, it is very likely that inside you will find a cabinet dedicated to Metal Slug. Over time, SNK Corporation has created various games in the series and fans wonder about which is the best.

In my opinion, 4 chapters have made Metal Slug an iconic franchise in the world of video games. What are they? Let’s discover them together in my review!

Metal Slug: the first game

Metal Slug: the classic one

The classic Metal Slug…how much nostalgia can it bring? At the time it managed to win everyone because its genre, Run & Gun, was very popular. Besides, you have to think that Metal Slug followed the trail of masterpieces like Contra or Midnight Resistance.

Compared to these games, Metal Slug introduced some new features. For example, vehicles to use to destroy enemies and difficult bosses that modify their way of fighting. In addition, the game’s graphics were colorful, rich in detail, and very fluid.

Personally, I remember that some stages took hours. I’m still terrified of my first encounter with Allen O’Neil, that bald mini-boss who killed me hundreds of times in a snowy background. Moreover, it’s a beauty to play with the two main characters, Marco and Tarma, two historical characters in the world of videogames.

In short, the first chapter of Metal Slug is a must if you love the classics and want to try a 2D Run & Gun. You can find it discounted in our store and believe me it’s worth it.

Metal Slug 2: A perfect sequel

Metal Slug 2: A perfect sequel

Metal Slug 2 follows its predecessor and even improves some aspects. First, you can choose two new female characters, called Eri and Fio.

Also, in some stages, you will not die immediately, but your character will transform. Believe me, it’s really fun to turn into a mummy on your mission to Egypt and move around.

Compared to the first chapter, you can also discover new vehicles, such as the Camel Slug, a hybrid tank and camel. If you have never tried the game, reading these things will make you think that the game is hectic and crazy…and you would be correct!

If you want a quick game that doesn’t make you think too much, Metal Slug 2 is perfect for your needs.

Metal Slug 3: the revolutionary chapter of the series

The third chapter of the saga

Metal Slug 3 is the game that introduced the most novelty in the saga. The developers of the game wanted to give something different to the fans of the series and with this chapter, they did a great job.

Some stages are memorable, like the one you have to face while underwater. I remember it took days to get over it and I was almost uninstalling the game! Yeah, if you don’t have self-control, this will be your worst nightmare.

Also, most levels do not have just one way of traversing. The game is not linear and you can find alternative ways to finish the mission. This means that you can play it several times and each time you may find a different way, with enemies and weapons that you have not faced before.

Plus, in stage 2, you can turn into a zombie and this changes your gameplay. For example, instead of the classic bombs, you can vomit to melt enemies. Sure, it’s disgusting but effective.

Another novelty that I remember with pleasure is the Astro Slug, a vehicle that you can use to fly in the sky and destroy enemies. Metal Slug 3 adds a lot to the saga and the fun is guaranteed: trying it isn’t an option, it is an obligation.

Metal Slug X: something new and something old

Metal Slug X

Personally, this is my favorite chapter of the saga. When I was a kid, I played it 100 times or more. It is not a real new game in the series, but more of a remake of Metal Slug 2. The only difference lies in the graphics, which are fluid and improved.

As for the gameplay, new weapons and more upgrades have been added. For example, in stage 3 you can take advantage of the Golden Metal Slug, and believe me: this tank will get you a lot of satisfaction. Moreover, more hostages will be able to provide you with supplies and weapons to facilitate your task.

Metal Slug X is a game you have to choose if you want to try a modern and slightly easier Run & Gun.

Run & Gun: a dead genre (?)

As with the Car Combat Genre, it seems that the Run & Gun is also dead. Today’s videogames are often easy, uncomplicated. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are very rare. It seems that the new generation of gamers has “gone soft” and is not able to face games with high difficulty.

Do you think so too? Let me know your opinion, maybe with a comment below and discuss it with the community.

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Have you ever played Metal Slug? What’s your favorite chapter of the series? I’d love to hear your opinion.

Alternatively, if you haven’t tried a similar game, then I suggest you start with the X chapter.

Mission accomplished, soldier!

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