Wreckfest for PC

Wreckfest for PC is a game that intrigued me from the first look. Some time ago, if you recall, a colleague of mine talked about the car combat genre and its decline.

However, this game seems to have given new life to the genre. I don’t hide that I enjoyed playing Wreckfest on PC. Why? Let me explain what are the strengths of the game and the reasons why you should try it.

Wreckfest for PC: a “combative” gameplay

Wreckfest and Mayhem

Of course, Wreckfest is a game that focuses on gameplay. Well, games like Carmageddon have always focused on gameplay. There is not much room for plot and characterization.

If you ask me, this game reminded me a lot of Destruction Derby. From this point of view, Wreckfest is a very arcade game. In short, the main purpose is to drive your car and destroy the enemies. Actually, the real purpose would be to win the different races available, especially if you choose to proceed in the career mode. Believe me, destroying opponents instead of just getting first is much more fun.

Of course, nothing stops you from playing this work developed by Bugbear Entertainment as if you were playing Gran Turismo, Project Cars or Grid. One thing I really appreciate about the game is its dose of realism. You’ll have to deal with the physics. In short, despite the destruction, you can not do crazy maneuvers, but you will always have to account for the weight of your car and its technical specifications.

Wreckfest for PC has some realism in it

Besides, you will also have to pay attention to the gearbox settings, I suggest you choose the manual one and the handbrake. Using this method you will be able to perform exceptional maneuvers, which will give you an advantage over your opponents.

I don’t want to reveal all the game mechanics, because discovering them little by little will be a pleasant disclosure. I must say that I was surprised by the variety of Wreckfest for PC and I would definitely recommend it.

Graphics: realistic and well-defined

Wreckfest graphics

I think you’ll know by now when I talk about video games of the genre, made with a large budget, I always pay close attention to graphics. I believe that games without a deep and articulated plot should at least offer the maximum from a technical and gameplay point of view. Sure, there are also some “reverse” exceptions. Anyway, Wreckfest for PC has great graphics.

The cars have a well-defined design and a realistic style with attention to every detail. It is nice to admire them during the various stages of destruction whe pieces of bodywork fly away from every side. I assure you it makes everything spectacular, pure adrenaline!

Besides, I also enjoyed the fluidity of the game. I suggest you take a look at the recommended requirements and play with a PC that can meet them. In this way, you will be able to ensure an action that reaches a minimum of 60 FPS, a sight for the eyes!

Tracks that will turn your head, literally

Mad tracks
Just another normal day in Wreckfest

Finally, I want to make a special mention of the available tracks on Wreckfest for PC. Some tracks are really fun, created to make you clash against enemies. Simply put, destruction is assured.

I think it’s amazing how Wreckfest can entertain in single-player for several hours. As for my personal experience, I think I spent at least 15 hours playing Wreckfest alone, having fun disintegrating enemies. Seriously, I think it’s a good outlet.

Alternatively, you can play multiplayer online, a great opportunity to have fun with your friends. However, I assure you: you can have fun even if you challenge strangers. In Wreckfest the level of competition is very high and you will notice right away.

Moreover, online multiplayer is a great mode to show others your custom vehicle. Believe me, in online matches, you will encounter absurdly decorated racing cars, but remember, you will always be able to overcome them with madness and speed!

Wreckfest for PC: a must for those who love the adrenaline

Ultimately, I didn’t think Wreckfest for PC could entertain so much. Instead, I was very pleased. If you love cars, madness, and destruction, you absolutely must not miss this game.

If you want, you can express your opinion on the game with a comment in the dedicated section. In particular, I’m curious to know if, in your opinion, Wreckfest can be a springboard for the combat car genre.

If you want to try the game, right now you will find it at a special price in our store.

Destruction awaits you, will you be able to tame it and exploit it to your advantage?

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