I must say, I’ve never had the opportunity to write about an adult-theme game like Leisure Suit Larry before. Indeed, the closest thing I ever got to anything R-rated is my post on the sexy vampire movies for Overgrown: Genesis. By the way, you can check it out again here. You’re welcome. However, I’m always eager to welcome new challenges, so I gladly accepted this particular one. Hey, this legendary character has been going strong since the late 80’s. Who am I to deny him a post here at IndieGala? However, this is important: keep in mind that both the games and the movies included in this article are for Adults Only and can be NSFW, so please proceed with caution.

Leisure Suit Larry

Leisure Suit Larry Is Going Strong For More Than 3 Decades

Indeed. Developed by Crazy Bunch and published by Assemble Entertainment, Leisure Suit Larry has been a fixture in the gaming industry since 1987. Or rather since In the Land of the Lounge Lizards, the first game ever published with this character.

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But, who is Leisure Suit Larry?

Or better yet, who is Larry Laffer? Well, created by Al Lowe, Larry Laffer is certainly an intriguing character. According to his bio, he’s a nerdy, computer programmer in his late 30’s who lives a solitary existence with his mother. Although a virgin, his brain hit a sexual alarm on his 38th birthday and started a new chapter after that. A mid-life crisis if you will. So, he took matters in his own hands. Bought a 70’s inspired leisure suit, moved to Lost Wages (a pun on Las Vegas) and started a new life of conquest, love and hedonism. No regrets, and no looking back.

But according to the creator of the game, Larry’s chauvinism is just a satire of the existence of that type of man. Rather than an endorsement of it. Furthermore, he’s even modeled after a salesman in the Sierra On-Line who shall remain nameless. According to my sources, that person’s name is Jerry, but he was given the name of Larry for the video game series. The rest is history. And we at IndieGala pondered which movies would go with well with Leisure Suit Larry, and we selected 3 of them. All of the movies have a character that’s similar to Larry, and all of these movies are iconic. Just like Larry himself. And of course, we just had to share them.

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Let’s begin, shall we?

American Pie

Oh, the good old American Pie series. It’s still funny, and embarrassing at the same time. And which American Pie character am I referring to? Granted, the American Pie franchise has a whole array of horny, cliché wacky characters. Stifler being the most popular one of the bunch. But here in this particular post, I’m not going for Stifler and his antics. No. I’m thinking of Chuck Sherman of course. A horny geek, that’s obsessed with the Terminator movies?

Furthermore, he even calls himself- “The Shermanator“. Oh, and the second American Pie movie really was a lucky one for the Shermanator. As you recall, it’s the movie in which he finally loses his virginity. To Nadia of all people. And to be honest, although a small (supporting) character, he’s one of the most fascinating characters in the entire franchise.

Fun fact: The suit he wore in American Pie (1999) the same that Steve Buscemi wore in the romantic comedy The Wedding Singer.


Ah, another cult classic, but this time form the early 2000’s. EuroTrip has all the cliches, cultural stereotypes and horny teenagers, but takes place in Europe. It follows the uneventful and hilarious EuroTrip of Scotty (Scott Mechlowicz) to Germany. In order to find and apologize to his German pen pal Mike. Accompanied by his friends, the group of teenagers will encounter a lot of strange people in their overseas adventures.

And inevitably get themselves in trouble wherever they go. And yes, although Scotty is the perfect specimen for this particular list, I’m also going to add Cooper (Jacob Pitss) to this group as well. Cooper is a hyper-sexual young man. He’s is “driven by his own base impulses and eventually gets himself (and his friends) In plenty of wacky situations, because of that. So, because of that I just had to include EuroTrip on this list.

Fun fact: Vinnie Jones plays a leader of a Manchester United hooligan’s group in this movie. However, Vinnie Jones was not a Manchester United fan then, and still is not a Manchester United fan today. Just to keep the record’s straight on that.


Superbad has not one, but 3 very horny teenagers in the plot. And all of them are on the mission to lose their virginity by graduation. With lots of alcohol that they’ll need to acquire, and plenty of mischievous plans. However, what follows next is one of the most hilarious plots ever written for the small screen. Yes, Michael Cera and Jonah Hill are fantastic, there’s no doubt about it.

But I think the standout performance goes out to the one and only Christopher Mintz-Plasse in the role of Foggel. Aka McLovin. Of course, Bill Hader and Seth Rogen offer additional comedic support, and the future Oscar winner Emma Stone is in the movie as well. If by any chance you haven’t seen Superbad by now, then do it. Immediately. It’s fun, and it has incredible performances. You’re going to love the boys in this movie that’s for sure.

However, do you know that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg started this script when they were just thirteen years old? It’s true, and the reasoning for that is because “we just wanted to see if we could write a movie.”. Well, turns out they could, and a damn funny one of that. Superbad is one hilarious movie.

Are You A Fan Of Leisure Suit Larry?

Tell us in the comment section, what do you love the most about the game series. And of course about the character himself. Don’t be shy. We love to know.


  1. It’s rather sad that you had to revert to teenage sex comedies to find characters similar to Larry. He’s not a teenager. He’s an aging wolf who can’t win, or at least walks away with a marginal sense of satisfaction. Here are some slightly more appropriate movie characters that I think are more Larry’s peers.

    Bill Murray – Groundhog Day (At the start of the movie, he hit on the ladies, but could only catch one by manipulating her. He gets better.)
    Uncle Rico – Napoleon Dynamite (There’s a certain obvious undercurrent in the air whenever he is around underage girls. His girlfriend will make him better…. I hope.)
    Tyler – Heavy Metal 2000 (Loser turned viciously evil, but still horny, and can’t get laid. As the bad guy, he is defeated… somehow, before he can enjoy some action.)

    What other desperate, horny, adult men are in movies who ultimately don’t win as the hero?

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