Video Game Mysteries

When it comes to video game mysteries, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Mysterious men, objects and places that never got explained in the game? Some Easter eggs, carefully scattered throughout the games? There’s even an entire sub-Reddit page for these types of conundrums and they’re plentiful as they’re fun. However, it’s not my first time writing about mysteries. In fact, at the start of 2021, I did an entire article on probably the greatest mystery of all time. Agatha Christie’s works. Both in modern cinema and in video game form. Yes. I covered some of her most famous murder mysteries, and you can look back at the same article here. But right here in this article, I’m going to explore 5 very different mysteries. Hope you’ll enjoy them.

Video Game Mysteries

But What Prompted These 5 Video Game Mysteries?

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And What 5 Video Game Mysteries Are We Talking About?

Well, for the purpose of diversity and fun, we chose a mix of older and newer game mysteries to name here. All of them are quite baffling, but there’s no denying that every single of them is fun. Also, a side note here. Plenty of YouTube content creators and gamers claim to have figured it out the truth behind these mysteries. They claim to have cracked the code, but plenty of those are just hypotheses at this point. So, with that in mind… Let’s start, shall we?

Shadow Figures of Hell Valley From Super Mario Galaxy 2

It’s been more than a decade since Super Mario Galaxy 2 came out, and we still don’t know what the Shadow figures of Hell Valley are. Some sources name these creatures like Hell Valley Sky Trees, but they don’t look like trees. At all. Some of them have long, lanky upper limbs. But all of them have big hole-like scary eyes. And yes. They’re watching you. The Easter Eggs in Super Mario Galaxy 2 are watching you. Some have long arms, some don’t and their height also appears to vary. They are far larger than the player character. Why they are just creepily observing you is unknown.

Furthermore, there are countless theories about what they actually are. But one (according to some reports) seems the most believable. I’m talking about the theory that they are Kodema. Tree spirits from Japanese folklore that very much reassemble the Hell Valley Sky Trees. But nothing is for certain even today. If anyone knows their exact identity, purpose, or anything else… Feel free to share it with us. We’d love to know what you think.

The NPC Character In Green From Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 was released in 2005, but the discovery of the Character In Green happened in 2017. And by none other than a YouTuber. Indeed. The YouTuber that goes by the name Slippy Slides (some sources say SR212787 is responsible for the discovery though) found an unusual NPC during the 5-4 chapter of RE4. It is a 2D texture of a person in a green jacket and blue jeans, and it’s weird, to say the least.

Furthermore, during normal gameplay, a player needs an enhanced sniper scope just to see the outline of the character. Which only adds to the bizarre nature of the NPC. Who Is this man (or a woman) and what is he/she doing in a town that’s overrun by monsters? Dressed like he’s/she’s going for a trip to the supermarket? We don’t know to this day. But no wonder it took some time to actually find him/her. If you disable the fog effects, take control of the camera and fly over, he/she becomes easier to see. But not by much.

Mount Chiliad’s Drawings From GTA V

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is no stranger to mysteries. From the infamous “Bigfoot” in GTA: San Andreas to the mass grave in the very same game. They’re all fun Easter eggs for sure. But none of them even compare to the Mount Chiliad mystery from GTA V. On top of the mountain, there is a strange drawing that looks like a cave painting. Furthermore, it shows a series of passageways and boxes, with three markings on the bottom.

A flying saucer, a cracked egg, and a man with a jet-pack. What does it mean? Some sources say that it’s an Easter egg for a likely planned DLC (a Jet Pack has been indeed added in one of the GTA Online Updates). However, another theory suggests that part of the solution lies within the Gunrunning mission hidden in the game. This mission appears to be related to the alien symbols and involves stealing extraterrestrial eggs from a downed spaceship. Yup. But we’ll never know for sure? GTA V came out in 2013, and the hunt for the truth continues. But what do you think it’s the story here? Let us know your theories about it.

Editor’s note: For that secret alien mission to unlock you will need to grind over 600 resupply missions (or sales) and begin a new one between the 21:00-23:00 hours.

The Strange Man from Red Dead Redemption

Although there’s no confirmation about the exact identity of the Strange Man, the sequel (RDR2) gave us some sort of insight into him. One NPC from the game even believes the Strange Man is the grim reaper and blames him for the cholera epidemic. Furthermore, the Strange Man can even be briefly seen watching over John yet again, but this time from the other side of a mirror. And what’s so strange about him in the OG Red Dead Redemption?

Well, he sends protagonist John Marston on two different missions. Both of which concern moral dilemmas. Such as donating money to a nun, and convincing a man not to cheat on his wife. And on their final meeting, Jon opens fire on him, but the bullets don’t do anything. Not to mention the Strange Man refers to their meeting place as “a fine spot,” and you know what happens to that spot later in the game right?

The Eerie Disturbance In The Radio Static From Far Cry 5

Last but certainly not least. Far Cry 5 has plenty of radio stations to tune in, and most of them are filled with gospel music, cult mantras and whatnot. But one particular radio station is horrifying, to say the least. While driving around in the northern section of the fictional Montana map, players can listen to a strange radio station. It’s mostly static on the radio station, but sometimes you can hear garbled screams and muffled moans. Additionally, players have also heard a voice saying “emergency” with gunshots in the background. And you know what’s weird? Some players discovered similar static messages in other locations of the game, and they’re also creepy. Even though there’s no official mention/confirmation from Ubisoft about it, some players do suggest that it’s a scrapped side quest from the game. What do you think? Is it really? Or is it something more sinister?

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Video Game Mysteries?

Let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to know all about them. Don’t be shy. Hit that comment section and tell us about your favorite video game mysteries.

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