Commandos 2

Commandos 2 is new territory for me. Honestly, after a year in IndieGala, I love that I still have new games to explore. And new topics to write about. I mean, yeah. I’ve written about WW2 before but not about this game series in particular. So, you can imagine my delight when I finally got the chance to write about Commandos 2. Well, it’s Commandos 2 Remaster. But yeah. This post is inspired by a game that defined an entire genre. And it’s accompanied by a nice selection of movies that go hand in hand perfectly. However, I believe that before I could go on with this post, a word or two about the game is in order.

Commandos 2

What’s Commandos 2 Remaster All About?

Developed by Pyro Studios and published by Kalypso Media UK Ltd, Commandos 2 Remaster is a remastered version of Commandos 2: Men of Courage. However, at the same time, it’s is a real-time tactics video game for the action-seeking fan in you. And in it, you get to control a squad of commandos, along with various allied units. Furthermore, you get to sneak behind enemy lines to accomplish various missions in World War II. You’re a commando now. So go covert into various environments and authentic locations. And of course, lead your team of commandos against overwhelming odds. Not to mention, you have the chance to turn the tide of war. Are you ready for the challenge?

And just take a look at some of the user Steam comments about Commandos 2 Remaster:

-If you are a fan of the Commandos series this is a must..- mentions *NCS*=Sgt.Steiner= in his Steam comment.

– While Rifleman71 -V – adds… Old school classic remade. If you are into WW2, Strat games like this… Give it a try!

So, if you decide to give it a try, then you should also click here. Commando 2 is available for purchase here at IndieGala.

But what about the movies I mentioned earlier? Which movies did we pick for this post?

  • Commandos 2

Commandos 2 And Some Cool Action Flicks

While the game takes place during WW2, we thought that it’s good to take a more modern approach in this post. So, we feel that it’s best to stay clear from the WW2 period movies. And focus more on the more contemporary ones. Meaning, not period piece WW2 dramas. Indeed. All of them will feature some sort of special ops team (and even yes- the commandos). But not all of them will be rooted in reality. There are movies with a dash of science fiction even. Oh, and spoiler alert! There are a lot of Arnold movies. But which ones made the cut? Scroll down to find out.


One of the ultimate action movies of the ’80s. Don’t you think? And a movie that inspired a legion of other action films like this. Strike Commando, Commando Squad and When Eagles Strike are some of the few to mention. Commando is silly, entertaining and with too many one-liners to count. But it’s also the movie that solidified Arnold Schwarzenegger as a bonafide action star. And in Commando, Arnold is John Matrix. A retired Special Forces colonel who tries to save his kidnapped daughter Jenny (Alyssa Milano). This is still one of the best 80’s action movies, and yes. It’s good to start the post with Commando.

Fun fact: According to Alyssa Milano, Arnold Schwarzenegger was very protective of her on set. “He even helped with my algebra homework.”

First Blood

Granted, the ’80s were heaven for the action genre. And aside from Arnold, Silvester Stallone was the other undisputed king of the action flicks. First Blood is one of his crowning achievements, and yeah. A movie that belongs on this list. But Stallone is John Rambo in First Blood. A veteran member of the United States Army Special Forces and an ex-POW. He’s a flawed individual but one of the most fascinating ones. But there’s a mark on his back, and because of that, he’s forced to flee into the mountains. What follows next is a game of cat and mouse. Regardless if you’re a fan of the Rambo franchise, First Blood is a true classic. And a nice entry to the entire franchise

Fun fact: “First Blood” was Sylvester Stallone’s first non-Rocky movie which didn’t bomb at the box office.


Another movie from the ’80s and another classic with Arnold in the lead role. See? I told you that there are plenty of Arnold movies on this list. But Predator is a science fiction horror movie. And one of John McTiernan’s finest flicks to date. But over here in Predator, Arnold is Major Alan “Dutch” Schafer. A leader of an elite paramilitary rescue team. They’re on a mission to save hostages in a guerrilla-held territory in Central America. But once they get there, they’ll encounter something else. A true predator in every sense of the word, and one that’s not from our planet. This is a great movie, and yeah. A fantastic survivalist action flick.

Fun fact: Dutch’s line “Get to the chopper!” is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal favorite catchphrase of all of his films that he appears in.

Forces Spéciales

Or Special Forces in English. But yeah, this is a French war/adventure movie with a group of elite French naval commandos. Furthermore, they’re sent on a dangerous rescue hostage mission, which will prove to be much more difficult than previously anticipated. Diane Kruger plays the kidnapped journalist. And Djimon Hounsou, Denis Ménochet, Benoît Magimel, are also in the cast. This is an exciting movie, and yes. It deserves to be on this list too.

Fun fact: Marius’s character is played by a real Commando Marine of the french navy. He was commando, and then drill instructor for commando for 22 years. His role in this movie is similar to the one of R Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket.

Lone Survivor

A biopic about a true lone survivor. But yeah. Lone Survivor is set during the war in Afghanistan. And tells the story of the unsuccessful United States Navy SEAL mission Operation Red Wings. A dangerous 2005 mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shah in Afghanistan. Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, and Eric Bana are part of the cast. While Peter Berg is behind the camera on directorial duty. Lone Survivor is a heart-breaking yet intense film. Indeed this is not an easy movie to watch, but it’s a really good one. Nevertheless. It deserves to be on this list.

Fun fact: The real Marcus Luttrell is nearly 6’5″ and about a head taller than Mark Wahlberg (5’8″), who plays him.

Commandos 2: Are You A Fan?

If you are, do let us know what’s your favorite thing about this game. And feel free to share some of your favorite action movies that feature commandos. We’d love to know all about them.

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