Valentine's Day 2023

Hi, there love birds. Valentine’s Day 2023 is upon us. Are you celebrating it with your significant other? Spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancée? Well, if you are we hope you have a wonderful, romantic post-COVID celebration of your love for each other.

Just like the previous years, we’ve got something special for you here at IndieGala’s blog. Back in 2022, we did a selection of the finest games, movies and TV shows that signaled the day of love. You can check it out here. And back in 2021, when the world was in full pandemic mode, we did slightly unusual picks of great movies. Why? Because the time was frankly unusual.

Valentine’s Day 2023

But Valentine’s Day 2023 is a bit different. We’re full of optimism, hope and love in 2023 and we wanna share that with you.

Valentine’s Day 2023: We Can’t Forget About The Games

IndieGala wouldn’t be IndieGala if we didn’t have some cool games to offer. In fact, we have several of them, and some cool bundles too. Bernie Needs Love is a lighthearted platformer about finding love, and is available for purchase here. Love Alchemy: A Heart In Winter is also available here. It’s filled with romance, horror and mystery and it’s highly recommended. Seek Love is a cool strategy game with some romantic notes inside, and is available for purchase too. And Inked: A Tale Of Love is also worth checking out. Do it here.

And what about the bundles?

The Lover Riddle Bundle is more adult-oriented and you can find 9 adult games in it. Check it out here.

But the Match Love Bundle is filled with romance and it’s perfect for this Valentine’s Day. You can purchase it here.

Valentine's Day 2023

Valentine’s Day 2023: What Are The Picks You Might Ask?

Well, since last year we were all over the place (with movies, games, and TV shows) … This year we’re thinking small again. We’re gonna focus on TV shows alone. But not just any regular TV shows, the famous Valentine’s day episodes from those TV shows. Which ones made the cut? Scroll down to find out.


Frasier mixed romance with humor and did it well. The 14th episode from the 6th season follows the Valentine’s Day celebrations of several people. Frasier, Daphne, Niles and Martin. While Virginia Madsen is Cassandra Stone. A special guest role for Madsen and Frasier’s date on Valentine’s too. Oh and the especially hilarious scene is of course with Niles. He desperately tries and fails to avert disaster in Frasier’s home and it’s probably one of the greatest (and funniest) 10 minutes of sitcom history.

Fun fact: The music heard in the background while Niles is trying to iron his trousers is from Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro,”. Composed and premiered in 1786.


The episode is Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered of course. Coincidently it’s one of the funniest episodes in the second season. And it’s Valentine’s day episode too. One in which Xander tries to improve his witchcraft and his relationship with Cordelia. Both things will go sideways for him and in the most hilarious manner. Unfortunate events will begin to occur on Valentine’s Day for the rest of the characters, and especially for Buffy. It’s a good episode and it deserves your attention.  

Fun fact: Nicholas Brendon claims this as one of his favorites, and found it hard not to laugh while filming the seduction scenes.

Parks And Recreation

Galentine’s Day has been a staple for every Leslie Knope fan since 2010. And what is Galentine’s Day you might ask? Well, aside from a hilarious episode from the second season of Parks And Recreation, it’s a Holliday all by itself. Yes, you have Leslie to thank for this day. But according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Galentine’s Day is a “day for women to celebrate their friendships with their lady friends.”. It is supposed to be celebrated a day before Valentine’s day (February 13th) and thanks to this episode you have both days as an option. One to celebrate with your friends and one with your boyfriend.

Fun fact: Mark closing the necklace box on Ann’s hand when giving her the Valentine’s Day gifts is a reference to the movie Pretty Woman (1990).


It’s a Friends Valentine’s day episode and it’s great. Everyone is celebrating it in this episode. Joe and Chandler are on a double date. Ross is on his first date since his divorce, while Phoebe, Monica and Rachel are celebrating it in Galentine style. At home, in pajamas burning mementos from their old boyfriends. It’s a classic episode that sadly gets overshadowed by the numerous Thanksgiving episodes. Yeah. Watch this if you want a dose of the mid 90’s fashion, and that good old Friends humor.

Fun fact: This episode is the first to feature Janice’s trademark: “Oh. My. God!”


Yes, ER has a great and thrilling Valentine’s day episode. In ER fashion that is. Directed by Laura Ines (Dr. Weaver herself), the episode has us on a thrill ride. With the ER staff trying to save the parents of two young children who were in a car accident on Valentine’s Day. John Carter is with Lucy and they’re treating a patient that we all remember to this very day. Be Still My Heart is a fantastic episode but if you’re looking for a continuation of the story, then check out the next one. All In The Family. You’re welcome.

Fun fact: Laura Innes does not appear in this episode, despite having her name in the opening credits.

Valentine’s Day 2023: What’s Your Favorite Valentine’s Day episode?

Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to know all about it.

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