Monster Hunter Series

The Monster Hunter series has been featured enough here at IndieGala. With separate articles, and mini-reviews of the games. And even a full-length review of the movie adaptation itself. Granted we weren’t all too impressed by it. But you can read our Monster Hunter film review here.

But right here and now in this article, we’re talking about a different approach to this game series. We’re gonna look back at its inceptions, its themes and its history. We’re also gonna take a closer look at the history of the Monster Hunter Series

Sounds good right? We thought so too. But we simply couldn’t go any further without mentioning the game that inspired this article. Or rather the expansion of the game if you will. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Series

What’s Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak All About You Might Ask?

Developed by Capcom CO., LTD and published by Capcom JP, the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a great expansion for the Monster Hunter fans. And with Sunbreak, the world of Monster Hunter Rise gets bigger and deeper. How you might ask? Well with this massive expansion featuring new monsters, new locales and more!

Arriving in Elgado Outpost, you discover that the abnormal events threatening this kingdom are caused by Malzeno, Lunagaron and Garangolm. They’re terrifying monsters known locally as the Three Lords. And in addition to these new enemies, you must also face old foes as series monsters. Monsters that are not featured in Monster Hunter Rise and monsters who make their return!

Note: You must own Monster Hunter Rise in order to play this expansion. Sunbreak content is accessible after completion of the 7-star Hub quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder”.

Monster Hunter Series

The Monster Hunter Series is available for purchase here at IndieGala. And yes. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is on pre-order here at IndieGala as well. You can check it out here.

But What About The Monster Hunter Series? What’s So Special About It?

Well, it all started back in 2004. When Capcom released the first Monster Hunter game of the series. For the PlayStation 2 console that is. And as of 2021, the game series has sold 75 million units worldwide. Not to mention it’s Capcom’s second best-selling series following Resident Evil.

In addition to games, the franchise has an anime based on the spinoff game Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village. Furthermore, Hunter Stories: Ride On is based on the spinoff title Monster Hunter Stories. Next, there’s the manga Monster Hunter Orage, and a book Monster Hunter Episode. Oh yeah. We mentioned the Monster Hunter film adaptation before.

But yeah. The first Monster Hunter game was one of three titles Capcom had developed to take advantage of the power and online capabilities of the PlayStation 2. So, unsurprisingly, Monster Hunter proved a success, selling over 1 million copies, principally in Japan.

The Differences Between Asia And Europe/USA Are Evident

While Monster Hunter had been successful in Japan… Its popularity in Western markets (primarily North America and Europe) languished. Furthermore, the series also struggled with a difficult learning curve that had made the games off-putting in Western markets. But all of that changed with Monster Hunter World in 2018. The World game was developed to be more alluring for Western markets without trying to make the game simpler. And it worked. World became the series’ best-selling game, achieving more than 17 million units sold by 2021. Thus, making it the Monster Hunter series Capcom’s best-selling series following Resident Evil.

Monster Hunter Series

But currently, there are 6 Monster Hunter games in total, and ten spinoff games for the MH series. Furthermore, the games in the Monster Hunter series don’t really link to each other. So, there’s no wrong order to play them in. But in essence, it’s well-known series with fairly difficult boss rush games. And game series where players decimate the local fauna of many different biomes.

The Ins and Outs Of The Mythos Are Cool

Both the mythos and the lore we’d argue. While large parts of this world are mostly up to interpretation and the franchise focuses much more on style than substance. And yes. There is definitely dark underlying mythology worth exploring. Here’s a good example. As you make your way through a Monster Hunter game, you do notice some things. Such as the remnants of an ancient civilization.

Or you realize that your weapons and armor are technologically much more advanced than. You know… The world you see around you. Plus, the monsters you hunt aren’t just a part of the game. But they also help define the world you’re living in. So, yeah. You might say that the uniqueness of the game is what makes it popular to this day. Almost 2 decades later, the Monster Hunter series is still one of the most acclaimed and in-demand game series ever. And for good reason. But the question remains.

Are You A Fan Of The Monster Hunter Series?

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