Black Friday Scratchy Sale

That’s right ladies and gents. Our Black Friday Scratchy Sale is finally out. Just in time for the holiday season and of course. Black Friday. The one of the year when the incredible deals, sales and discounts are insane. Well, IndieGala is continuing the tradition of honoring Black Friday. But instead with one sale… We intend to honor it with a healthy dose of several awesome sales.

Because Black Friday is all about that, don’t you think?

Black Friday Scratchy Sale

Black Friday Scratchy Sale Differs From Our Last Year’s Event

Indeed it does. If you recall, last year we focused on the sales as much as we focused on movies and TV series that had them in their premise. From the South Park’s Black Friday episode to Chuck’s Black Friday episode. And that was great. Check out that article here. However, this year we’ll do things a bit differently. How differently you might ask? Well instead of focusing on a lot more sales from IndieGala. We do have plenty of great ongoing sales (Black Friday sales) and many more are yet to come in the upcoming days.

Oh and before we get to the good stuff… Allow us to announce the upcoming IndieGala anniversary. Indeed. It’s on December 5th and you should expect special surprises in the freebie section in honor of that special anniversary. What better way to celebrate the anniversary of IndieGala than with cool freebies for our fans? Stay tuned for more info in the upcoming days. And don’t forget to visit IndieGala.

So, without further ado…

What’s so special about our Black Friday Scratchy Sale you might ask?

Well, a lot of things in fact. First and foremost let us just mention that there are over 1800 titles included in that sale. That’s right. Soon they will surpass 2000 and they’re all awesome. Of course, some of them are not even out yet, but you can get them with our pre-purchase orders. Games like Elden Ring (which is awesome) and of course God Of War. But our Black Friday Scratchy Sale also allows you to win a secret Steam game with every purchase. So, scratch to find your free Steam key. And don’t miss out on the amazing games that are in the sale. Check it out here.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… The upcoming weekend is all about one cool raffle as well. The Hearts of Iron IV Raffle will start this Friday and will last until Monday, November 29th. And what’s in the raffle? To celebrate the Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back release, we’ve partnered with Razer & Paradox to bring you some pretty amazing giveaways, that’s what. Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition x 1000 Steam Keys, the Razer Kraken Ultimate headset and the Razer Black Widow V3 keyboard. Oh and don’t let us forget the Razer Firefly V2 mouse pad which is also included in the raffle. So make sure to check it out here.

But what about the rest of the cool sales that IndieGala prepared for you? What’s so special about them? Let us start with the 2K Black Friday Sale. That’s right.

Our 2K Black Friday Sale Is Awesome Too!

Yup. The 2K Black Friday Sale has 40 items in it, and they’re up to 92% off. Just with one click here. Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, XCOM and more cool titles await there. Not to mention plenty more amazing 2K titles with really low prices for a limited time! We’ve already covered some of those titles at our very own IndieGala blog. I mean just take a look at my Borderlands 3 Filmaholic Review. You’re welcome.

But Check Out Our Private Division Black Friday Sale As Well!

The Private Division Black Friday Sale has only 16 titles in it, but it’s awesome nonetheless. Visit it here. Besides, the titles are up to 80% off. You can find Kerbal Space Program, The Outer Worlds & Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey on amazing deals. Don’t miss it. Check it out here.

Oh and P.S. Check out our Kerbal Space Program mini-review here too.

Don’t Miss Out On Our PlayStation Sale!

That’s right. Our PlayStation Sale has up to 57 off on the 32 items, and what items are those. Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, Predator: Hunting Grounds, HELLDIVERS & more! You can find all of them here. And if you need convincing, then you should take a trip down memory lane and visit our Filmaholic Review of Days Gone. It’s here and it’s good. Much like the sale itself.

Here’s A Cool Sale! The SNK Corporation Sale!

23 items with up to 75% off on the price. That’s our SNK Corporation Sale in a nutshell. But hurry up and get it while it’s still here because it’s not gonna last that much further. And what’s in it? Well, you can find Metal Slug, The King of Fighters and more iconic SNK titles. They’re addictive and if you’re doubting about that’s the best game in the series, then perhaps the Italian Guy’s article will clear things out. You’re welcome. Check out the sale here and enjoy.

Our Bethesda Softworks Sale Is One Of Our Finest

And why wouldn’t it be? It has over 90 titles in that sale. Not to mention titles like Doom, Elder Scrolls and from this 2021… Deathloop. One of Bethesda’s finest and most recent titles. You can visit it here. We already did a great job covering all of them, but what we’re most proud of is our culinary adventures in Tamriel. Check them out here.

And The Capcom Sale Is Not Too Shabby Either

Especially when you know what’s in that sale here. Over 80 iconic video games from probably one of the most iconic publishers ever. Games Series like Resident Evil are of course included here in the sale. And so is Monster Hunter. We enjoy all of them, but we didn’t like the movie adaptation of Monster Hunter. Check out our review here. But why don’t you visit it and make the best pick for you? The choices are amazing and the sale is even better.

Team17 Sale Is Here As Well

Don’t miss it! Why? Because there are over 100 titles in that sale and dare we say it… They’re all amazing and with up to 70% off the regular price. What’s your favorite from this sale? Worms Rumble? Or perhaps the Escapists? We are not biased and our love goes beyond these two series. But if you’d love to know more about them, then check out our article about The Escapists. It blends the unique features of the game with one of the best TV shows in the world. Prison Break. Check it out here.

Don’t Miss The Paradox Interactive Sale

Here’s a fantastic sale that you can indulge with just with one click here. The Paradox Interactive Sale has over 30 titles with a discounted price. And that discount goes up to 85% off, which is awesome. Titles like Stelaris and Empire Of Sin are included of course. And you know what else is included here? Our homage to the Empire Of Sin game. Check it out here. Straight from the IndieGala Blog.

Slitherine Ltd and Quantic Dream Are Small Sales But Oh So Cute!

The Quantic Dream sale (get it here) has iconic titles like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human. The Slitherine Ltd sale however has two titles from the Warhammer series. Don’t miss out on any of these two sales. Check out the Slitherine Ltd sale here.

Konami Sale Is Not To Be Missed

Why would you miss it? And along with the sale miss out on series like Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania and eFootbal PES 2021. They’re Konami’s pride and joy and you can enjoy them by purchasing some of your Konami favorites. We already announced the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie in case you’re wondering. But will you visit this awesome sale here?

And So Is The 505 Games Sale!

With titles like Drift 21 and Assetto Corsa, your adrenaline should be to the max. But don’t miss out on Ghostrunner, Control and of course on Death Stranding. We already mentioned that we love not just the game. But everyone in it. Especially the man behind the game. The one and only Hideo Kojima. Check out that article here. And visit the sale here.

And Last But Certainly Not Least… The Two Separate Sales From Bandai Namco!

That’s right. We’re talking about the Tales Of Arise sale (here) and the Scarlet Nexus sale (here). Both of them are awesome and both of them are courtesy of Bandai Namco. And hey. We already tried to rank the best Tales Of Arise games. Which ones made it to the top 3? Find out here.

Are You Gonna Visit Our Black Friday Scratchy Sale?

We sure hope you’d visit our other fantastic sales as well. Let us know which one is your favorite. We’d love to know more about your picks.

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