Project Cars 3

Let me tell you something awesome. Project Cars 3 is my second post about the Project Cars franchise that I get to write. And I love it. Some 3 months ago, I had the pleasure to write about the game’s predecessor Project Cars 2, but this post is going to be different. Different game, different post. I’m not complaining though. I grew to love the franchise, mostly because I love writing about racing movies. They’re some of my favorites to watch and of course write about, mostly because they’re so versatile.

Project Cars 3

Project Cars 3: Diversity Is The Key

Which is why I’m going to take advantage of that versatility and mention some of my favorite movies that involve some form of racing. Whether it’s sports racing, street racing, or even if racing is just a small fraction of the plot. Certainly, racing doesn’t have to be the main theme. And the most noteworthy thing about these movies, is that they weren’t mentioned in my previous post. Some of them are iconic, some of them are just guilty pleasures. Because what’s the point of repeating myself?

Project Cars 3: What About The Game Though?

Well, in continuation of the famous video game series, Project Cars 3 is the third installment of the Project Car franchise. However, it’s available for pre-purchasing here at IndieGala, and you should effeminately hurry up. The pre-purchase offer ends soon. And much like the previous two games, the third is also a racing game, that’s developed by Slightly Mad Studios.

However, Project CARS 3 introduces more customization in the available cars, and the ability to race at over 140 global circuits. Furthermore, the game also features 24-hour cycles, various seasons, and weather effects. Unlike its predecessors, this game will not feature tire wear or fuel depletion, and as such, there are no pit stops. The game allows you to transition from weekend warrior to racing legend. Not to mention, it allows you to experience the thrill & emotions of authentic racing too.

So, without further ado… Which are some of the movie’s I’ve chosen to be part of my list? Let’s start the list and find out. Shall we?

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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

let me start by mentioning that I’ll be focusing on The Fast And Furious franchise in a separate post. The post will be posted shortly, and no, it won’t be about this particular movie. Which movie will be covered in the post? Stay tuned to find out.

However, I watched Tokyo Drift (for the very first time) at the end of 2014. Literally. My friend and I were stuck in a crowded bus on a Hungarian-Austrian border. It was December 30th and we were on our way to Vienna for a New Year’s party. Our bus had a malfunction and we stood on the border for about 6 hours before we made it to Vienna. Thankfully the heat was working and we were warm the whole time, but among the many movies we watched (thank God The Departed, was one of them as well), Tokyo Drift was also on the menu. And surprisingly I liked it.

I liked the different settings, the different lead character and it felt overall very fresh. As if you’re not watching a movie from the franchise. I like the fact that it wasn’t solely about racing, but it had slightly more depth. It’s to this day my favorite Fast And Furious movie.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

The same year (2006) but a very different movie. Ah, Talladega Nights. How can I explain this movie in one word? Oh, I know… Hilarious. Seriously, if you’re looking for another excuse to watch an incredible Adam McKay/Will Farrell movie (besides the other 6 movies), then this is the pick for you.

Will Farrell, John C. Riley and equally hilarious Sacha Baron Cohen all in one place. Talladega Nights and Anchorman are probably the movies that I still laugh until my stomach hurts. It’s the movie I play to cheer me up when I’m sick or down. It’s also the movie that I can quote 70% of the dialogue at any given time. Oh, and did you know how the producers pitched the movie to the studios?

“Six words: Will Ferrell as a NASCAR driver.” That’s all they needed to agree, and I’m cool with that.

Logan Lucky

OK, this is not strictly a racing movie, but I never said that I would only include strictly racing movies. Logan Lucky is a heist comedy in its core with just a dash of racing peppered throughout the movie. And it’s great. I had no high hopes before watching the movie, but I vividly remember walking out of the movie theater with a big grin on my face. Not to mention it has a killer cast. Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Riley Keough, Daniel Craig, Seth MacFarlane, Hilary Swank, Sebastian Stan are just a few stellar actors here.

However, for me, the big revelation was Daniel Craig. Indeed. I came for Adam Driver and Seth McFarlane, but I was impressed with Daniel Craig when I left the theater. I’ve never had too much of respect for Mr. Bond before, but that changed with this movie. I’ve converted with Logan Lucky. It has incredible performances, great direction and a hilarious script. What else do you need?

The Art of Racing in the Rain

It’s the latest movie on this list and probably the least familiar with the general audience. But very much like the previous film, it also has a great package of goodness. A fantastic director behind the camera, a great list of actors in front of it. And the cutest golden retriever called Enzo in the middle of the story. In fact, Enzo’s voice comes from the Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner and the cute dog is the narrator of the movie as well.

The Art of Racing in the Rain is warm, cuddly, sad, emotional, and inspiring at the same time. It has racing in the plot indeed, but the relationship between Enzo and his owner Danny takes center stage. Oh, and just a heads up, you’re going to cry like a baby here. Seriously. This movie is a pleasant heart-warming surprise. At least for me. Based on the trailer, I expected a weird Hallmark-like movie, but this is an awesome film. I highly recommend it.

Project Cars 3: Tell Us Your Picks

Which are some of your picks for this list? Which movies would you add here? Tell us in the comment section. We’d love to know.

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