Planet Coaster

One might say that Planet Coaster is a spiritual successor to RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. And one might be right about that.  Both of the games are building simulator games with lots of strategy in them.

But What About The Planet Coaster Details?

Well, the details entail the fact that you can become a designer even for a moment. Developed and published by Frontier Developments, Planet Coaster is cerebral. But fun at the same time. It allows you to lay paths, build scenery. Not to mention customize rides and make everything in your park unique. With piece-by-piece construction of course. And over a thousand unique building components.

You’re In Control

Indeed. Planet Coaster rewards your skills and makes management fun. A lot. Not to mention, you have control over it. And rather tight control over every aspect of your guests’ experience. Could be daunting. But on the other hand, it could be fun. First of all, there are three different modes in the game. Sandbox, Challenge, and Career. However, in the career more you’re the manager of the theme park. And you must watch out for every single thing. Including the janitorial hire.

Certainly, if you ignore the rather boring managerial work, you’ll find that It’s a creative game. It allows you to let your imagination run wild. And it has the potential to bring out the best and worst in you.

Additionally, the game itself has lots of options. Hence you can build your theme park just the way you like it. No restrictions and a lot of challenges. What more could you ask for?

On the other side of the story, the graphics are really good. And so is the gameplay. It’s fluid and without limitations. So much so that you’ll immerse yourself in the game without even noticing. There’s barely any pressure from anything here. And all you have to do is enjoy.

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