Onimusha warlords

Onimusha Warlords is the latest chapter of the franchise made by Capcom. Well, it’s not a new chapter in the saga, but rather a remaster of the original chapter. Onimusha Warlords debuted in the year 2001 and I remember playing it on Playstation 2.

In recent times, many have acclaimed “revolutionary” samurai-themed videogames (you know what I mean), but well, Onimusha does not differ much as settings and characters from these modern “masterpieces”.

What makes the game worth trying? If you’ve never heard of it, find out in this review!

A story of a samurai and Japanese Folklore

Onimusha has a new gameplay

From my experience with the game, I remember that the plot was revolutionary for the time. At the center of the story was a brave and strong character, the samurai Samanosuke.

The protagonist has to raise the reputation of his clan, succeeding in replicating the deeds of Oda Nobunaga, considered a hero by Samanosuke. Besides, the samurai must also be able to save Princess Yuri, perhaps the love of his life.

For this reason, you will find yourself on a dangerous journey through the meanders of a fortress, ending up in its dungeons and exploring the world of Oni. The latter are demons of the Japanese tradition.

Will you be able to get out of it safely and bring back the honor of your clan? You can only do it if you’re not afraid and prove yourself a skilled samurai with your sword and tempered in spirit.

Onimusha Warlords: gameplay renewed in the right way

A lot of elements by japanese folklore

The gameplay of Onimusha Warlords has been renewed in the right way. I remember that the gameplay was very similar to the first chapters of Resident Evil. The Capcom saga dedicated to the world of zombies and infections had many things in common with this samurai game. Small fun fact: Onimusha was initially to be an additional chapter in the Resident Evil saga.

But what are the most important innovations? Well, I want to start with what’s still the same. Capcom’s guys decided to stay on camera at different points. I think this choice is correct because it manages to give the right atmosphere to the game despite the many years since its debut.

However, what has been improved concerns the character’s movements. I remember that the movements were mechanical. Every command was slow and the gameplay was not at all fluid. For the time was not a problem, since there were not many games with a frenetic pace and fast action.

Regardless, proposing the same gameplay today would have been suicide. Imagine an action game with very slow controls: it would be better to die! Once again, I must compliment the developers: the movements of the new game are fast and you will have much more freedom in the game areas.

An atonishing glove

The improved movements also allow you to use the powers of the Oni Glove. In this way, you can create combos, accumulate souls, and destroy enemies. It looks like Dark Souls but it’s a completely different game and you have to try it!

Finally, I want to give you advice that will help you overcome the most difficult areas. When you are in danger, learn to use the special powers of the Oni glove and combine attaches with your sword or bow. In this way, you can be invincible!

Shadows and lights on longevity and difficulty

It's not very difficult

Of course, Onimusha Warlords is not a perfect game. There are some flaws and things that could have been handled in a better way. One thing I didn’t like is the longevity of the main campaign. The total duration of the main campaign is close to 5 hours, too little even for a remastered.

This time I think they could add extra elements to ensure more hours of gameplay. Of course, if you have difficulties with puzzles in the game and want to explore the different areas to search for objects you can add a few more hours to your experience, but not enough!

From my point of view, I think Onimusha Warlords has a problem with the level of difficulty. The original game was much more complicated, while this, with improved movements, is easy. Believe me, you’ll be able to face the bosses with your eyes closed and at some point, nothing will worry you. Plus, If you can find the right combinations in combat, then it will all seem extremely easy.

However, I appreciated how it takes time to reach some checkpoints. This increases the chances of dying and some stages will be more complicated than others.

I mean, some things have left me upset, but I assure you, they won’t ruin your gaming experience.

Onimusha Warlords and graphics almost unchanged

Onimusha Warlords and its graphics

Now I want to talk about the technical aspect of Onimusha. The texture and graphics of the game are improved but lightly.

This improves the gaming experience but does not change the identity of the game. You’ll appreciate the characters better, the details of their appearance, and the scary Oni.

I assure you that it will be a pleasure to admire several cutscenes with pleasant and accurate graphics to the maximum. Honestly, I can say that this version of Onimusha Warlords excited me in several points: good job Capcom!

Are you ready to fight evil?

Summarize Onimusha Warlords is simple. In my opinion, it is one of the best remastered ever made. There are some improvements, but essentially the game has remained unchanged. Of course, there are negative things, but you can put them aside while you get involved in plot and storytelling.

Of course, if you have already played the game, let me know your opinion with a comment below. Alternatively, buy now Onimusha Warlords, available at a discounted price in our store.

You have to walk the way of Samurai: will you be worthy?

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