My Deponia Experience

Yup. My Deponia Experience is next on my agenda here at IndieGala. And I couldn’t be happier about that. Why you might ask? Well, first and foremost it’s only my second point-and-click adventure game review. The first being Siberia of course. Secondly, it’s the first Daedalic Entertainment project that I got to try out. I know I’m late to the party but better late than never I say. Thirdly, since I enjoyed Siberia so much (not that long ago) I thought I should give Deponia a shot as well. And last but certainly not least… Deponia came into one of the worst periods of my life. Recently I experienced a huge loss, and Deponia really got me through my grief. It was a nice distraction from my depression and grief, so yeah… It suffices to say that I enjoyed playing Deponia quite a bit.

My Deponia Experience: A Nice Distraction From The Pain

As I mentioned, I recently experienced a horrific and tragic event, and Deponia really distracted me from the horrific pain. So, I suppose I have both Daedalic Entertainment and IndieGala to thank for that. And yes. Despite all, I enjoyed it to the fullest. It took me a while to finish it (a lot more than anticipated) but since I did eventually… All I can say is… This is one hell of a fun game. It’s available here at IndieGala, and yeah. You know what to do here. Just click here, and enjoy it too.

However, if you’re interested in a proper and cool review of Deponia, then you should check out my colleague’s (The Italian Guy) review of Deponia. It’s a fun read, and you shouldn’t miss it. Here it is. You’re welcome.

But let me start from the beginning.

My Deponia Experience

My Deponia Experience: What’s Deponia All About?

Well, unlike Siberia, I played with a male character here in Deponia. An egocentric, selfish dreamer named Rufus. He intends to leave the junk-filled planet of Deponia and set up a new life in the affluent utopia of Elysium. A floating city where the rich and pampered life. And such is Goal. A girl he’ll get to meet early on in the story, and which will become his bargaining chip to get to Elysium. However, things will not go smoothly at all, and along the way, Rufus will meet a bunch of eclectic people. Of course, they’ll make the story a lot more interesting.

A Fun And Intriguing Game

And it truly is. It’s filled with fascinating characters, great and challenging puzzles. But to top it off, a great yet crazy story in the middle of it. Oh and, nice, dry humor of course, but I’ll get to that a bit later in this post. And although I enjoyed some of the puzzles, a handful of them were a real challenge for me. I must admit.

The combining of the objects in order to solve the puzzle in question was causing me headaches at times. To say the least anyway. While some of them were easy and pretty obvious, some of them were a real brain stretch. I really had to think outside of the box there, and yeah. The game challenged my brain cells pretty well. So, you can say I lost the most time and nerves on those puzzles. Some of them were a bit trial and error (due to the complicated nature), but yeah. They were fun nonetheless. Oh and don’t let me forget. Some of the mini-puzzles were fun and engaging as well. But not all of them I’m afraid. Some of them were a bit dull. However, I did struggle with them as well. Not gonna lie.

Oh, and a small side note. Remember how I said I want to make the Blue Helena cocktail from the Siberia game? Scratch that. No, I want the espresso from Lonzo’s bar, and especially his insane coffee machine. I need that machine and that espresso. As someone who drinks more coffee than water (on a daily basis), it’s a perfect life-saver really. Hey if it’s good enough for Goal, it should be good enough for me. But I digress.

Great Development and Interesting Characters

While I struggled with the puzzles at times, I must admit I grew to love (and despise) the characters in Deponia. Their dialogues were entertaining, and the characters were well-formed. But I also appreciated the development of those characters as the game went on. But yeah. I grew to appreciate the delicate change and development in the main character (main antihero) as well. Rufus. We got off on the wrong foot, but he started to grow on me. Oh and I even began to appreciate his weird sense of humor, his sarcasm and even his naiveté at times. But yeah. Rufus is a memorable character in my book.

My Deponia Experience

Goal Is Fascinating

And there’s the lady in the middle of the story. Goal. Yeah. Goal is a fantastic character as well. And I really grew to love her too. I mean yeah, it took some time and effort on my side (OK not as much as Rufus but still). But I couldn’t help but like her as well. And maybe it’s because I come from the world of movies, but I really get turn on by the characters first. And then by the story. So maybe that’s why she stuck. She’s a unique and well-written lady. And you can safely assume that she quickly became one of my favorite video game characters. Love her outfit, love her hairdo (a cool orange hairdo), but love her character as well.

Fantastic Art And Animation

While my main struggles are in the puzzle-solving portion of Deponia, I have nothing but awe and admiration for the art. Indeed, the artwork and animation are incredible. The artwork looks like its hand-drawn and I really appreciate the style of the animation too. At times it looks stuffy and overcrowded (enough to send my brain in overload mode). But yeah, I suppose that’s all part of the charm of Deponia I suppose.

My Deponia Experience VS Yours

All in all, it was a great experience. It couldn’t have come in a more difficult time, but I’m glad I got to experience Deponia. It’s a weird (for me even a tad difficult) point-and-click adventure game. But at the same time, it was a challenging, exciting game with great characters. I enjoyed it for sure. How about you? Let me know in the comment section.

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