Joe Danger

Yes, Joe Danger is anything but a real-life person. But the truth of the matter is that Joe Danger is a fantastic inspiration for this article. You know, I’ve had the pleasure to write about all sorts of dangerous action-packed games before. And topics too. From the Assetto Corsa series (available here) to the Moto GP series (click here). And anything in between. Yes, the F1 series was a particularly fun experience for me as you can imagine.

But Joe Danger is a different beast. It’s a game filled with even more danger and adrenaline, and a game I’ve not visited before. Yup. Nor have I written about stunt performers before. Which I suppose is the true highlight of my day. I love writing about topics I’ve NOT covered before. And Joe Danger is one of them. Yay.

Joe Danger

But before I go on with this article, I think that a nice reminder about the intricate details about Joe Danger is very much in order.

What’s So Cool About Joe Danger?

Well, a lot of things actually. Developed and published by Hello Games, Joe Danger is a cool side-scrolling video game that incorporates elements of racing and platform games. Furthermore, you play as the eponymous daredevil and navigates time-limited courses. Always aiming to complete enough objectives to continue to further rounds. Can you put the world’s most determined stuntman back into the limelight?

Combo, boost and pull ludicrous stunts as Joe attempts to race his way back into the record books in over 100 eye-popping levels. Not to mention you get to leap school buses full of screaming kids and pools of ravenous sharks! Oh, and dodge spikes and mousetraps in the process! So, speed through coin dashes and beat Team Nasty in nip-and-tuck races! Take on and win the super-challenging Pro Medals at every level!

Joe Danger is available for purchase here at IndieGala, so don’t miss out on this fun and exciting game. Just click here. And that’s not all. Joe Danger 2: The Movie is also available at IndieGala. Just click here to get it while it’s still hot. So make sure to check them out both here.

And if you still need convincing…. Then you should check out the user Steam comments about Joe Danger.

*So good you won’t even notice it’s made your thumbs arthritic, says zinfinion.

*While Mena adds: Funny and greatly addicting Arcade game that starts off fairly easy and then quickly becomes quite challenging, especially if you are aiming for getting all medals of all tracks. Highly recommended as it is easy to pick up and play but not too easy to master!!

  • Joe Danger

But Which Actors And Stuntmen Go Well With Joe Danger?

Well, once again we have a nice mix of well-known, mainstream actors both from Hollywood and Asia. And on top of that, we have a nice selection of professional movie stuntmen and stunt performers as well. We think it’s a nice list with great picks, but we’d also love to know your favorite daredevils too. Let us know who are some of your favorite stunt performers, or simply actors that do their own stunts. Is it Buster Keaton? Or perhaps Jason Statham? Let us know. OK… Let’s begin, shall we?

Joe Danger

Evil Knievel

Robert Craig Knievel or simply Evil Knievel. But this legendary stuntman started his career as a young man. In fact, Knievel and his daredevils debuted on January 3, 1966, at the National Date Festival in Indio, California. The show was a great success and inspired him to do even more dangerous stunts.

One of them was the jump over the Caesars Palace fountains in Las Vegas. Which was a horrible failure and resulted in a action ban from plenty of the insurance companies. But this is a man who attempted more than 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps. Not to mention, he has an induction the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1999. He set and broke many records, and of course many bones in his body. Some estimates suggest that Knievel may have suffered more than 433 bone fractures, which earned him a booking in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Oh, and if want some movies about Evil Knievel, then can suggest two great ones. One is 1971’s biopic Evil Knievel (with George Hamilton in the titular role). While the second one is 1977’s Evil Knievel in which the man plays himself.

Jackie Chan

A true legend don’t you think? But Jackie Chan was a true daredevil long before he transition to Hollywood. Indeed. He was a staple in Hong Kong cinema since the ’60s and has already acted in more than 150 films. But aside from his karate moves, Chan is widely regarded as one of the best stunt performers. Furthermore, he does his own stunts in all of his movies, and yes. Some of them are truly legendary. Most notably his shopping center jump in Police Story.

And how about his clock tower stunt in Project A. These are just the most famous stunts but much like with Evil Knievel, Jackie tried hard to find insurance for his stunts. Unfortunately not every insurance company was eager to give him the bond. But Jackie has settled down in recent times and now chooses a bit more toned-down roles and movies. Movies like The Foreigner for instance, but yeah. After 50 years in the business, he can relax a bit. Jackie Chan has got nothing to prove anymore. But which Jackie Chan stunt is your favorite? Hit that comment section and let us know.

Tom Cruise

Unlike Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise is still willing to get hurt for our amusement. Just kidding. But not really, The man is almost 60 years old and still committed to performing his own stunts. Especially in the long-lasting Mission Impossible film series. Seriously, he’s been part of the MI franchise for almost 3 decades now, and he delivers the goods every time. Tom dangles from skyscrapers and planers. He jumps from para shoots and moving motorbikes with ease and grace. And don’t think for a second that he’s getting away with his stunts injury-free. No no. But if you’re looking for another reason to see him in action, then you should wait for the next Mission Impossible movie. Mission: Impossible 7 is due to be released next yet, but the fans of Tom will get a kick out of Top Gun: Maverick this year. I guarantee it.

Dar Robinson

Dar Robinson is the second deceased stuntman on this list, but the first one to die at a very young age. Oh, and the first to die while performing one of his scary stunts too. But it’s true. Dar died at the age of just 39 while on the set of Million Dollar Mystery. Indeed, he died on November 21, 1986, after riding his motorcycle off a cliff while attempting to do a stunt. However, during his illustrious and record-breaking career of 13 years, Dar never even broke so much as a bone. Furthermore, Dar’s own son (also a stuntman) died at the age of 41. And Disney’s live-action remake of The Jungle Book was dedicated to his memory.

Zoe Bell

The only lady in this group, but one of the most bad-ass ladies in Hollywood. She’s best known for being the stunt-woman for Lucy Lawless in Xena: Warrior Princess. And for Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Not to mention she played herself in Tarantino’s DeathProof. But, most recently she was the stunt-woman foe, Cate Blanchett, in Thor: Ragnarok and of course… She was great. However, do you know which other A-list movies have her name in the cast?

You’d be surprised I know… Catwoman is one of them. And so is Inglourious Basterds. Next, there’s The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Iron Man 3. But since this is a blog dedicated to video games, as much as it is to movies… I’m gonna throw in one hell of a video game that Zoe has been a part of. Fallout: New Vegas has Zoe in multiple voice roles, and yes. She’s great in it.

But Are You A Fan Of Joe Danger?

And what other stunt performers/actors would you add to this list? Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to know all about them.

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