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Watch Dogs 2 for PC debuted almost three years ago. Yeah, personally, it seems like yesterday, but it’s been a while since I played this game for the first time. I must say that the first chapter of the series Watch Dogs by Ubisoft had struck me. Despite the bugs, I liked the gameplay, a kind of GTA starring a hacker.

What about Watch Dogs 2? Is it worth playing this chapter of the series? Well, let’s find out together in my review of Watch Dogs 2 for PC.

Watch Dogs 2 for PC: New faces…

Watch Dogs 2 for PC: New faces

I liked Aiden, the protagonist of the first Watch Dogs. He was a badass character, eager for revenge and mysterious. I mean, the usual cool, dark anti-hero. Regardless, the protagonist changes in this new game and you will have to wear the shoes of Marcus Holloway, a young hacker. Marcus will do anything to get into DeadSec, some kind of secret hacker society, like a sort of “Anonymus”.

There are several members in this group, such as the odd Wrench or the wise Sitara. The game’s plot revolves around DeadSec and its goal of ending Blume Corporation’s machinations. This evil corporation uses the social network Invite, to manipulate people and control every aspect of their lives, also influencing the electoral votes.

Yes, in the game you will have the chance to destroy Cambridge Analytica and the most famous social network in the world (You know what I mean). I enjoyed how each character in the game is featured in detail. Each of them has their own personality and adds value to the plot of the game. Although I still prefer Aiden in the first chapter, Marcus is a good protagonist, even if too “youthful”.

Some situations are childish in Watch Dogs 2

One thing I didn’t like in the game is the frantic and childish pace of some situations. Some cut-scenes are ridiculous and not funny at all. Or rather, they can amuse children from 11 to 16 years, no offense.

Personally, some jokes are frivolous. This reminded me of another work by Ubisoft that has the same frenzy pace problem, I mean Far Cry 5. Anyway, maybe those who want to play and to “turn off their brain” will have fun with Watch Dogs 2 for PC.

…and New places

San Francisco Bay from Watch Dogs 2 PC

In this chapter of the series, you will leave Chicago and explore the wonderful San Francisco. The map of Watch Dogs 2 impressed me positively. I did not expect such a large area, you can spend hours exploring it completely.

This factor adds good longevity to the game. If like me you enjoy going around hacking things, then you can play, having fun, without completing any main mission. Of course, don’t expect high artificial intelligence from people or vehicles passing by. From this point of view, Watch Dogs 2 remains similar to its predecessor and will make you facepalm.

Returning to the positive aspects of the map, remember that you can explore not only the urban center of San Francisco but also some surrounding areas. You can explore areas such as Silicon Valley and Oakley. This makes the game varied. However, if you want to boost your skills, I suggest you give your best in the Smart City of San Francisco and create chaos thanks to your cyber-attacks!

Watch Dogs 2 for PC: follow the path of the hacker

You have to choice your gameplay
Or just shoot anyone

The gameplay of Watch Dogs 2 for PC is improved compared to the previous chapter. Ubisoft brought several innovations in the game. The hacking mechanics have been diversified. This means that you won’t have to repeat the same procedure every time to hack a system. I like this technique.

Besides, in different situations, you can decide whether to choose a stealth approach or create an endless shooting. But remember that you are not in a frantic FPS here. So, if you want my advice, use your intelligence and computer skills. By studying your surroundings, you can create diversions or use electronic tools to eliminate enemies without any complications.

In particular, I advise you to use drones to your benefit. These flying devices can give you an advantageous view to hack devices and highlight the location of enemies.

Ultimately, Watch Dogs 2 PC gives you absolute freedom in gameplay, so always choose your way of playing.

Missions, missions, missions

Missions everywhere!

As mentioned above, the map of the game is large and alive. This means that you will always have missions to do. Some have their plot and look like the RPG’s side quests. Others are often repetitive, although they do not reach the level of the so-called Fetch Quests.

You can choose which ones to do before or after the main story. Anyway, I suggest you do all of them, even the ones that may seem stupider. This will allow you to improve your skills and unlock new upgrades. You can become almost unbeatable if you accumulate power-ups and enjoy the main plot without stress.

A sequel to try?

Ultimately, I consider Watch Dogs 2.0, er sorry, Watch Dogs 2 for PC a game worthy of your time. It is certainly not a masterpiece, but it is a work that can entertain and satisfy you. Plus, if you love the TV series “Mr.Robot” just like me, you have to play it.

You can find it in our store at a discounted price, an additional reason to try it without regrets. You can choose also the Deluxe Edition that has interesting additional contents.

Become the king of hackers and lead a technology slave society to freedom!

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