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Ghost Of A Tale: The inspiration

The wonderful game Ghost Of A Tale inspired a whole post for us. Mice inspired movies. Not such a strange thing to see indeed. But what are the best mice in movies?

Sure there are plenty, and some are better than others. However, few stand out from the crowd. While some mice in movies can be scary and almost terrifying, most of them are cute anthropomorphic creatures. Almost too cute to have them as pets.

Then again, everyone has a favorite. Mickey Mouse and Stuart Little are 2 of the better-known mice, but what are the rest? Mice and movies are the topics of this post. Hope you’ll like it.

Ghost Of A Tale: The video game

In honor of this fantastic game, Ghost of a Tale, that we at IndieGala have, we decided to explore the other possibilities. So, we came up with Mice and Men, or 3 cute flicks about them that you need to check out.

Disclaimer! Certainly, all of these movies are kid-friendly and animated.   

Ghost Of A Tale

The Rescuers Down Under

Personally, I think that The Rescuers Down Under is so much better than its predecessor. That’s right.

The Rescuers Down Under is a sequel to the 1977 movie, but consequently, it had both Eva Gabor and Bob Newhart in the voice roles AGAN!. This was Gabor’s last role before her death in 1995.

Probably one of the most beloved additions to the cast is the presence of John Candy and the Academy Award winner George C. Scott.

He played Percival C. McLeach- the sinister poacher and was amazing yet again. Indeed, much like the title suggests, The Rescuers Down Under is set in Australia, but ironically just a handful of the Australian characters speak with an Aussie accent.

Nonetheless, the accent doesn’t matter that much. Despite that little flaw, this is a brilliant movie. It’s intense, even more than the previous one and the fight scenes are outstanding. This is well directed and well-animated Disney classic from the ’90s.


The Secret of NIMH

A true classic indeed. Made by the one and only, Don Bluth The Secret of NIMH is, one of the greatest animated movies ever. Period.

Therefore it’s a must-watch movie in everyone’s childhood. It seems like, the children who grew up in the ’90s (myself included) were fortunate enough to see it on our favorite kid’s channels and your regular TV channels. Some even in the movie theaters.

However, nowadays you can watch it everywhere. I think even the streaming channels have it on the repertoire now. It’s a bit dark but a homely tale of a mother’s journey to save her sick son. Not to mention that it’s emotional, humorous and interesting, despite having a rather serious tone.

The Secret of NIMH was sadly, the last movie that Elizabeth Hartman voiced, before her death. Personally, of all of the movies on this list, this is by far my favorite.


An American Tail

Next, another Don Bluth masterpiece.

Made in the mid-’80s An American Tail, tells the age-old story about the hardships that migrant families face when they leave their homeland. Fievel Mousekewitz’s family relocates from Ukraine to the USA. He gets lost and must find a way not just to reunite his family, but also to stay alive in the process.

In contrast to The Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, was as not universally accepted by the critics and the audience. But it’s still considered a classic today- more than 30 years from the release.

Consequently, the movie produced several sequels, but did you know that the main character – Fievel was named after Steven Spielberg‘s grandfather? That’s right.

Indeed, An American Tail is a wonderful movie that deserves your attention, now that you’re either in quarantine or in lock-down. A great „mice and movie“ classic. Check it out.

American Tale

Mice And Movies: Your picks please

Did you enjoy playing Ghost Of A Tale and if you haven’t tried it yet, why miss this chance? Do you have any „Mice inspired” favorites? Tell us in the comments. We at IndieGala would love to know all about them.

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