Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters Is something of a jewel for many. A cult classic if you will. It’s also action-packed and filled to the brim with an immersive and detailed environment. The realistic combat noises are a nice touch and so is Russian music. But Freedom Fighters is so much more.

Not to mention, Freedom Fighters is truly a bargain here at IndieGala. No, it’s not part of our usual sale, but it’s a fantastic game to own. So click here and make sure to give it a shot. Yes, I’ve written about plenty of great action games. Most recently about Far Cry and the subsequent movie adaptation. Hey, I even did a piece on bleak dystopian movies. Check it out as well.

Yes, I know it’s not the same, but what I’m trying to say is… I’ve never had the pleasure to write about alternate history before. Zombies, dinosaurs and even plenty of vampire posts. But nothing even remotely similar to this. Which is why I’m so excited. Let’s begin.

Freedom Fighters

What’s Freedom Fighters You Might Ask?

Indeed, before I proceed with the film portion of this post, I believe that a word or two about the game itself are necessary. So, what’s Freedom Fighters all about you might ask? Well, developed and published by IO Interactive A/S (back in 2003) and since then has gained a reputation of being a thrilling third-person shooter game.

Set in New York, during an alternative timeline, you get to take on the role of Chris Stone. A hard-working plumber, and of course rise through the ranks of the resistance. You need to prove yourself as a charismatic leader. Furthermore, you get to liberate supplies, scavenge weapons and use the ‘recruit and command’ system to grow the resistance. All with a single mission. To fight and destroy the occupying Soviet forces.

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Freedom Fighters And The Use Of Alternate History

Alternate History is a fascinating genre of speculative fiction. It also contains highly speculative yet intriguing “what if” scenarios not just at crucial points in history. But also at present outcomes other than those in the historical record. Probably the earliest record of alternate history is in Livy’s Ab Urbe Condita Libri. And in the ancient history book, Livy hypothesized about the actions of Alexander the Great. Furthermore, had he survived to attack Europe as he had planned… “What would have been the results for Rome if she had been engaged in a war with Alexander?

While I find history fascinating, and alternative history even more, here I’m going to focus more on the alternative history of cinema and TV. Yes, for the most part, I’ll mention some of my favorite movies that contain alternate history, and one amazing TV show for good measure. Let’s start, shall we?

Warning! Two of these movies have Michael Fassbender in the cast. If you’re not fans of his, then I’m so sorry.

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Red Dawn

However, I’m starting this post with probably the oldest movie on this list. Red Dawn. And no, I’m not talking about the 2012 remake abomination, but the exciting John Milius directed 80’s classic. Thematically it’s probably the most similar to Freedom Fighters, but because its the oldest it almost feels forgotten. Like a forgotten piece of cinema that’s not being talked about anymore. And if you’re not impressed by John Milius’s direction and screenplay (co-written with Kevin Reynolds) then you’ll be impressed with the cast. Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Jennifer Grey, Powers Booth, Harry Dean Stanton are among the cast. And what’s the movie about?

The invasion of Soviet, Nicaraguan and Cuban troops in one small town in Colorado. What appears like the start of WWIII, will turn into a patriotic fight to defend the United States from the red communist regime. Mad during the peak of the Cold War, Red Dawn is far from a perfect action movie.

Yes, it’s propaganda in it’s most basic stripped down essence. Yes, it portrays a small and uber patriotic version of the Cold War. But when you don’t take It too seriously, it’s one hell of a fun movie. Oh, and here’s a fun fact. “Red Dawn” was the code name of the military operation in Iraq that captured Saddam Hussein on December 13, 2003. Of course, the writer and director John Milius felt honored by that.

Inglorious Basterds

Different alternative histories and different oppressing super-power. Frankly, here in Inglorious Basterds, we’re exploring the Nazis and through a weird Quentin Tarantino version of WWII. A group of Jewish US soldiers is trying to kill to assassinate the high ranking Nazi leaders in Inglorious Bastards. However, through the course of the movie, the soldiers led by Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt), and young Jewish refugee will find out that it’s a lot harder than they thought. Inglorious Basterds brought Christoph Waltz his first Oscar, and can we take a moment to appreciate his immense talent here? I mean, Waltz is incredible. And frankly so is Brad Pitt in this slightly weird movie. This is an ensemble cast (as one would expect from Tarantino) but it’s a fantastic cast nonetheless. Despite being weird.

Fun fact! Although Christoph Waltz plays a Nazi (and ruthless one of that), the Austrian actor is the son of a rabbi.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Probably my all-time favorite X-Men movie. Yes, X2 and Logan are strong contenders for the No. 1 spot, but X-Men: Days of Future Past is truly a work of art. And a near-perfect superhero movie if you ask me. It’s a movie win in which the oppressor is not a Communist country or a Nazi regime. No. The oppressors are evil robots called sentinels. They were developed by one evil genius back in the ’70s and Professor X and Logan will travel trough time to assassinate the mastermind behind them.

Stop Bolivar Trask (played by Peter Dinklage), and stop the sentinels from being made. Just think. In a span of just 2 months, Marvel gave us this movie and Captain America: Winter Soldier. Oh, man 2014 was a great year, but you know what else is great? Pretty much everyone in this movie. The cast is incredible (especially McAvoy, Fassbender and Lawrence) and the direction from Bryan Singer is flawless. Not to mention, this the first X-Men movie ever to be nominated for an Oscar (for Best Visual Effects). I highly recommend this movie. It’s too good to miss out.

The Man In High Castle

And I’m ending this post with a TV show. Because why not? I’m a huge fan of Philip K. Dick’s book of the same name and the TV series is awesome as well. Not to mention I’m also a huge fan of Rupert Evans, DJ Qualls, and of course my 90’s crush Rufus Sewell. Honestly, he’s a natural at playing baddies, and the role of John Smith is one perfect example of his talent.

But The Man In High Castle is set in an alternate history where the Axis powers won WWII, and now control the entire planet. Yes the USA too. Germany and Japan have divided the United States into the Greater Nazi Reich in the east, with New York City as its regional capital. While the Japanese Pacific States are to the west, with San Francisco as the capital. Although the subsequent seasons didn’t really match the genius of the first, season, I like this TV show overall. It’s a nice slice of alternate history.

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