Elder Scrolls Cookbook Part 2

Elder Scrolls Cookbook Part 2 is the title of this post (OK part of it), and there’s a reason for it. This particular post is a follow-up on a very intriguing one I did last year. Back in October, I got the Elder Scrolls Cookbook as a birthday present. And because I’m a huge fan of the series (OK and because I love cooking/kitchen experimenting), I did combine the two things together. In one very different post. 

Elder Scrolls Cookbook Part 2: Diversion From My Usual Routine 

Indeed, my usual writing assignments are movie/game-related. Very seldom do I get the chance to roll up my sleeves and do something with a few basic ingredients. Which is why I love assignments like these. Not only I get to combine my love for cooking and video games. But I get to write about it as well. 

Elder Scrolls Cookbook Part 2
Elder Scrolls Cookbook

Picking The Recipe For Elder Scrolls Cookbook Part 2 Is Not Easy

As you may know (if you’ve read my previous Elder Scrolls Cookbook post- available for revisiting here) I picked two very interesting recipes last year. The first one was The Imperial Mushroom Sauce. And the second one was the Baby Carrots in Moonshugar Glaze recipe. Both of them were a huge hit in my household, I might add. But when I pondered what to do next, I remembered that I mentioned that something with meat or fish would be nice for my next post. And they’re really nice I’ll admit.

However, after following (not religiously though) a Keto diet for the better part of this year, I craved something starchy. I wanted carbs, and veggies and mushrooms. And that’s why I picked the Mushroom and vegetable risotto. And I also picked the Oatmeal Raisin shortbread. To hell with fats and protein. I want carbs damn it, and I shall have them!

Elder Scrolls Cookbook Part 2

Elder Scrolls And Elder Scrolls Cookbook Part 2

Yup. The Elder Scrolls Cookbook Part 2 post is inspired by the acclaimed Elder Scrolls series. And as you can probably tell we do have quite a lot of them here at IndieGala. From Greymoor to Skyrim and so much more. They’re all available for purchase, and some of them are currently on sale. Just click here, take your pick and enjoy. But if you’re not particularly interested in the Elder Scrolls series, don’t despair. We also have plenty of other Bethesda games that are worth your time. Doom, Fallout, Wolfenstein, The Evil Within and so much more. Click take your pick and have the time of your life.

First The Savory!

Honestly, the risotto is one of the most forgiving dishes out there. Which is one of the reasons I picked it for this post. You can’t really mess it up. And even if you overcook it (like I’ve done so many times in the past), it’s still gonna be good. In the end product, I mean. It’s basically a savory rice pudding with a bunch of veggies and mushrooms in it. What’s not to like? Oh, and because the rice is pretty bland (taste-wise) in general you can’t lose with the adding of other flavors. You can improvise with this dish and add pretty much anything you fancy. Don’t want carrots? Don’t add them. Add broccoli instead. Or peas. Or peppers. Whatever you like. It’s fine, and it’s going to be delicious.

The same goes for the spices and the cheese. Here Parmesan is recommended, but if you don’t have it on hand or don’t like Parmesan… Add whatever cheese you like/have. Or don’t add any cheese at all. However, the only downside of this dish, is that it requires your attention. Your full attention. All the time. There’s constant stirring involved, and for good 30 minutes or so. But it’s worth it, and rewarding at the same time. It was delicious with a capital D.

Then The Sweet

Oatmeal and raisin shortbread. Look, I’ve found that raisins are something you either love or hate. There’s no in-between on raisins. And I just happen to love raisins. So, naturally, I had to find a recipe that features them in the Elder Scrolls Cookbook. I took creative liberty and added a pinch of cinnamon in my recipe (for flavor boost). But you can also add pretty much you like here. Vanilla extract would be nice, or almond extract. Hey, if you don’t like raisins, then add cranberries or dried cherries. The world is your oyster here. Much like with the rice, the oats are very bland and very forgiving at the same time. You can play with them however you want, and still, come up with something that should satisfy your sweet-tooth. 

A Failed Attempt?

Sadly…. I think it is. Yes, unlike the first recipe, the dessert didn’t turn out so great. Bummer. The dough was way too crumbly. And not playable and cohesive at all. There was no way I could cut it with a cookie-cutter, so I improvised with a pizza cutter. And looking back I think I know where my mistake was. I didn’t soften the butter enough. Yes, I left it at room temperature for like an hour, but my new apartment is fairly cold. And the butter didn’t soften enough.

So, the hand mixer didn’t perform because of that. But it was a dessert without honey and with raisins. It’s one of the „best of both worlds“ recipes in the cookbook. Since I love raisins, and I’m severely allergic to honey. Don’t get me wrong, the shortbread was tasty, but I ended up eating it with a fork. A very wrong way of eating a shortbread cookie I might add. But hey. Live and learn. I’m sure the next time I’ll get better at making pastries that don’t have any type of chemical leavening agents. But let’s end this post, with a dose of optimism. And hope. My glass is half full, and the second recipe was one very tasty mistake. I learned my lesson here. So… In the words of the great Anthony Bourdain….

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Elder Scrolls Cookbook Part 2: A Nice Weekend Culinary Adventure 

Well it was fore me. And I love such adventures I might add. But which game from the Elder Scrolls series is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to know all about it. 

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