Civ 6 Movie Comparison

Civilization VI is next. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is the complete version of the title, and Civ VI is the short one. For the sake of time and practicality, we’re going to be sticking with Civ VI in this post.

Because Civ VI sounds cooler.

Civ VI and Leaders

Civ VI

More importantly, we’re going to mix Civ VI (that’s currently on sale here on IndieGala, as part of the 2K Games Sale, as well as the platinum edition), with popular movies that were made about famous historical leaders. From Cleopatra to Queen Victoria. From Alexander The Great to Gandhi. All of them are featured in Civ VI indeed and they’re all great sources of great movie material.

Civ VI: The Video Game

Civ VI

What’s Civ VI all about? First of all, as the title suggests, it’s all about civilization. Rather the building of one such civilization via turn-based strategy. The goal of the player in Civ VI is to develop a civilization. From the early days all the way up to becoming a strong imperialistic world power.

In order to achieve that you need to fight battles, develop both cultural and military. Certainly, the growth of different types of technologies is also a priority. But you do that by exploring, building and attacking different cultures. Much like the great leaders did in their time, indeed. Hence, Civ VI.

But enough about the game. Let’s talk about movies. Behind every great empire or civilization, there was a great leader. Who are the greatest historical leaders that are also featured in Civ VI the video game? Well, we’ve selected some interesting names indeed. Therefore they’re not just a great source of material for the filmmakers, but also for this post.

Civ VI And The Movies

So which great leaders from history have biopics based on their life and life legacy? First, let’s start with some of the ladies, shall we?



Ultimately, there are hundreds and hundreds of movies about Cleopatra. The last ruler of Egypt as Cleopatra is known today has been depicted in various projects.

But, from all the movies that are made for her, probably the best and most known is the 1963 movie, Cleopatra.  Starring Elizabeth Taylor in the titular role and her future husband Richard Burton in the role of Mark Antony.

While this movie is considered an epic and Elizabeth Taylor was paid 1 million dollars for this role, it was anything but.

As a result of the excessive costs, harsh working conditions, the poor health of the leading lady and the scandal that followed, Cleopatra was a nightmare to film.

It was nominated for 9 Academy Awards and won four Oscars as well. This is a great movie. It’s long indeed, but regardless of the length, it’s a fantastic film.

Mrs. Brown

Queen Victoria

Dame Judy Dench at her finest. Judi Dench played Queen Victoria twice. Firstly in Mrs. Brown and secondly in Victoria and Abdul.

But it’s Mrs. Brown that we’re after. Indeed, Mrs. Brown is full of warmth, love and most importantly fantastic performances by Judi Dench and by Billy Connolly.

The film is about Queen Victoria’s relationship (let’s call it that) with her very trusted servant (John Brown), after the death of her husband. Hence the title.

During this time, Victoria was in a period of deep mourning for her late husband, and John Brown provided understanding, acceptance, and companionship in a platonic way.

In contrast to the scandalous way that this relationship was marketed back in the late ’90s. Watch it if you haven’t seen it before.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

Before Richards Burton was Mark Anthony, he played one of the best leaders of all time. Alexander the Great. Likewise, this is a very underestimated and forgotten epic.

Furthermore, if you’re not watching it for the fantastic script (which is almost poetic), watch it because of the fight scenes.

The Battle of Gaugamela is short elegantly and the rest of the movie is truly outstanding. However, if you were left disappointed by Oliver Stone’s attempt to bring back Alexander The Great to the silver screen, fear not.

The masterpiece by Robert Rossen will do the movie justice. Did you know that Richard Burton was just 29 years old when he made this movie? Indeed, he was called too old to play this role, but he proved everyone wrong. This is a great film.

Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce

If you loved Angus Macfadyen in Braveheart, then you’re going to love him in Robert the Bruce.

Ultimately, he plays the exact same role, but in a different movie. Hence, the title of the film. This is a solo movie about legendary Scottish kind. In contrast to Braveheart, Robert the Bruce focuses on the rise of Robert the Bruce. From a 14th century nobleman-turned-outlaw hero to a king of Scots.

Fun fact about Angus Mcfayden. Here in this movie, he’s playing a 32-year-old Robert. In fact, he was older than Robert the Bruce was when he died at the age of 54.

You can also lead the Scots as him in the Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Expansion.



Directed by Richard Attenborough, Gandhi is a true epic about a great man: Mahatma Gandhi. Moreover, it won Ben Kingsley his first and only Oscar. Additionally, Gandhi won 7 more Oscars. Today, Gandhi is considered one of the best movies ever made.

It tells the story about the life of Mahatma Gandhi from a young lawyer to the leader of the Indian revolts. All with his philosophy of non-violence. Did you know that Gandhi also marks the film debut of Daniel Day-Lewis? That’s right.

This is a long but beautiful movie. Watch it if you have the chance.

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