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Of all the wars I’ve written about WWI was never on my agenda before. Beyond The Wire is about to change that. But yeah. I’ve had plenty of articles about WW2 here at IndieGala. The Days Of War article was especially insightful to write. Check it out here. And of course, the Sniper Ghost Warrior was another interesting one for me. It’s available for a look back here. But those articles (and games too) had WW2 as the main theme.

Beyond The Wire

Beyond The Wire And WWI

Yes, Beyond The Wire has WWI as the main theme. A war that was unlike anything that the world had seen before. Also known as The Great War, and lasting from 1914 to 1918, it was also called “the war to end all wars”. The war and its immediate aftermath sparked numerous revolutions and uprisings all around the world, but mostly Europe. First and foremost, the Big Four (Britain, France, the United States, and Italy) imposed their terms on the defeated powers in a series of treaties. Indeed, they were agreed at the 1919 Treaty of Versailles with Germany. And secondly, as a result of the war, the Austro-Hungarian, German, Ottoman, and Russian Empires ceased to exist. Next, numerous new states were created from their remains.

And What’s Beyond The Wire All About?

Developed by Redstone Interactive and published by Offworld Industries, Beyond The Wire is a large-scale multiplayer first-person shooter. It does a nice job of immersing players in the frantic and bloody Western Front of the Great War. And in battles with up to 100 real-world combatants as well. So players will have to contend with large open maps and tight claustrophobic trenches. With period-appropriate guns and a more tactical close-quarters melee combat system as well. Not to mention, the action in Beyond the Wire is more comprehensive than anything seen in a WWI game to date.

Beyond the Wire is now entering Early Access, with its wider release scheduled for 2022. And of course, Beyond the Wire is currently on sale here at IndieGala. Hurry up and get it while the sale still lasts, because it won’t be up for that much longer. You can do that here.

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And What Are Some Of The Steam Comments Saying About The Game?

*Sandman says: Very good game if you like post scriptum and squad, we need players so don’t hesitate to get this gem.

*While Allmost adds: Loooooove this game! Some maps are incredibly detailed! LikeLikeLike ❤️

Beyond The Wire and 5 Great WWI Movies

Yes. As always we selected a list of fantastic movies to go with the theme of the article. And this article is all about WWI. So naturally, all 5 of our cinematic suggestions have the common theme of WWI in them. However, not all of them are the same. Please don’t mistake the seemingly older theme with our current curiosity and versatility. Not we have plenty of old and new movies on this list. Furthermore, we have war epics, dramas, romance movies and even documentaries here. Which movies made the cut? Scroll down and find out. But we can’t wait to hear your suggestions as well. Which are some of your favorite WWI movies? Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to know all about them.

OK, let’s begin, shall we?

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Sam Mendes’s masterpiece of a movie, is at the same a very touching and personal tale of the war. It’s partially inspired by the stories of Sam’s parental grandfather Alfred Mendes. His stories are actually from his service during WWI while the movie takes place after the German retreat to the Hindenburg Line during Operation Alberich. Furthermore, the movie follows 2 British soldiers and their mission to deliver a message to call off a doomed attack. George McKay and Dean-Charles Chapman play Will and Tom, the two soldiers in the center of the story, while Mark Strong, Andrew Scott, Richard Madden, Claire Duburcq, Colin Firth, and Benedict Cumberbatch are on supporting roles duty.

But the movie is visually stunning as it is historically compelling. Thanks to the magnificent direction from Sam Mendes and the incredible cinematography from Roger Deakins. In fact, Roger Deakins earned his second Academy Award for 1917 and deservingly so I might add. It’s a movie that looks like it has only two continuous shots, but that’s where the cinematic craftsmanship lies. It’s a great movie.

Fun fact: Cinematographer Sir Roger Deakins won a total of 40 awards for his work in the movie.

A Very Long Engagement

A 2004 French-American romantic film with the incredible Audrey Tautou in the lead role. But at the same time, it’s is a fictional tale about a young woman’s desperate search for her fiancé. He might have been killed during World War I, and she’s desperate to find him. Gaspard Ulliel plays Mathilde’s fiancee, and in a small, supporting role you’ll be able to see the screen legend, Jodie Foster. As you may know by now, Jodie is fluent in French and often acts in French productions. This is a wonderful movie with great cinematography and it’s a must-watch for every Audrey Tautou fan.

Fun fact: Included among the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”, edited by Steven Schneider.

Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo Bridge is the oldest movie on this list but at the same time one of the finest. Yes, it dates from 1940 but it has the fantastic Vivien Leigh in the lead role. Through an extended flashback narration, it recounts the story of a dancer and an army captain who meet by chance on Waterloo Bridge. Believing her fiancé to be dead, a young ballerina is forced to turn to prostitution. And yes despite the controversial themes, it’s surprisingly tame and classy. It’s also a personal favorite movie both with Vivien and her leading actor, Robert Taylor. It’s beautiful, dramatic and in black and white. It’s a must-watch if you’re a fan of the classics.

Fun fact: In 1956 remake movie has the title Gaby. It also stars Leslie Caron and John Kerr but the Waterloo Bridge is the most famous movie.

Journey’s End

A British War film that should be on your list. It’s a fantastic movie with a great cast. And one hell of a story in the middle of it. Set in a dugout in Aisne in 1918, it is the story of a group of British officers. They’re led by the mentally disintegrating young officer Stanhope, as they await their fate, and as they witness the horrors of the war. Sam Claflin plays officer Stanhope while Paul Bettany, Tom Sturridge, Assa Butterfield and Stephen Graham occupy the rest of the roles. There’s been plenty of adaptations of Journey’s End in the past, but this one is one of the best.

Fun fact: Journey’s End is the fifth film adaptation of the play, following Journey’s End (1930), The Other Side (1931), Aces High (1976), and Journey’s End (1988 BBC TV film).

They Shall Not Grow Old

Last but certainly not least. A documentary to end this list. They Shall Not Grow Old is Peter Jackson’s passion project and it’s an incredible piece of cinema as well. The movie is in fact created with original footage of the First World War. The footage is from the Imperial War Museum’s archives, and it’s mostly previously unseen. Yes, the images in the movie are all over 100 years old by the time of release, digitally restored, and colored. Not to mention there’s the addition of sound effects and voice acting to be more evocative. And feel closer to the soldiers’ actual experiences of the soldiers. The movie has 99% positive approval on Rotten Tomatoes and you need to watch it. You’ll thank me later.

Fun fact: Peter Jackson did not receive any fee for the film.

Will You Try Out Beyond The Wire?

Let us know in the comment section if you are. We’d love to know your opinion of the game. And feel free to share some of your favorite WWI movies as well. Hit that comment section and let us know.

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