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In about 90% of my tenure for IndieGala, I get to write about energetic games. Games, like Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid and so on. However, Fishing Sim World, falls in the remaining 10% of my work. I’m not complaining though. Not every game is energetic, action packed, artsy, or even exciting. Some of them are slow burners, but I usually find a way to make them interesting. The same goes for simulator games. And I’ve had quite a few of them so far. The ski jumping simulator was an interesting post, and so was the train simulator. You can find my post here. Not to mention the golf simulator game which I stretched in several different posts. Here are some of my favorites.

Fishing Sim  World

The Fishing Sim World VS Actual Fishing

But for now, I have the Fishing Sim World to tackle. And although I have never played the actual game, I have been on several fishing trips with my dad. He was a fly fisherman, and I would tag along with him when I was a kid. And now as an adult I appreciate it more, to be honest. The father-daughter bonding that we had. The time spent in nature. However, back when I was a kid, I was bored to death by the slow pace, and lack of fun activities to do. Back in the ’90s, you couldn’t bring a tablet or a laptop, so I had to find other ways to amuse myself. It was a challenge nonetheless, but even then I appreciated the efforts of my dad to turn me into a boy. The son he never had.

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What Does Fishing Sim World Entail?

The title of the game is self explanatory I think. Developed and published by Dovetail Games, the Fishing Sim World is a fishing simulator for all the fishing fanatics out there. It also features two iconic fishing venues. The historic Wraysbury 1 South Lake and the incredible Gillhams Fishing Resort.

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is a fully endorsed game by Scott Martin and Ali Hamidi. The former is the most successful FLW Tour bass angler of all time. As well as the host of the Scott Martin Challenge TV show on the Discovery Channel. While the latter, Ali Hamidi, is a leading Korda angler as well as executive producer and presenter of ITV’s Monster Carp and The Big Fish Off.

Together, they make an incredible duo, and of course a dynamic game which we currently have on sale. However, I’m here about the movies. Movies that feature fishing in most of the plot, or just in part. And I must say I’m tempted to put Jaws here, just for the sake of it. But I don’t consider hunting of a killer shark to be even remotely fishing related. So, understandably I will omit it, for now.

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Alamo Bay

Here’s an oldie that I recently discovered. It has Ed Harris in the lead role, and it’s about fishing as much as it is about xenophobia, prejudice and racism. Don’t get scared by the heavy subjects though. The movie is not just incredibly acted. No, it’s also inspired (loosely I’m afraid) by real-life events that occurred in Texas. Indeed, it may not be the best movie in Ed Harris’s career, but it’s good nonetheless. It’s one of Louis Malle’s finest and poignant movies to date. And leave it to a French director to tell an insightful story about hatred and racism in America. However, he does that beautifully in this otherwise tense movie. I highly recommend it.

Gone Fishin

How do you make Danny Glover and Joe Pesci not to use any profanities in a movie? Well, you put them in a family-friendly, fishing comedy and give them a script without any F*** bombs in it. Seriously, it’s that simple. Although Gone Fishin is a box office bomb and was penned by the critics this is a somewhat enjoyable movie about two best friends. Who happen to embark on a fishing trip together, and encounter some adventures along the way.

However, there’s no hidden agenda in this movie. It’s what you would call smooth sailing of a movie, without an ounce of satire or cynicism. And with slapstick and some really good laughs. You can see that the two actors relished in the making of this movie and the final result is an enjoyable comedy with two of the Hollywood veterans. If you’re after Pesci and Glover being mean and snarky, go watch the Lethal Weapon film series. Here you’ll get something different, but sometimes different can be enjoyable too.

Perfect Storm

Unlike the previous movie (Gone Fishin) Perfect Storm is a rather somber and tragic story, which happens to be based on real events. The disappearance of the Andrea Gail fishing boat and the entire crew on it. However, unlike the previous entry on this list, the Perfect Storm was a commercial and critical success, and it has a lot more stellar cast. Sure Danny Glover and Joe Pesci are fine, but over here you have George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg. And my personal favorites William Fichtner and John Hawkes as well.

But also Michael Ironside, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Diane Lane among others. If you’re squeamish like I am, you’ll have to take up a lot of courage to watch the final voyage scene. But this is a good movie in my opinion. It’s not the best in Wolfgang Peterson’s career, but it’s good.


I saved the best one for last. Let me explain why I feel about Ondine, but first I need you to trust me and watch this movie. Immediately. It’s one Neil Jordan’s finest projects, and yet it’s not that known among the general public. Well, not compared to Mona Lisa, The Crying Game and The End Of The Affair. But I urge you to watch it, solely because of the impeccable and understated performance from Colin Farrell. He’s incredible here, and it made me look at his talent in a totally different way. Well, both Ondine and In Bruge but I digress.

You’ll also fall in love with the misty, almost dream-like scenery. Not to mention the fantastic muted cinematography from Christopher Doyle and the fluid direction from Jordan. Oh, and Colin has never been more good and emotional in his acting. Ever! I’m serious. Circus is a flawed, broken man who is making amends for his past sins. And all he tries to do is fish and take care of his ill daughter. But fate will interact and he will find redemption in the most unlikely way. Deep down in the water. I adore Ondine, and I can honestly say, that along with In Bruges, it’s probably the best acting from the Irishman you’ll ever witness. Don’t miss it indeed.

Your Thoughts On The Fishing Sim World Related Movies

Do you enjoy Fishing Sim World? How about the real-life event of fishing? And also, don’t forget to tell us all about your favorite fishing movies. Which are they? Tell us in the comment section below. We’d love to know all about them.

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