Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Recently I have been majoring in war simulators. After reviewing Hell Let Loose, today I want to talk about Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

How can you guess, this game will transport you to the horrors of the Vietnam War. But is it worth trying? Read on and find out my opinion about it.

A FPS like you’ve never tried before


Are you a fan of FPS titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield? In this case, you can adore Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, but expect something completely different. The title developed by Tripwire Interactive is not the classic FPS in which you have to shoot straight trying to kill as many enemies as possible. This is a realistic and accurate war simulator in every detail. If you want to win you have to play as a team and eliminate through various stages the enemy faction.

Each character will have a defined role, there are no customizable classes. Besides, your team will be led by a commander chosen at random. The commander will have to implement an effective and winning war strategy. Sometimes you might be the team commander, too, but just so you know, if you’re not smart, your teammates can decide to remove you.

Plus, every action will have to be calculated and not randomly done. For example, if you run from one shelter to another your resistance will drop and your aim will be unstable. Also, you’ll have to offer suppression fire to cover your friends when they move. Well, I forgot to mention that you won’t have any interface that will tell you how many shots you have in the magazine, you’ll have to remember that.

In a nutshell, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a game not to be underestimated, only those who want to face the war simulated seriously can compete with this title!

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, multiplayer and winning tactics

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam tactics

In Rising Storm 2 there are two factions: Americans and Vietcong. Americans can exploit terrifying tactics and equipment. Leading this faction, you can order airstrikes and harness the power of the Napalm. The Vietcong, on the other hand, can rely on their knowledge of the territory. They can create traps that can eliminate many enemies in one fell swoop.

If you can make the most of these tactics, you can easily win every battle and become a true Rising Storm pro. Remember that this game has only the multiplayer mode. You will always find prepared allies and enemies, who will try to climb the online ranking. However, I advise you to try it with your friends: this way you can experience unique emotions!

Want to take a look at the game? Here’s the trailer:

Is it worth trying this game?

I think it’s worth playing Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. You will experience an incredibly realistic FPS, which will delight you from the first to the last minute. If you want to buy it, during our Rising Storm Sale you can find it in our store at a special price.

Alternatively, if you’ve already tried this game, share your thoughts with the Indiegala community, and express your opinion on it.

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