Star Wars Day 2023

Happy Star Wars Day 2023 everyone. And May The Fourth Be With You. Are You excited about May 4th? We sure are. And traditionally we devote an entire article to everything that has to do with the Star Wars franchise. Yup. A while back we introduced the Obi-Wan Kenobi series (check it out here). And back at the start of the pandemic we mentioned some of the upcoming projects from the iconic franchise. Check out that article here.

Star Wars Day 2023: A Look Into The Past

Now, some of those announced projects, we already got to witness on the small screen and on TV. Like the aforementioned Kenobi TV series. Or perhaps The Mandalorian, which turned out to be a huge success for Disney. You can also read that article here. But right here and now we’re after something else. For one we’re gonna stick with feature-length movies and abandon the TV projects for a bit.

What’s New, What’s Cool, And What’s Good?

We’re gonna briefly mention STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor too. The latest game from the Star Wars franchise was just released by Electronic Arts. Mark Hamill in his true here fashion stepped in to promote the game and well, stay tuned about that one.

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Star Wars Day 2023: A Look Into The Future

Yeah. That was more about the past Star Wars articles. Let’s take a closer look at some of the future film projects in this particular article. Yup. There are plenty more Star Wars movies coming in the near future and we’re all about them today. Furthermore, there are six that are totally with green light pm them, but unfortunately there’s not much info about them. However, we will report on what we know about them, and will follow back on any development as needed down the line. All right let’s begin, shall we?

P.S. None of them have a precise release date yet, but some facts are already familiar to the fans.

Untitled Dawn of the Jedi film

It’s in fact, an upcoming live-action Star Wars (prequel) film about the dawn of the Jedi by James Mangold. He’s both director and screenwriter of the film. And if you were wondering, then yes. This is the exact movie that David Benioff and David Weiss reluctantly walked away from. They were assigned to write the script, but they had to abandon the project due to scheduling conflicts with Netflix, Inc.

Star Wars Day 2023

On April 7, 2023, James Mangold got a chance direct a Star Wars film about the origins of the Jedi. Mangold is currently promoting Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, another project for Disney, but time will tell if he’ll do a good job with this particular movie. Furthermore, Mangold revealed to Variety magazine that his film would take place during the dawn of the Jedi and flesh out the exact origins of The Force. For instance the formation and discovery by the first Jedi.

Untitled New Republic film

It’s an upcoming live-action Star Wars film set during the New Republic Era. And a movie that’s under total creative control by Dave Filoni. The film will close out the stories told in The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Ahsoka, and other related series on Disney+. And in case you are wondering who Dave Filoni is…

Star Wars Day 2023

He is an American director, producer, screenwriter, and voice actor. Prior to his work with Lucasfilm Animation, Filoni worked as a storyboard artist and/or assistant director for various animated series. Including Mike Judge’s King of the Hill, Phil Walsh’s Teamo Supremo, Disney’s Kim Possible and plenty of Nickelodeon shows. Filoni left Nickelodeon after George Lucas offered him a job, helping him develop a Star Wars animated series. Recently, Filoni made his live-action acting debut in The Mandalorian as an X-Wing pilot named Trapper Wolf in Chapter 6: The Prisoner.

Untitled Star Wars film

This particular movie has the return of Daisy Ridley in the role of Rey Skywalker, and this particular movie got a mixed reaction from the fans. It’s also an live-action Star Wars film set after the events of Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is in the director’s chair while Steven Knight’s gonna pen the script. Taking over from David Lindelof and Justin Britt-Gibson. Yes, and the fans will get to watch Jedi Master Rey Skywalker (played by Daisy Ridley) as she builds a new Jedi Order.  The premiere date is set up for around 2027, so it’s gonna be a long wait for this one.

Star Wars Day 2023

Untitled Star Wars film (2025)

This one is gonna arrive in theaters sooner (in 2025) but it’s still a long wait. Oh, and the director/co-writer is the Academy Award winner Taika Waititi. Now, Taika didn’t have much success with Thor: Love And Thunder but hopefully his next movie – The Next Goal Wins gonna do much better. Taika Waititi, who previously directed “Chapter 8: Redemption” from The Mandalorian. And will co-write the movie with Star Wars newcomer Krysty Wilson-Cairns. In May 2022, Kennedy revealed that Waititi’s film was next in the pipeline of upcoming projects. And in an interview with GamesRadar+, said that it was aiming for a late 2023 release. However, it was not included in the 2023 Disney release schedule. So, more info will follow for sure.

Rogue Squadron

The second movie on this list to have a female director. And it’s none other than Patty Jenkins. The director behind movies like Monster (2003), Wonder Woman (2017), and Wonder Woman 1984 (2020). As the title suggests, the plot centers on the Rebel Alliance starfighter squadron from the Star Wars films. Yes. The story will introduce a new generation of starfighter pilots as they earn their wings and risk their lives in a boundary-pushing, high-speed thrill ride. And as they move the saga into the future era of the galaxy. It’s expected to arrive in theaters around Christmas 2023.

“We’re doing something original with great influence from the games and the books. There’s a lot of things being acknowledged and understood about the greatness of all of those things, but yes, it’s an original story and I’m so psyched to do it”

Patty Jenkins

Untitled Star Wars film

A Star Wars movie directed by Shawn Levy. Yup. On November 8, 2022, Deadline reported that Shawn Levy had been hired to direct a Star Wars film. You know… After he completed work on the Marvel Studios film Deadpool 3, and the final season of Stranger Things. However, up next for Levy is the Netflix mini-series, All The Light You Cannot See, in which he directed all four episodes. He most recently directed The Adam Project, which starred Ryan Reynolds. The ETA of the arrival of Levi’s Star Wars Movie is still unknown.

So… How Are You Spending Star Wars Day 2023?

Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to know all about your Star Wars plans. We have also participated at a launch with the newest Star Wars game, Star Wars Jedi Survivor. May the 4th be with you.

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