Skyrim Legendary Edition

Many argue that Skyrim Legendary Edition it is an RPG classic, even with the recent release of the Anniversary Edition. But for the true fans of the Elder Scrolls games, it’s so much more than that. And indeed. For some is probably the best entry in the series. There’s no room for arguing here, but let’s take a closer look at the game. And of course why is probably the best game in the series.

What’s So Great About Skyrim Legendary Edition?

Well, there are plenty of great things about the game. But some of the game’s strongest suits are the characters, and side quests. Not to mention the strong sense of freedom that you have while you’re exploring the game. And sometimes it’s all you ever want to do. To get lost in the game and fully immerse into the open world. Which is of course beautiful, and almost the only reason to revisit Skyrim Legendary Edition.

Skyrim Legendary Edition

And can we talk about the graphics? They’re quite amazing and downright spectacular of course, but the interactions with the characters are truly something else. Oh, there’s no way of forgetting the actual combat, weapons, and armor. Which are astounding and amazingly magnificent as well.

And sure. The exploration, the freedom of the open world and the many classes that you can pick and choose are great. But if there’s one huge strength of the game it’s the Replayability. You can play the game over and over, and there’s practically little chance you’ll ever get bored of it.

Skyrim Legendary Edition

Furthermore, there are always new things that you find along the way. And the game itself invites you to give it another try. And another. You have Bethesda to thank for that.

Skyrim Legendary Edition is available for purchase at IndieGala. You can do it with a simple click here. But if you’re a fan of the Elder Scrolls games, feel free to check out some more from the series here. But if you already have it want to upgrade to the Anniversary Edition, there is also this option.

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