Tales Series

Honestly, I’ve never written about the Tales Series before. Yes, this is my first article on the long-lasting game series and you can bet your behind that I’m excited about it. I relish the fact that I have new topics, new games to write about. Which is always cool in my book.

But yeah, I’ve written about plenty of RPG’s before. Most recently I even did a Filmaholic Review of Borderlands 3. One off the finest FPG’s I’ve ever played. Check it out here. But I’m here about a different game. A game that belongs in a long-standing series, and that’s currently on pre-purchase.

Tales Series

Tales Series Presents: Tales of Arise

That’s it! In fact, the real inspiration for this article is Tales of Arise. Let me tell you more about Tales of Arise, and also why it’s such fantastic inspiration for this particular post. First and foremost, Tales of Arise is currently available for pre-order here at IndieGala. Indeed. You can celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Tales of series with this latest installment, just with one click. This is a fantastic RPG from Bandai Namco Entertainment, and it’s scheduled for release on September 10th, 2021. Of course, that’s the latest release date. Thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the premiere date was moved from last year to 2021. And I can imagine, the fans can’t wait for it.

Tales Series

But What’s Tales Of Arise All About?

Developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the game follows two people from the opposing worlds. Furthermore, it’s a setting divided between the medieval world of Dahna and the advanced world of Rena. Rena’s superior technological and magical advancement cause it to hold power over Dahna. Also, Rena does a good job at taking its resources and treating its people as slaves. The protagonists are a man, Alphen, native to Dahna, and a girl, Shionne, from Rena, who end up traveling together. Finally, they will overcome hardships and grow together with their unique group of friends. You can purchase Tales Of Arise here at IndieGala, and it’s increasingly easy to do. Just click here. However, if you’re interested in other games from Bandai Namco Entertainment, you can scroll down here at take your pick.

But Let’s Try And Do A Top 5 Tales Series Games

Granted, I wouldn’t even attempt to do a proper list of the games in the Tales Series. First and foremost, I’m not dexterous and knowledgeable in this particular series. And if I even begin to contemplate this endeavor, two things first come to mind that are bound to happen. The fans of the Tales Series will not be pleased, to say the least, and let’s face it. It would be a complete disaster since I can’t pretend to know every single one of the games in the series. I mean, Tales Of Arise is the 17th entry in the series.

Not to mention, my attempt to mention the previous 16 projects will make this article extremely long and boring. So, I think it’s best to focus on the top 5 entries in the entire Tales series, but I have a helping hand in that too. This particular list is actually done according to the Metacritic score that the top 5 games have. So, Metacritic is our guiding tool for the ranking of the games, and yes, I can’t wait to start. But if you’re not interested in this particular game, we do have a wide selection of Bandai Namco games. Anything from Takken 7 (available here) to Project Cars 3. (available here). And of course Project Nexus which will come out really soon and is on sale here at IndieGala (here). But feel free to snoop around and take your pick here at IndieGala.

5. Tales Of Destiny II – 78%

I’m starting with Tales Of Destiny II on this list. As it has a 78% positive reception on Metacritic and it’s perfect for spot number 5. But Tales Of Destiny II is the other name for Tales Of Eternia. But don’t confuse it with the actual Tales Of Destiny II. Which came out only for the PS2 and PSP in Asian countries only. Also, the game follows the character, Reid Hershel, as he attempts to stop the great fall from occurring. And as expected, the game was praised for the combat but criticized for the story. So, because of that, it’s at number 5 on our list.

Fun fact: Development began after the release of Tales of Eternia in 2000. It took approximately two years to complete, and was the last Tales game from the original Wolfteam. Well before it became Namco Tales Studio of course.

4. Tales Of The Abyss – 78%

Tales Of The Abyss is the eighth main title in their Tales series, and those of you who played on PlayStation 2, might remember this vividly. However, Tales Of The Abyss is also regarded as one of the best games in the Tales Series. According to fans of course. But the game has great story and fantastic characters as well. And what about the characters? Luke Fon Fabre is in the center of the story, and we witness him and his friends as they attempt to unravel the mystery behind The Score. The prophecy that has bound humanity’s actions for thousands of years.

Fun fact: A 26-episode anime adaptation by Sunrise was also produced, which first aired in Japan on MBS between October 2008 and March 2009.

3. Tales Of Berseria – 80%

Tales Of Berseria is the 16th entry in the series, and a prequel of Tales of Zestiria too. Following the story of Velvet Crowe, she and her party go on an adventure in order to stop an organization known as The Abbey. But it this is a game that’s much darker in tone. Not to mention, the protagonist Velvet has emotional twists and turns… She’s also complex and full of rage making her one of the most interesting leads in the series’ history. However, the game has emotional storytelling, diverse cast of characters, and Velvet feels more like an anti-hero here than anything else.

Fun fact: A manga adaptation of this game comes in Ichijinsha’s Monthly Comic Book Magazine since October 2016.

2. Tales Of Vesperia Definitive Edition – 83%

Tales Of Vesperia Definitive Edition is both a fan favorite and one of the best games in the series. But the game also has a modified version of the Symphonia combat system. And extremely well-made cel-shaded graphics that allows it to stand out over a decade later. Additionally, the story focuses on Yuri Lowell. A former Imperial soldier who forms a guild called Brave Vesperia to aid Estelle. A noblewoman he encounters on a mission. Tales Of Vesperia Definitive Edition deserve the number 2 spot? What do you think?

Fun fact: Tales Of Vesperia Definitive Edition celebrates the 10th anniversary of Tales of Vesperia.

1.Tales Of Symphonia – 86%

Some call Tales Of Symphonia a true classic in the series. And a game that’s been captivating fans for years now. Furthermore, the game acts as a prequel to the original Tales Of Phantasia. But the game is also well-known for being the very first 3D entry into the franchise. Not to mention, the game is so popular that it has its own sequel. Not only that, the game has been adapted into seven manga collections, two novel series, seven drama CDs, and an OVA anime series. Cool right? We thought so too. Perfect for the number one spot.

Fun fact: Tales Of Symphonia received an award at the Japan Game Awards in 2003.

Are You A Fan Of The Tales Series?

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