Winning in Tekken 7

Before I go any further with this particular „Winning In Tekken 7“ post, I must preface the story a bit. First and foremost, I’ve tried out the Tekken game series, on three separate entertainment machines (arcades, PC and PlayStation consoles). Secondly, as you probably know by now (if you read IndieGala’s blog that is), this is not my first post about the game.

Back in the early days of my tenure here, I wrote about the state of martial arts movies. And I had Tekken 7 as the main inspiration for it. Because it’s the OG martial arts game, and it’s a source of inspiration for plenty of martial arts movies that followed. That being said, the Tekken franchise holds a very special place in my heart. It’s a very nostalgic piece of my childhood, which somehow made its way into adulthood. But I’ll get to that in a second.

First and foremost, let me mention that we currently have Tekken 7 available and on sale no less. So, if you’re fan of the franchise, and especially of Tekken 7, then hop in. You might also be interested in the Ultimate Edition, which also contains the second season pass which features Anna Williams. The sale won’t last that much longer.

Winning In Tekken 7

Why A Post About Winning In Tekken 7 You Might Ask?

Well, as I previously mentioned, it all stems from my childhood. Back in the early ’90s, I was an arcade kid. I would spend my pocket money on arcades and it annoyed my mom to no end. I was kicking ass, so naturally, I wasn’t complaining. But I grew out of the video game phase quickly (except for the brief Nintendo console period in my teenage years). But for the most part, I forgot about video games all together. Cut to a few years ago, when I started dating my now-husband. I noticed that he had one of the early Tekken games on his PC and PlayStation 3 and I thought…. Man, I haven’t played this in a while.

And that was all I needed to say.

Next thing I knew we gave it a shot and to my surprise, I beat the crap out of him. As the title suggests, I am still winning at Tekken 7 to this day (both on PC and now on PlayStation 4) and I love it. Back then, he didn’t even believe me that I haven’t played it in about 25 years. But it’s true, which makes it even more fun. At least for me, but oh well. I suppose some things are like riding a bike. You can never forget it.

  • Winning In Tekken 7

I Take Pride In All The Tekken 7 Winning

You have to understand. I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination. And the last game in which I managed to beat someone was my older cousin in Super Mario. Some 20 odd years ago. You can’t really say that I’m good at video games, but by some miracle, I am at Tekken. I guess it’s the coordination of the movements and the simplicity of the game itself. I mean the fact that, there are no hidden meanings or deep philosophical sub-plots does help. A lot.

No. I like things simple, and I like simple games even more. And it doesn’t get any simpler than one on one combat. So you can imagine how pissed Martin is because of that. I mean he’s been a gamer since he was 5, and here I am… Kicking his ass in Tekken 7, over and over again. And as you can imagine, I take pride in winning at Tekken 7, and it’s one of the reasons I choose to do this post. Bragging is not in my nature, but when there’s a good reason for that, hell yeah. I’m going to brag and brag.

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I Have Favorite Characters Too

Don’t think for a second that I would go willie nillie in the one game that I can beat Martin. My all-time favorite character (that I choose over and over again) is Anna Williams. From time to time, i love to switch things up with her sister Nina (as I did just recently), but almost exclusively I play with Anna. And when I do want to explore other characters, I always go with another female character. Frankly, it’s not a feminist stance (although Martin would disagree), but I simply like the gracious movements of the ladies.

Even in the middle of all the violence and brutality. But like I said, I love Nina as well. I even like her outfit, her sass and her fighting style. And I don’t know… The wins seem so effortless when I’m playing with these two ladies. The Williams sisters.

Winning In Tekken 7

Tekken 7 Has Some Bad Ass Characters Too

And I’m talking about the newbies. Kazumi Mishima is a good choice for me (love the tiger pet companion) although her low kicks are not her strongest suit. But Katarina Alves is also a good pick. She’s confident and sometimes cocky but she’s cool in posture and demeanor. I like her as well. But on the topic of the game itself, yeah Tekken 7 is amazing. The graphics are incredible, and the game-play is awesome as well. Not to mention the movements are easy to follow and maneuver, the customization options are good, while the combat remains as intense as ever. Oh, and the slow-motion moments add a nice finishing touch, and the music really does a good job of energizing you for the next stage. The music really pumps you up and blends with the game-play nicely.

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It’s More Than Just Nostalgia For Me

OK, there’s some nostalgia involved with the game, not gonna lie. But more so it’s about „practice makes perfect“ mentality that I strongly believe in. It’s frankly a very forgiving game, and it allows you to get better with the practice of course. As I previously mentioned, the simplicity of the game-play is appealing for a rookie gamer like myself. Not to mention, that there are dozens upon dozens of great and interesting characters to choose from. I’m also grateful for the intense, charged atmosphere and the kick-ass music that plays through the battles.  It’s a good game, and now I see why it’s been a favorite among fans all these decades.

What’s your favorite character from Tekken 7? Tell us in the comment section below. We’d love to know all about it.

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