TV Pandemic

And what purge it was. The TV pandemic canceled plenty of your favorite TV shows, but I’m here to focus on the good. Rather than the bad. Indeed, 44 separate TV series just canceled amid the global pandemic, with many more to come. Personally, I’m mostly sad about BoJack Horseman, but as long as no one is messing with Cobra Kai, I’m cool. However, I’d love to know your favorite TV choices that got the boot. Which ones are you sad about? Tell us in the comment section.

TV Pandemic

The TV Pandemic Is Hopeful For Better Days

Well, it’s not like there’s any other option. So, despite the cancellation of all those TV shows, there are glimpses of hope and optimism. Which is what I’m here to present here in this post. IndieGala is having a series of posts in which I’ll discuss the current state of several of the current industries. And how things are moving along, despite the ongoing pandemic. Indeed, I’ll be touching on the changes and adaptations that the production crew has to make.

In order to make the production happen of course. And much like with the movie portion of this particular post series here at IndieGala, I’ll be focusing on the current TV productions. But also on the upcoming shows that are currently in development. Or just announced. Let’s begin, shall we?

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Netflix and The TV Pandemic

Netflix has big plans indeed, and it’s not afraid to spend money on those plans. As you may know, Netflix is currently working on the upcoming second season of The Witcher. But I’ll get to that in a second. First and foremost, I must mention the announced live-action Resident Evil series. And not just one but two separate projects. Now, I’ve already written both about the existing Resident Evil movies, and the upcoming ones. Hey even about the potential new Jill Valentine. Seriously, check them out here and here if you’re interested.

But yeah. Aside from the announced reboot movie(s) currently in development, Netflix is working on a 2 live-action TV series, based on Capcom’s iconic franchise. Resident Evil. Constantin Film will produce the first TV series, but it will feature an original story from the existing Resident Evil universe. Oh, and not to mention it will feature two different timelines too.

TV Pandemic

Two Sisters In The Focus Of Resident Evil

The first timeline will see sisters Jade and Billie Wesker (assuming they’re relatives to the iconic antagonist Albert Wesker) move to Raccoon City at age 14. But soon after arriving in Racoon City, they’ll understand that the destination holds much darker secrets than initially expected.

However, the second timeline will jump 16 years into the future. In a time when the Earth is decimated by the T-virus of course. So, the story will focus on sister’s attempt to survive the horror of her new reality. Bronwen Hughes will direct the first episodes, while Andrew Dabb is assigned as the series’s show-runner. Sadly here’s no word on the cast or the general release date of the TV series, but i’m sure that will come on the agenda too.

The second TV series called Resident Evil TV show – Infinite Darkness is in the works too, and it’s totally different than the previous project. The series is set to be rolled out in 2021 and will have Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield of Resident Evil 2 fame. However, there’s no word on the actors considered for the roles or how many episodes will contain. All we know is that the premiere is expected next year on Netflix. Stay tuned for more info.

In the mean time, make sure to check out our vast Resident Evil offering. Seriously, we have plenty of great Resident Evil games, just waiting for you to devour them. Please feel free to click, browse, select and well… you know the rest.

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The Witcher Is Back!

In the middle of August, the Witcher’s second season commenced in Surrey, England, and it’s still going strong even now. Or should I say continued after the screeching halt earlier this year? The reason?

The growing Coronavirus pandemic of course. But now the show is back to business as usual mode, and the fans can rejoice. Even the main star of the show, Henry Cavill shared a behind the scene photo of his prep for the role. The applying up his recognizable salt and pepper wig of course, and his transformation into Geralt of Rivia. The UK eased some of the restrictions regarding the guidelines for the ongoing productions, But according to the set photos, everyone is abiding by the rules and precautions.

You know, since Season 2 star Kristofer Hivju tested positive for the virus earlier this year. However, there’s no word on the release date for the second season. It could be early 2021, but some sources say it’s unlikely. And I liked the first season of Witcher. It took some time to get going (somewhere around episode 5) and pick up steam. But, once it did it was decent, to say the least. I’m a huge fan of Henry Cavill anyway and I honestly can’t wait for the second season.

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More announced TV Pandemic Series

Thankfully some other companies (aside from Netflix) are involved in the making of the video game adaptations. Companies like Showtime are making stuff too, and I present their latest effort. Halo. Indeed, the Halo video game is being adapted into Halo TV series, and so far only 9 episodes are confirmed on IMDB. Pablo Schreiber is in the role of Master Chief, while Natascha McElhone will play the A.I. Cortana.

Oh, and one of the executive producers is Steven Spielberg. Not bad right? Oh yes. Now, I’m not that big of a Halo fan, but I’m actually looking forward to this particular series. I’m eager to find out if Hollywood will mess up another adaptation. The series principal photography began in October last year, but there’s no update on the current stage of production. Nor on the release date either. But don’t think for a second that the Coronavirus scared off the main actor in prepping for the role. If you follow his Instagram/Twitter accounts you’ll notice that not only he’s proud of this series, but he’s training haaaard for it. I gotta hand it to him. The man’s got dedication for sure.


Final Fantasy XIV Is In The TV Pandemic Series Mix Too

And last but certainly not least there’s the Final Fantasy XIV adaptation. Sony Pictures Television and production company Hivemind Entertainment announced the video game adaptation last year. A live-action series no less. And by the end of 2019, the screenwriter Jake Thornton shared that the script is done and that SONY TV is on the lookout for directors. But for what we know so far, the live-action television series will tell an original story set in Eorzea.

The world where Final Fantasy XIV is set of course, but there’s no word on the cast, appointed directors or release date. Not even a ball-park estimation even. Final Fantasy XIV will be the first game to have a live-action adaptation, but it won’t be the first Final Fantasy TV show. In 2017, Netflix premiered Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light, a Japanese eight-part mini-series. Check it out if you’re curious.


Video Game Adaptations: Movies VS TV Shows

If you take a look at the video game adaptations that are turned into movies, there’s no doubt strength in numbers. The episodic TV format is falling short, compared to the feature-length one, but things are changing fast. For one, we’re living in the middle of a global pandemic, and we’re dependent on our TV boxes, computers and tablets to entertain us.

Huge chunk of the movie theaters are also on lock-down (still i’m afraid), and not that many companies and studios are eager to transfer the finished products on streaming devices. Hence, the TV Renaissance. Let’s face it. We’re living in a „golden age of television“, but even today a lot of companies are reluctant to invest episodic format in a niche product. I mean we can have 5 Little Women adaptations, but Halo is a strange concept for plenty of studio executives. Like I said… Niche product, but it’s a working progress.

That’s one of the reasons for the lack of TV adaptations of popular games. The other one is… It’s hella expensive. Yes, the TV format requires an extensive production budget, filled with show-runners, writers and probably different directors. Not to mention a huge budget for special effects, and everything else. And by everything else, I mean stellar A-list cast. You thought that Witcher would have been successful if it hadn’t had Henry Cavill in the lead role? I don’t think so. Besides, Netflix got lucky with the fact that Cavil is a gamer too. Imagine casting some actors who haven’t even heard of the game in question. So, you can safely say that Cavill is expensive to hire, but worth every penny. Don’t you think?

Which TV Adaptation Are You Most Excited For?

Tell us in the comment section about the TV adaptations you’re most excited about. Is it the second season of The Witcher? Or perhaps Halo? We’d love to know.

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