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Get Even is a very special game. From the trailers and photographs seems to be the classic first-person shooter game. There was something that told me to try the game. So after some time, I decided to play it.

However, I can assure you it’s not a standard FPS. Why? Well, let’s find out in my review of Get Even.

Get Even: to shoot or not to shoot?

Get Even: it's a shooter or not?

First of all, I need to open a little parenthesis about the game. If you’re looking for an action-packed stealth shooter, Get Even is not what you’re looking for. Other games that can meet your needs such as Dying Light or the latest Far Cry.

The gameplay of Get Even is based on stealth and…shootings? If I have to tell you the truth, I was disappointed by the shootings in the game, very cumbersome and not very fluid. Even the AI of the enemies is terrible. To be honest, at first I felt like I was playing a videogame on PS2.

Then I understand. Get Even does not push you to kill enemies. In fact, at some point, the game tells you that you will be penalized if you do. That blew my mind.

All you have to do is pass quietly between the various areas and follow carefully the steps of the plot. Yes, just like a game from the Metal Gear Solid saga. Besides, storytelling is the most important thing in the game, but I’ll explain later.

So what about the gameplay?

The gameplay of this Bandai Namco work

The gameplay of Get Even is more articulate than a simple stealth game. You will have several choices to continue in your path. You’ll have weapons at your disposal, but your strength will be one: a smartphone.

Through this device, you can view the enemies on the map, detect their body heat, and analyze different details. The smartphone will also be useful to overcome the puzzles of the game, not too difficult, you will be able to overcome them easily.

As I told you before, the game tells you not to kill, because that will have consequences on the development of the story. But if you want to ignore this warning (and my advice)? Well, then you’ll have fun with the Corner Gun.

Best weapon in Get Even: The Corner Gun

It’s a special weapon you’ll receive almost immediately. This gun will allow you to shoot while hiding around a corner, turning 90 degrees. Also, it is connected to your phone and so you can also take advantage of the heat detector. You’ll always be able to do headshots.

That’s quite a satisfaction, isn’t it?

Get Even: the power of storytelling

The storytelling is the real strength of Get Even. I don’t want to spoil the plot but I want to say something. You are a mercenary named Black. In your first mission, you have to rescue a kidnapped girl connected to a bomb. Something goes wrong and the mission fails as the bomb explodes.

At that point, you will find yourself in a madhouse. A mysterious man called “Red” will guide you in small steps but everything will be confused. Red will explain that you have been connected to “Pandora” a kind of VR headset that allows you to relive the memories. Then you will have to reassemble your memories by exploring them one after the other.

That’s why I told you not to kill enemies: you can’t change your memories…. or maybe you can. You’ll have to find out during your adventure and believe me the ending will have a sensational twist.

A creepy soundtrack and a scary setting

Get Even has a scary setting

The main setting of Get Even is the asylum, a sort of hub between memories. In a word, this setting is terrifying. Full of narrow corridors, sudden appearances, and creepy baby toys.

You’ll have to get used to jumpscare and similar events. Always keep your eyes open and remember, nothing is as it seems. Moreover, you can also interact with other “patients” in the asylum. It will be really interesting, I recommend you to do it every time.

I want to give you a little hint, you have to pay attention to their names and description. You will find small quotes and tributes to famous movies or rock singers.

The game has a fantastic soundtrack

From tension, Get Even soundtrack is special. The music follows your footsteps and grows whenever you’re near a staggering revelation. This makes the atmosphere of the game fabulous, almost stressful in some places.

The music and claustrophobic setting make some moments hard to forget. If you are brave, you really must try this game with headphones.

Regardless, remember that Get Even is not a horror but a psychological thriller. Why? Well, play it and you’ll find out!

Get Even: Are you curious to find out more?

It’s true, Get Even is not a masterpiece. However, it’s an extremely interesting game, able to keep you glued to the screen. If you have already tried the game, then let me know your opinion in the comments.

Alternatively, if you want to give him a chance as I did, you can take it at a discounted price in our store.

Are you ready to walk down a painful memory lane?

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