It’s time for Gameplay Giveaway! Have you ever heard of this exclusive possibility offered by IndieGala? It is a fantastic method that allows you to win multiple Steam games thanks to your efforts. This special window of opportunity pops up just a few times per day for a limited time only, so make sure to check back often!

However, we have just recently restocked the prize pool with over 100 thousand Steam keys, plenty of new games for you to win, or rather earn. And to celebrate this new addition, we will be holding a special half a day event, in which you may join the Massive Gameplay Giveaway and thrive!

But how can you take this wonderful chance? Well, in this article I want to give you all the tips available to help you take advantage of the Gameplay Giveaway. Read on and find out everything you need to know about it!

Gameplay Giveaway: what to do to get started?

First, I want to explain how you can participate in the Gameplay Giveaway. I have tried firsthand what are the steps to start playing and I can guarantee you that they are very easy to follow. The first step is to register at the IndieGala website. If you have an account then you must log in and click on the Gameplay Giveaway section.

Gameplay Giveaway
Yes, you have to click on Massive Gameplay Giveaway!

At this point, you will get a page that will explain in outline the rules that you must follow. After understanding the rules, all you have to do is click on play and well, play!

The rules

Be careful! You should know that this occasion is not always available. You will have the chance to use the Gameplay Giveaway only for a short period. For this reason, stay alert and do not miss the opportunity!

Welcome to Feudalife!

After following the procedure you will be transported to Feudalife. It is a platform developed by Indiegala, a game with vintage graphics that recalls the great masterpieces of the past.

Feudalife screen loading before Massive Gameplay Giveaway

To win exclusive Steam keys you will have to overcome some challenges. Every challenge won corresponds to a Steam key to redeem on our portal. Each challenge will cost 10 Galacredits the exclusive Indiegala coin that you can buy at affordable prices. Regardless, in the early stages, you can try the different challenges several times for free. In detail, you will face seven different challenges. That’s what they are.

The challenges of Gameplay Giveaways

Gameplay Giveaway challenges

The first challenge is that of Chopping. As you can see from the picture, you will find yourself in a kind of forest and you will have to chop eight trees in 60 seconds.


The second challenge is that of Sickling. In this case, you will have to uproot some tufts of grass with a small scythe, 60 in 60 seconds. Can you be as fast as lightning?


Then there is the challenge of Mining. You will have to destroy 14 rocks in 60 seconds, using your pickaxe. This minigame reminded me a lot of Minecraft and made me remember the days spent with my Xbox 360.

Gameplay Giveaway watering

The fourth challenge is that of Watering. You will have to water 16 beans plants to win. The time limit will always be 60 seconds. Honestly, it was the challenge I found most frustrating because it requires maximum precision.

Fighting challenge

The fifth challenge is the one that fascinated me the most. You will have 60 seconds to defeat nine archers with your sword. In this case, you will not only have to worry about the time but also pay attention to your health. In two words: exciting and difficult!

Picking challenge of the Gameplay Giveaways

The sixth challenge is that of Picking. You will have to collect 40 saplings to win, always in a time limit of 60 seconds. Finally, the last challenge is that of Hoeing. You will have to dig 60 holes in 60 seconds trying to create a path avoiding the grass-covered areas of the ground.

hoeing challenge
Hoeing challenge

Tips for winning challenges

If you want to win the Feudalife challenges you must follow some advice. The first suggestion I want to make is not to underestimate the mini-games. They may seem very simple to you, but in reality, they are extremely difficult. You will have to be fast and try hard to win. However, it is always worth it since the prizes are satisfactory!

Some advice
Look closer

Another advice I want to give you is to pay attention to the different elements of the game. Timing is all about challenges and you’ll have to act quickly to avoid wasting your time. For example, in the Chopping challenge choose the smaller trees and try to chop those. At the same time, in the Picking challenge, you will have to avoid the black saplings that will stun you and waste a couple of seconds.

Massive Gameplay Giveaway Win Page

Finally, you have to remember that only with so much practice will you be able to become more skilled in the challenges and succeed in winning every time fantastic prizes.

The advantages of the fabulous Gameplay Giveaway

Why can I say that the Gameplay Giveaway is a winning formula? Well, on our blog we talked several times about the giveaways on IndieGala. Sometimes great opportunities are available and yet everything in those cases depends on luck.

Now, the situation is completely different. Giveaways are not random, but you can get them thanks to your efforts and get a guaranteed Steam key. This formula rewards commitment and those who are the most motivated players. It seems to me to be right, but above all meritocratic, a word that unfortunately we often forget.

Also, in case you do not succeed in winning on the first attempt you can always try several times. Plus, remember that at every challenge you will get coins that you can spend in Feudalife, a fun and exciting game. In detail, what is Feudalife? Well, maybe this is better to deepen it next time! Feel free to leave any game related feedback in our forum thread. And let us end this article with a poll: What is your favorite challenge?

Now all you have to do is try the Gameplay Giveaway! Take this opportunity and win wonderful games!

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