Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition

I already told you about a game in the Fallout series. Some time ago I recommended Fallout 4 GOTY. If you haven’t tried it yet, well, you have to. Alternatively, if you want to try a similar game, then I suggest you continue reading this review. Which game will I talk to you about today? Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition.

I will presume you have already heard the name? If you haven’t thou, I might presume you lived in a vault for the last ten years. Seriously, Fallout New Vegas is one of the best games of the last decade. To give you a taste of what I mean, here is the trailer of the game published by Bethesda Softworks.

Has this caught your interest? Then find out what are the other positive aspects of this game!

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition: welcome to a radioactive desert!

Welcome to Fallout New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is an RPG. Like most RPGs, the main plot is not entirely linear. This means that it may change depending on your choices. So, think about your every action. So, you have to remember that every move you make will have certain consequences for you and the people you meet during your adventure, always.

But where will your adventure take place? Well, in Vegas, New Vegas. That’s right, you’ll have to explore the City of Sin, which is now reduced to a few rubbles due to a nuclear war. However, Vegas has not lost its unique spirit. Throughout the area, various characters have precise objectives. You’ll have to decide which one to help, once you understand what their intentions are.

I want to give you some advice, don’t be fooled by ethics, about doing the right thing. That’s stupid. In New Vegas the law of the jungle dominates, everyone looks for a personal benefit. So, role-play and decide which character you want to be. Will you be a hero or a common criminal? The choice is yours!

Sharp and exciting dialogues

I believe that the NPCs in New Vegas are among the best created. The dialogues you will have with them are sharp, cynical, and sarcastic. I mean, you don’t have to expect trivial dialogue. Each character will have a well-defined personality and you will always have to think twice before answering.

Sometimes, giving the appropriate answer can help you avoid dangerous situations. I know what you’re thinking, wait a minute, but this game mechanic is not new. Well, maybe you’ve already tried it with The Outer Worlds.

If you’ve played The Outer Worlds you’ll find many things in common with Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition. I’ll tell you a secret: they were created by the same team of developers, Obsidian Entertainment.

Sure, if I made you discover your new favorite developer house, you can also thank me in the comments!

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition: what about the combat system?

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition combat system

In every game of the Fallout series, you have to fight monstrous creatures. Do you want an example? Well, take a look at the mutations of Fallout 76. Anyway, in New Vegas, you’ll be dealing with unpleasant creatures. In detail, you’ll have to defend yourself against ghouls and nightkin. The latter are crazy mutants who will try to rip your skin off at the first opportunity given. So, enjoy your stay in the city!

Regardless, you can defend yourself in different ways from enemies. You will have an arsenal that you can customize according to your needs. If you want my advice, don’t be too shy against monstrous creatures. First chance you get, try to put a bullet in the head of these aberrations, maybe using your varmint rifle.

Besides, you can count on the V.A.T.S. system. The latter can stop the time during the combat phases. This system will allow you to target certain points in the enemy’s body. You will be able to perform spectacular mutilations or behead your enemies! I don’t want to lie to you, sometimes it will be fun to face monsters and enemies. For this reason, I advise you to limit stealth, even if at times it may not be very wise.

Moreover, Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition allows you to play in the first or third person. So, you can opt for the view you prefer, take aim and eliminate any danger from New Vegas.

Ultimate Edition: why buy it?

I could continue this review endlessly. I could tell you about the factions of the game, the Karma Points, and much more. However, I don’t want to tell you more about Fallout New Vegas. This game is an experience to live, so I suggest you try it on your skin. However, at this point, you might be wondering why you have to buy the Ultimate Edition.

Short answer: it is one of the best games of the last ten years and you MUST have this edition. Long answer: because this way you will have access to much more content. This means being able to play new missions (Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road), face new obstacles, and above all get new equipment (Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners Arsenal). I mean, it is the complete experience, every lover of the genre Action RPG should try it!

Plus, don’t forget that the Ultimate Edition is available at a special price in our store. Don’t miss this opportunity but add this masterpiece to your collection.

Are you ready to face the harsh law of New Vegas? Take up arms and become a legend of the Mojave Desert!

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