Anno 1880

Anno 1800 is a great inspiration for this post. Why? Well because, most of my previous work, has been focused on the hypothetical future settings. Possible zombie outbreaks and bleak dystopian future. Very few of my posts have been about the past. Anno 1800 is clearly an exception, and a nice look back to a different era.

But when I look back at my previous work, I must reflect on the CIV VI and the subsequent post about the great leaders from history. It was one rare occasion of a game that’s centered in the past. That particular post was great writing assignment for me, but frankly only one person from that list was from the 1800s. Queen Victoria.

Anno 1800

Anno 1800: A different Era

However, this post is going to be slightly different. It’s going to emphasize movies that are in the Industrial revolution, and not particular individuals from that era. Why? Well because of the sheer length of the era in question and because lots of things happened in this period. And because in that case, this post will be 10.000 words long.

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In addition to the significance of the period, I must also do a quick recap of the game itself. Anno 1800. What’s so special about the game and what can you expect from it?

Anno 1800: What’s the game all about?

Anno 1800 is a city-building real-time strategy video game, developed by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft. The Anno 1800 is set in the Old World. Over there, the needs of the citizens, workers and artisans are central to the management of production and supply chains.

Anno 1800 spans the 19th century at the dawn of the Industrial Age. The game features a story campaign, a sandbox mode, and multiplayer mode. The game also has interesting multi-session game-play, but unlike its predecessor, combat and city-building sessions are not separate features. Furthermore, there are randomly generated maps, AI opponents that build on the same map as the player. In addition the shippable trade goods and items make a return from the previous installments of the series.

Anno 1800

Anno 1800: The Industrial Revolution changed many things

Truth be told, it was a change for the better. And although the start of the Industrial Revolution was in the mid-18th century, the the golden era is somewhere between 1820 and 1840. Life as we know it changed in the Industrial Revolution for sure.

The period is not just about the transition to new manufacturing processes. Economic growth, trade, transportation, medicine and the overall standard of living increased in that period. Not just in the UK but in entire Europe as well.

That begs the question. How to properly pick the movies from this era? Which to include and which to omit in this particular post? For the sake of time and efficiency, I’m going to focus on the movies set in these three decades I mentioned before. From 1820, all the way to 1840. Here I go. Wish me luck, and I hope that you’ll enjoy my personal favorites.

The best movies set in the peak of the Industrial revolution

The Industrial Revolution. As previously mentioned, it’s not just an era of economic prosperity, that’s for sure. That’s also the era of a new literary revolution, critical thinking enlightenment and so on. It’s the era in which the Bronte sisters ruled the literary scene in England. Charles Dickens was at his prime. It’s the age of exploration and migration.

Jane Eyre is indeed the perfect example of Charlotte Bronte’s brilliance. Regardless of which movie adaptation is your favorite you can’t really go wrong with Jane Eyre. My personal favorite is the Franco Zeffirelli’s version. The one with William Hurt and Charlotte Gainsbourg in the lead roles. I can’t recommend the 1996 film enough, and if you haven’t seen it yet… Do it. You will thank me later.

 Young Victoria is another great example as well. Her reign began in 1837. So, up until her death, the era of her reign is simply the stated as the Victorian era. There are countless of good movies on this subject, but Young Victoria seems like the obvious choice here.

Young VIctoria

Oliver Twist and Les Miserables

Oliver Twist is a true classic and one of Charles Dickens’s finest works. The 1948 adaptation of Oliver Twist is a real masterpiece, and a movie worth recommending. But I quite enjoy the 2005 Roman Polanski directed version of the story as well, so it’s up to you to choose the best option.

And I can’t help but mention Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables in this post. A massive epic from the brilliant mind of Victor Hugo. And much like with Oliver Twist, a variety of Les Miserables film adaptations exist. Most recently, the 2012 musical in which Hugh Jackman played the role of Jean Valjean. Despite my deep disdain towards musicals, I actually enjoyed the 2012 movie.

There are so many great movies that are worth mentioning

Vanity Fair is worth mentioning here. Moby Dick as well. On the other hand, The Children Of The Century is fantastic movie about the tumultuous love affair between George Sand (Juliette Binoche) and poet Alfred de Musset. The 19th century literary giants. And of course, I can’t forget about the movies set in the United States during this time. The Alamo is a fantastic movie about a slice of American history. But make sure to pick the 1960 version with John Wayne in the cast. Not the much inferior 2004 remake.

Steven Spielberg’s Amistad portrays a dark side of human history, but even after all those years, it’s still considered a classic of modern cinema. Amistad is not an easy watch, but it’s filled with a great cast, fantastic acting, and incredible cinematography. Not to mention the steady camera work from Spielberg that glues the entire movie together.

12 Years As A Slave is a more recent but equally disturbing movie about slavery in the USA. And last but not least, I can’t help but mention the 1962 epic How The West Was Won. Set between 1839 and 1889, it follows four generations of a family, as they move from western New York to the Pacific Ocean. It has an incredible assembly of great actors, three credited directors, and today is considered a true masterpiece of a movie.


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