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My Worms Rumble post is just the last in the long line of animal-themed posts I did in the past few months. And I love it to be honest. Just recently I did a throw-back to probably one of the finest video game characters. Exit Limbo’s Mr. Rhino. And let’s not forget the fabulous Chicken Police posts, that featured Anthropomorphic cops.

But when it comes to my all-time favorite anthropomorphic characters, I just can’t help but mention Scrat from Ice Age, and the notoriously grumpy cat Garfield. However, in this particular post, I’ll be focusing on rather small animals. Very aggressive and terrifying worms. So, without further ado…. Worms Rumble is next.

Worms Rumble
One awesome worm from Worms Rumble

Worms Rumble And Some History On The Fictional Depictions Of Worms

Fun fact: The symbolic meaning of the worms is divided between death and renewal. Hey, the word Worm was often used to describe creatures now classified as Snakes, lindworm, Serpents and dragons. Why you might ask? Well, because in the English language word “worm” derives from Old Norse and Anglo-Saxon word „wyrm“. It means “serpent” or “dragon”, so I guess it makes sense.

But for now, in this particular post, I’m going to focus on fictional worms indeed. And more specifically on cinematic fictional worms. Worms that made their mark on cinematic history, TV history, comic book history. And of course worms that are memorable in the modern pop culture. Which worms would you add to this list? Perhaps famous worms from literature? Or music? How about mythology? Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to know.

Worms Rumble
Worms Rumble In Action

What’s Worms Rumble All About?

Yes. Before I present the cinematic worms that I’ve chosen for this list, I believe a word or two about the game are in order. After all, the classic game series marks 25 years of existence this year, but the end of 2020 is all bout, Worms Rumble. The official release of Worms Rumble just recently took place. However, what’s so special about Worms Rumble? Let’s find out.

Yes, it’s the latest installment in the series of artillery tactical video games, and comes just 4 years after the successful Worms W.M.D game. However, Worms Rumble allows you to customize your worm. And of course, use a variety of fan-favorite weapons in the actual game-play. Such as the Bazooka and Shotgun, along with all-new additions to the armory.

Stills from Worms Rumble

And although there aren’t any Steam user comment about the game (yet), there are some online reviews that review the game in a positive light.

„Worms Rumble is filled with potential. Deathmatches are fun and frantic, feeling like a mash-up of classic arena shooters and classic Worms action, without waiting for your turn to fight. I can only imagine how well its twin-stick style will fit in the Battle Royale genre, but I sure am looking forward to finding out“, said God Is A Geek. Ok, now let’s focus on the cinematic worms for now. Which Cinematic Worms To Pick?

Here are some of my favorites. I hope you like them.

  • Worms Rumble


I just couldn’t help but start with Tremors. Where else you’re going to find giant worm-like monsters as the main antagonists of a movie? But in full disclosure, Tremors is a movie that I discovered this year, while I was Coronavirus induced quarantine. We were on the lookout for a good Kevin Bacon movie to watch, and we landed on Tremors. Which is one of the few Kevin Bacon movies I’ve never seen up to that point. Needles to say, I love Tremors, and it’s my warmest recommendation.

But yeah. That’s Tremors in a nutshell. Big worm-like creatures terrorize the folks in Perfection. A small dusty isolated town in Nevada. And the colorful people living the Perfection need to not only survive but to fend off these creatures.

Fun fact: Kevin Bacon would later call the filming of Tremors to be “the single most fun time I’ve ever had making a movie in my entire career”.

Men In Black 2

No, i’m not talking about the rather cute little worms. I’m talking about Jeff. He’s terrifying and frightening, and at the same time he’s a horrendous worm-like alien from Men in Black 2. J and T fought him in the 2002 action comedy and I just had to include him in this list. Because how could I not? Look at him. You cannot miss him.

Jeff in 600 Foot underground predator which will eat anything that comes his way. I vividly remember being scared to death by Jeff, and especially his weird yet scary set of teeth. And how come some of the scariest villains have human names? Like Jeff?

All joking aside, a specially-designed vise was created to simulate the effect of Jeff the Worm crunching on the subway car. Terrifying isn’t it? Yes, after all these years, Jeff still creeps me out. How about you?


You know the one. The „Saturn“ sand-worm from Beetlejuice. Although with a handful of appearances in the movie, the sand-worm from Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice is undoubtedly memorable. Which is why I had to include it. The worm doesn’t speak of course, but admittedly this particular scene still gives me lots of anxiety. Just like when I was a child. I mean, their bodies are lined with vertical stripes. Which made their appearance even scarier.

Not to mention, the head has dull red eyes, conical teeth and a head that houses a smaller head. With more eyes and an extra mouth for extra horror effect. But aside from the terrifying design, the sand-worm is actually a great stop-motion achievement. And of course, Beetlejuice is one hell of a movie.

Star Wars: Clone Wars

Small but deadly batch of worms. Brain worms are worm-like parasites from Geonosis that have the capability of controlling minds. They hatch from yellow eggs and are known to be used by the Geonosian Queen Karina the Great during the Clone Wars on her Geonosian minions. The worms would sometimes enter the host via the nose, and were able to control dead Geonosians. However, brain worms react negatively to very cold temperatures, but they’re extremely dangerous otherwise. Featured heavily in the Brain Invaders episode of Clone Wars, The body horror aspect that they give is brilliant. Not to mention they also give a really cool, macabre feel to this story with an Invasion of the Body-snatchers type element. The presence of the parasites wasn’t just for show, because they also played a part in Ahsoka’s development. It’s worth revisiting this (and “Legacy of Terror” episode) that’s for sure.

Captain Marvel

No, not Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. Zachary Levi’s Shazam/Captain Marvel. Oh, and not from the feature-length movie (although he did appear briefly in the movie), but the original Captain Marvel comic books. And Mr. Brain is truly incredible. He’s one of Captain Marvel’s arch-nemesis, and I just had to include him in this list. Yes, he’s a worm but a very complex one of that. Furthermore, he can easily take control of an individual’s mind. Also to induce telepathic activity, which makes him extra dangerous.

Not to mention, he possesses many insect-related abilities. Such as the ability to spin very strong silk at speeds faster than the eye can see. Additionally, he even has psychokinesis strong enough to pummel d level several story buildings with nothing but a thought. And of course, he has a genius intellect. While being a master strategist he could masterfully manipulate anyone into doing everything he desires, with or without his mental powers. That’s one hell of a scary and dangerous worm, and I hope to see more of him in the Shazam sequel.

Fun fact: Zachary Levi is among few actors to appear in both the DC Extended Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He portrays Fandral in Thor: The Dark World (2013) and Thor: Ragnarok (2017).


And last but not least. The sand-worms from Dune. Admittedly, Dune is another late discovery for me, but mostly because I’m not a fan of David Lynch. At all. However, after prolonged nagging from my husband, I gave it a shot, and I actually loved it. And yes, I watched the loooong version, but it was worth it. I can’t wait for the 2021 remake to be honest, but yeah.

I must include Dune here, just because of the awesome worms from the Arrakis planet. The sandworms’ larvae produce a drug called “melange” (known colloquially as “the spice”), and precisely that spice is in high demand. Additionally, it has medicinal and mystical properties, and aside from everything else, it makes the eyes glow. Cool right? Yes.

And here’s another cool fact: Sir Patrick Stewart was, at that time, completely unfamiliar about who Sting was as a musician. When meeting him on-set, he asked if he was a solo artist, to which Sting replied he was in a band called The Police. Stewart, totally unaware, thought Sting played in a police-band.

Which Worms Would You Add To This Worms Rumble Post?

Don’t be shy. Let us know your favorite worm-like creatures from movies, TV, or literature. Hit the comment section, and give us your favorites.

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