Viscera Cleanup Detail

From time to time, I like to play games that are not too challenging. Yes, those games with a crazy premise that amuse and involve you. One of these is Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Trust me, this game published by RuneStorm was a pleasant surprise to me. Why? Find out in my mini-review.

It’s a mess but somebody’s got to clean it up

Viscera Cleanup Detail

I want to start with the plot of Viscera Cleanup Detail. Yes, this game also has a plot as crazy as it may seem. Evil aliens have invaded Earth. These terrible creatures have tried to reduce humanity to dust. Regardless, some brave humans were able to defend their planet. Humans win! Hurrah!

Okay, but who cleans it up? Well, it’s up to you! That’s right, in Viscera Cleanup Detail you will get in the wonderful shoes of a simple janitor. As you can see, the game is hilarious. But it is not so obvious. This title is sometimes horror. Besides, not everything is as it seems, aliens could hide terrible secrets among their remains. If I can give you some advice, watch out for traps! Will you be brave enough to take a bucket and mop to sanitize everything?

Don’t forget, the great heroes simply left with a crowbar and thwarted great alien threats. So, don’t beat yourself up, do your dirty work, and maybe you can also become a hero.

A particular gameplay

Maybe you want to know more about the gameplay of Viscera Cleanup Detail. Well, you LITERALLY have to clean up the remains of aliens and humans. The physics of the game will be very realistic, so take your mop and do a good job. Sweep, sanitize, rinse, clean: these are just some operations that you will have to do.

Regardless, the game is much more challenging than it may seem. Cleaning up all the bloodstains in the different areas will be difficult and challenging. So, be patient and be precise in your operations.

I can assure you that once you complete the work, you will be extremely satisfied. In short, it is not a game like Dark Souls, but being able to complete it will make you have fun and feel a feeling of completeness.

Viscera Cleanup Detail, better clean in multiplayer

Multiplayer of the game

Viscera Cleanup Detail is enjoyable. Well, if you choose to play in multiplayer the fun increase. In fact, with a friend, you can create moments that will make you laugh.

Also, you can decide to play online with one of the members of the title community. Live incredible adventures between cleaning and small puzzles: your job is waiting for you!

Viscera Cleanup Detail, it’s time to try it

Viscera Cleanup Detail is a game you have to try. Describing all its features can be useful to get an idea of what you can find in this title. However, only by playing will you understand the unique style of the game. Anyway, here you can also find its trailer, take a look!

Are you ready to unleash your skills as a janitor? Buy this game now on our store and show the world your value as a common man!

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