Vampyr Review

Vampyr is an underrated game. This video game has impressed me a lot and I don’t understand why we don’t talk about it more. Some people have never heard of it.

Regardless, you should give it a chance. Why? Because it’s extremely interesting. Let’s analyze together the features of this game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Focus Home Interactive. But first, let’s enjoy its trailer!

Vampyr: a captivating plot

Vampyr game

As I said in the introduction, Vampyr is a game created by Dontnod. This French software house is known for being able to design exceptional plots. Not surprisingly, some works by Dontnod are Life is Strange and Remember Me.

Not surprisingly, Vampyr has a phenomenal plot. We are in London in the year 1918. Here Doctor John Reid works to save his patients from flu. It seems that an epidemic has broken out in the city. More and more people are dying, but Dr. Reid is an experienced man and will do anything to save them.

Anyway, things change at night. Dr.Reid has recently become a vampire. His bloodlust is unleashed as the sun goes down and he can’t control his instincts. Will he survive fighting vampire hunters and other supernatural creatures? Above all, will this man be able to maintain his humanity? If you play, you can follow the story of the doctor and try to find an effective solution.

A moral question

During your run, you will have to make decisions. There will be some moments where your way of playing can influence the events of the story.

If you decide to give vent to your vampire side, you will become more powerful, but you will kill those who are your patients. In Vampyr, one part of you will fight to save lives, while another will suck the blood of innocents. Literally.

Therefore, you must not underestimate your choices. Your every action can save or condemn human lives. Decide which character you want to be and face the consequences of your actions.

I assure you that Vampyr will know how to involve you to the maximum. The end will satisfy you, I’m sure. Anyway, if you want to play again, you can try to make different choices, taking another path.

Vampyr: addictive but not perfect gameplay

“Please, let me check your heartbeat”

Vampyr has particular gameplay. The game is an open world and the map of London is quite large. The city is divided into four districts and you can explore them to discover secrets or activities.

In addition to the main story, which you can follow with the main quest missions, you can discover numerous side missions. Each NPC has a unique background and information. By connecting with an NPC you can improve your affinity and unlock new missions.

The more missions you perform, the more experience points you gain. Then, you can use these experience points to strengthen yourself and become more powerful or smart. One of the skills I have enjoyed is “mesmerize”. Thanks to it, you can hypnotize the characters and make them reveal information.


In your gameplay, there will be fights. In every neighborhood of London, there is a faction of vampires that dominates the area. You’ll have to shoot them down if you want to save the innocent or gain absolute power. Besides, sometimes there are mandatory boss fights.

Here you notice the defects of the gameplay. The combat phases are too mechanical, not very fluid, sometimes even annoying. The action will be bland, not exciting. Vampyr can be called an action RPG but when it comes to action, well, the result is not perfect. Also, the difficulty did not drive me crazy, let’s say it was all quite simple.

Ultimately, in my opinion, Vampyr is a game that strikes for its plot and its intertwined and connected gameplay, similar to that of Sherlock Holmes’ games. However, if you love action don’t expect too much from this title, you may be disappointed.

A gothic and exciting atmosphere

Vampyr atmosphere

The gothic atmosphere of the game is stunning. You’ll feel like you’re immersed in a gothic world and surrounded by mystery. I have rarely felt emotion for the setting of a game. Well, Vampyr surprised me from this point of view and can be considered on a par with games like Bloodborne or Bloodstained.

Some might find the game’s graphics slightly “old-gen“. This means that not all aspects are in ultra HD. That’s true. However, I believe that this feature is positive because it guarantees the macabre atmosphere of the title. Also, if you play the game according to the recommended requirements, I am sure you will be satisfied with the result.

Then, how many times have I said that a game should not be judged by the graphics?! Trust me, this is one of those titles where you can ignore the technical aspects and focus on the plot!

Vampyr: being a vampire doesn’t mean being a villain!

If you like the world of vampires and are fascinated by the gothic atmosphere, Vampyr is the perfect game to add to your collection. This title will involve you thanks to some interesting choices and gameplay related to the plot.

You can buy the game in our store at an affordable price. Alternatively, if you played Vampyr, leave a comment. Share your opinion and discuss the game with the Indiegala community.

Do you want to be a heroic doctor or a bloodthirsty vampire? It’s up to you!

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