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How many games do you know have an average of 10/10 on Steam? This will probably seem impossible to you, especially if you think about how the video games community can be fussy and demanding. And yet, To the Moon has achieved this goal.

Unlike what you might think, it is not a game with the typical triple-A features, even if we already recommended alongside such games. Its graphics are minimal and vintage, not surprisingly since it relies on the RPGMaker engine and, believe it or not, is compatible with Windows 98!

Despite this, To the Moon brings the player into a whirlwind of endless emotions.

In search of lost time

To The Moon Swing Scene

The idea behind To the Moon is simple and fascinating. Two researchers, Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts visit old Johnny Wyles and have the task of fulfilling his last wish, precisely to go “to the moon”. Failing to understand the reason for this request, doctors will have to undertake a journey into the patient’s memory.

He will then begin a journey back into the life of old Johnny, visiting what are the most important moments of his life. I don’t want to mention anything else about the story, really, you have to live it to the fullest and discover it in small steps.

I promise you, you won’t regret it, on the contrary, you’ll consider To the Moon a work of art. Also, if possible I recommend playing the game with headphones, so you can enjoy the most moving soundtrack.

The importance of memories and the feeble existence

Wish Fulfillment

To the Moon asks the player some existential questions, but he does it gradually. We make a journey back into the life of an ordinary man, a man who has experienced joys and sorrows. As we go through this process, each of us can assess the importance of memories.

After all, these ephemeral fragments make up our existence. They shape our essence, and when we get there at the end of the journey, it’s all that’s left.

To The Moon Feelings

At the same time, To the Moon makes us think about what it really means to love another person. Sacrificing yourself for the person you love, giving up your dreams to make someone else feel better. Doing all of this…is it really worth it in the end?

Once the game is over everyone can give their own answer. Just as everyone could see that love is more than just a feeling, but that it can be a force that transcends time and space. Besides, the game teaches us all the value of social bonds that in a selfish society like today we often underestimate.

As weak as our existence is, memories and bonds are two sides of the same coin, and even before death, they are the only things that can make us happy.

To the moon: a masterpiece you can’t miss

If you love to call yourself a real gamer, you have to try the game at least once in your life.

It will be an experience that will not disappoint you, indeed I am sure in the end that you will also assign 10/10 to this sensational work.

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