Super Robot Wars 30 & 10 best mecha video games

Mecha games are always exciting. I love it when developers allow us gamers to play with giant robots and save the universe. It’s very satisfying, isn’t it?

Well, we all know that Super Robot Wars 30 was released recently, so I thought of creating a list of the best mecha video games ever made. I mean, what are the mecha games you MUST try? Keep reading and you can take a look at the complete list!

The top 10 best mecha video games: are you ready?

There are a lot of mecha-themed games. However, I chose the best ten titles. These are video games that are exceptional from the point of view of gameplay, graphics, and storyline.

If you love the sci-fi genre, like me, surely you will love these titles. Without further ado, here are the games you need to add to your collection!

Super Robot Wars 30

Best mecha video games: Super Robot Wars 30

We start with the absolute novelty of the genre. Super Robot Wars 30 is a game developed by B.B. Studio and published by Bandai Namco.

This game is a dream for those who love mecha anime. In the game, there are characters and robots from the most famous anime. Plus, this is a tactical RPG. This means you’ll have to carefully develop your character and choose from time to time attacks to destroy enemies.

So, what more do you want from a mecha video game? A compelling story! Well, I assure you that Super Robot Wars 30 has a fantastic plot. You can find it here at a special price and start your adventure with the most famous robots in the world.

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, trust me, I loved this game. It is developed by Piranha Games and published by Sold Out. With this game, you will feel at the helm of a real mecha. You will have to upgrade your robot, facing enemies with your futuristic arsenal. Besides, you will have to explore several planets, engaged in a cosmic conflict.

However, you’ll be a mercenary. You’re gonna have to decide which side you stand on and choose between the good of civilization or your self-interest. The Merc-Life can be exciting, but can you survive and find out the truth behind the war? Put yourself to the test and prove to be the best mercenary driving a mecha!



Battletech is a game published by Paradox Interactive. You know what this means, right? Well, a great plot and unforgettable characters. Battletech is a strategy game and you’ll need to use your intelligence to move forward.

Just like Shadowrun Returns, you will experience numerous attack techniques. Besides, you will try to overwhelm your enemies in every way. If you want to learn more about Battletech and its expansions, I invite you to read my article on the best Paradox Science Fiction Games.

Ultimately, I highly recommend you try this title if you are looking for one of the best mecha video games.

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner

Best mecha video games: Zone of the Enders

What is the result if you mix Hideo Kojima and robots? Simple, Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner! This title is a fast-paced 3D action robot game, with an exciting story that will keep you speechless. The year is 2174 and a despotic organization wants to take over Earth and Mars. Only you with your abilities can stop the enemy and ensure freedom for all.

The graphics of the game are spectacular. Indeed, this game is remastered in 4K. So, if you have a good graphics card you can have goosebumps admiring the wonderful scenery of each stage.

Also, the new version is compatible with VR headsets. This means that you can literally immerse yourself in JEHUTY, the mecha of the game, and command it personally! If you want to try this experience, buy the game made by Konami and enter JEHUTY’s cockpit!

Best mecha video games: Armored Freedom

Armored Freedom is a game that few people know. I decided to include it in this list because it is unique. It is a strategy video game that works like a board game. Interesting choice, Killer Bees Games!

During your turn, you can decide your strategy to defeat your opponents. You’ll have to roll the dice to move, virtual of course, and hope for a good result. In addition, you can customize your character, creating a small robot according to your tastes.

I consider it a pleasant and “light” game to try with friends for a fun experience. If you want to give it a chance, and I think you should, you can find it here at a reasonable price.

Transformers Battlegrounds

Transformers Battlegrounds

We are talking about the best mecha video games, so you can’t forget the Transformers. Everyone knows these giant robots and loves them for the movies, cartoons, and comics. Well, there are also many games dedicated to Optimus Prime and companions; for this list, I chose Transformers Battlegrounds.

Battlegrounds is a turn-based tactical game. You will need to form your team and try to defeat Megatron and his army, the Decepticons. Be careful, a wrong move might condemn your friends! Maybe you don’t think so, but this is a challenging game. You’ll have to make an effort not to lose.

Still don’t believe me? Well, buy the game and test your skills!

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays is one of the games you should have in your collection if you love mecha. This title is a love letter to Gundam, one of the most famous robots in the world.

In this RPG, you will have to show off your skills as a pilot and destroy evil enemies who want to dominate the universe. You can survive and win only with the help of worthy allies.

In addition to the standard version, it’s available the Deluxe Edition of the game. With the latter, you can get numerous content such as DLCs and Early Bird Rewards. Now, take a look at the trailer!

New Gundam Breaker

One more Gundam’s game for our fans! New Gundam Breaker is a fabulous action game. I tried it and was largely satisfied. You will play like a real expert and you will have to rule your mecha in every aspect. You will get in the shoes of Kyosuke, a guy who wants to collect Gunpla parts with friends to create a legendary Gundam. In single-player mode, you will face several enemies to become the best of your school and impress the girls!

In Multiplayer mode, you will face 3vs3 battles. Remember, only the best can win! This game is a worldwide phenomenon, as explained by my colleague in her review. Do you want to join the community? Then buy the game now in our store.

Best mecha video games: Main Assembly

Main Assembly, best mecha video games

So far, I have only included games where you have to fight and defeat opponents. Now I want to talk to you about something different. Main Assembly is a calmer and quieter game published by Team17.

Your goal will be to build robots of all shapes and sizes, as you can see from the trailer. You can unleash yourself in exploring a very vast world, trying the features of your creation.

Plus, I guarantee you that there is great fun if you try the game with your friends. It could create bizarre and hilarious situations. What are you waiting for? Add the game to your collection and have fun building robots!

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is the most famous mecha-themed game of recent times. Many have tried this FPS published by EA. The game gives a nice mix of action and a thrilling plot. Personally, I didn’t like the single-player campaign of the game, too short for my taste. Regardless, the multiplayer mode is spectacular with stunning battles. Moreover, each “titan” is a treat for the eyes thanks to a remarkable design.

I mean, this is the game you have to purchase if you love the frantic triple-A FPS and with astonishing graphics.

Best mecha video games: what are your choices?

Do you agree with my list? Well, let me know in the comments. Also, I ask you, what are your favorite mecha-themed games?

Share your thoughts and discuss with our community!


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