Sniper movies are a natural progression for me and my writing here at IndieGala. I mean, I already wrote about Mafia movies, racing movies, zombie movies and even air combat movies. The diversity of topics never ceases to amaze me, but I’m more than happy to explore more and more of them.

This is why, I’m aiming to explore sniper video games and movies in several different posts. We do have plenty of sniper themed games on sale, and they’re fun. Not to mention, there are plenty of movies worth mentioning, and lots of fun themes to discuss.

So, stay tuned for more sniper content in the days to come.

But, before I dive into the specifics of the sniper movies, let’s take a moment a reflect on the genre itself. The tactical shooter games.

Without further ado…


Sniper and tactical shooter games

Since Sniper Ghost Warrior is a tactical shooter game, let’s take a moment and reflect on the sub-genre. Tactical shooters are all about planning, caution, coordination, cooperation and pacing.

They’re indeed much slower than most action games and designed in realism. So much so, that it’s not unusual for the player (or the sniper) to be killed with one single bullet. Some games even omit the jump button altogether. While others who do have running in the gameplay emphasize the caution and patience. Staying unnoticed for a lengthy period, in order not to get killed.

And in terms of weapons, the sniper rifle is not the only choice. Shotguns, assault rifles, machine guns are also used. And in some Akimbo (or dual-wielding) pistols are being used as well. So, there are plenty of possibilities for sure.

Sniper: What are the games all about?

Well, much like the game’s title suggest… They’re about sniper shooting. But for the sake of time and space here in this post, I’m going to focus on exploring the latest Sniper Ghost Warrior game. Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts.

It’s a tactical shooter game, in which you play as a paid assassin. A hit man for hire, and you’ll have to be very cautious of rival snipers. They won’t hesitate to disrupt your best-laid plans, for sure. However, unlike its predecessors, Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts uses mission-based game-play instead of an open-world format.

An in the game itself, you’re based (for the most part) in Siberia. The region is now independent from the rest of Russia. The ruthless prime- minister- Nergui Kurchatov rules Siberia and he needs to be put down.

So, a sniper is sent on a series of dangerous missions by a mysterious sponsor. And among other things, the final target for elimination is Kurchatov. Will you be able to do it?


But why do we love sniper movies?

Well, because of several reasons. First and foremost there’s the disguise aspect. Most warfare movies do involve combat and team effort from a group of soldiers. However, the sniper-themed movies are different.

Even the snipers themselves are portrayed as lone wolfs. Furthermore, they’re masters of disguise, with a strong invisibility complex. Nobody knows that they’re there and they do have a close but very disturbing bond with the targets. Unlike any other form of military personnel, they kill from a safe distance.

Frankly, it’s precisely that ability to stare into the victim’s eyes (from far away) that’s exhilarating about them. And last but certainly not least, they don’t offer a warning in any combat situation. You can hear a tank, you can see a flying grenade. But it’s very difficult to predict a sniper attack. And they’re really hard to shoot back to. Because of the disguise that they use of course and/or their surroundings.

Movies and yes, a lot of the video games can bring that exhilarating aspect and explore it to the fullest. But while some movies do it well, others do it appallingly bad.

Phone Booth

War movies, elite assassins and so much more

Historically speaking the snipers were one of the most disliked personnel in most of the armies. But, over the years, Hollywood has found a way to polish and restore their reputation. As a result, we now have sniper movies that depict different wars and invasions (American Sniper, Savior, The Hurt Locker).

Moreover, there are the mercenaries sent to dangerous missions (The Sniper Franchise, Shooter). Oh, and high-end professional assassins that are members of secret organizations (like in Hitman, Wanted). Finally there are black comedies involving sniper assassins like Grosse Pointe Blank, and of course…. Phone Booth. A neo-noir thriller about a man held hostage in a phone booth by a sniper.

They’re all fun and thrilling pieces of modern cinema for sure. Some of them blend other genres within the story, while some of them are based on video games and comic books. Just take a look at Wanted. The movie emphasized the different methods of target elimination, which only amps up the experience.

How about the aforementioned Grosse Pointe Blank? An assassin that’s looking forward to his high-school reunion? The movie goes to show that you can easily blend black comedy with the serious stuff and get a fantastic final product.

But let’s focus on the more attainable ones for now.

Wanted (11/11) Movie CLIP - Wesley Fulfills His Destiny (2008) HD ...

Biopics are also fun to watch

And while most of the sniper movies are heavily influenced by warfare, very few of them are based on actual people. However, there are a few great biopics that do feature real-life people. Most notably there’s the American Sniper movie.

Directed by Clint Eastwood, American Sniper portrayed the life of Chris Kyle. Then there’s Sam Mendes’s Jarhead, which is another great movie to watch. The 2001 movies Enemy at the Gates brought back the horrors of WW2 and so did Battle for Sevastopol, but from a Russian perspective.

Battle for Sevastopol on the other hand was a story about Lyudmila Pavlichenko. One of the most successful female snipers in the Russian army.

Stay tuned! More sniper content is coming on IndieGala

That’s right. In the next post, I’m going to name and explore some of my favorite sniper movies. But for now, you can share your picks here in the comment section. What are your picks regarding the sniper movies? Which are your favorites? Tell us. We’d love to know

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