A Serial Cleaner Introduction

Certainly the TV show Dexter changed a lot in the depiction of crime scenes. For example, it showed us blood patterns, trash maintenance, and everything else that comes with cleaning up crime scenes. Serial Cleaner puts you in that position.

But, after we take a quick look at the Serial Cleaner (the video game) we’re going to remind you of a great movie that has the exact same thing in the plot. Cleaning up crime scenes. Sunshine Cleaning is the name and you’re going to love it.

Serial Cleaner

Serial Cleaner: The Video Game

What’s Serial Cleaner all about? First of all, much like the name suggests, Serial Cleaner is about…you’ve guessed it: crime scene cleaning. Set in the 1970s, the Serial Cleaner video game is about you, a professional crime scene cleaner for the mob.

The Serial Cleaner goes on missions to clean up murder scenes while avoiding the cops. Next, you’ll need to remove evidence, get rid of bodies, and clean up the blood found on the crime scenes. It’s a simple premise with an interesting gameplay.

Serial Cleaner VS Sunshine Cleaning

First of all, let me just start by mentioning that this is one of the best movies out there. Indeed Wikipedia states that Sunshine Cleaning is a comedy-drama, but it’s so much more. Probably it has one of the best character developments in a film I’ve ever seen.

However, it does start with cleaning. No, not crime cleaning like in Serial Cleaner. That will come much later.

First and foremost, there’s the character of Rose (played by Amy Adams in one of her best performances). Furthermore, she’s a single mother to a hyperactive 8-year-old son and lives with her dad (Alan Arkin) and younger sister Norah (Emily Blunt). Frankly, they’re just barely existing in their quiet little town.

In addition to being stuck in an aimless relationship with a married man, Rose cleans houses for a living. However, because of the recommendation from her lover, and the promise that there’s good profit in cleaning crime scenes, she will start doing that. Rather sloppy and careless at first, the two sisters will eventually become pros in crime cleaning.

Serial Cleaner

Hence, the title of the movie. Sunshine Cleaning.

Characters you won’t forget

But that’s on the surface. As you watch Sunshine Cleaning, it becomes clear to you that each of the characters is damaged in some way. Rather a good start for character developments. don’t you think?

Rose is an overworked single mom who’s resentful of the fact that she has not reached her potential. Indeed, she’s the breadwinner in her family but appears unhappy with the life she’s leading.

She’s in a job that she hates and on top of that she’s humiliated by her rich clients daily. Then there’s her sister Norah. She’s carefree, irresponsible and can’t hold on to a job for a long period.

Moreover, Rose’s son has some social and behavioral issues and needs special education and her dad… Well, he’s the biggest dreamer in the family.

But, as the movie progresses, we figure out the intricate details of the crime scene clean-up business as well.

For instance what equipment one person needs to do that, the licenses and authorizations, and so on. We get to see the crime cleaning in regular settings, and how messy and emotional that job is.

Serial Cleaner

Sunshine Cleaning VS Serial Cleaner

Ultimately, if you’re fans of the Serial Cleaner- the Curve Digital video game, give yourself a chance and watch Sunshine Cleaning as well. It’s a fantastic movie with a brilliant cast and of course, incredible performances. Sunshine Cleaning is directed, written and edited by women. Besides, it also has two female leading roles. I can’t recommend it enough.

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