Retro stations love

Let’s face it, we all love retro stations! These devices allow us to play games that have marked us and made us live unforgettable moments. Who doesn’t like to replay titles for Nintendo 64 or PS1? We all love these consoles!

But why do we love retro stations so much? As a video gaming enthusiast, today I want to analyze this aspect. Let’s analyze together what are the factors that make us crazy for retro stations!

Retro Stations Love: the first factor, nostalgia

The first aspect that makes us love retro stations is nostalgia. As mentioned earlier, the retro stations and video games of the past, bring us back to mind are good memories. We manage to make “metaphorical” time-travel and return as children when we had fewer worries and did not know what stress was.

Retracing these feelings gives us a serene feeling and makes us forget about everything else. Even today, something similar happens when you try historical videogames such as Metal Slug or Megaman.

However, the feeling is different when you are in front of a retro console. You don’t play on your computer, but on a faithful reproduction of what your favorite console was. Believe me, in situations like this, nostalgia gets to you, but it’s a fabulous feeling. A bit melancholy, but it is worth trying it at least once in a lifetime.

The second factor: challenge and commitment

Ghosts'n goblins
That’s a bit hard, isn’t it?

The second key factor concerns the difficulty of the games of the past. I mean, a few years ago, you had to spend a fortune on tokens to get past a level. Even the retro home consoles had some really difficult games. You could play the best platformers or amazing RPGs for hours. Besides, the first home consoles could not even save progress!

Nowadays, there are not many competitive games. Of course, there are some exceptions, but they are too few. Of course, I understand that today’s video games have really good stories and graphic details to look at, but the difficulty has subsided considerably. Most games are simple and easy.

Regardless, with a retro station, you can have access to hundreds of challenging videogames and you can try to beat your youth records in your free time. I think it’s a nice challenge to take on, so you can also measure your gamer skills and compare the games of today and those of the past.

The third factor: creating a collection

Retro stations love: a good collection
A good collection

Many people love retro stations because they want to create their collection. Maybe over time, they sold their consoles or they forgot who knows where. Being able to collect retro stations is very satisfying. Think about how many video games you can try with several historical consoles at your disposal.

Whenever you want to try a game you loved as a child, you can do it and nothing will stop you. Creating this kind of personal museum is also a way to honor your passion. This way you can convey the same passion to your children or relatives and make them experience the best adventures that the world of videogames has ever known.

Of course, it may take some time to secure a complete collection of retro stations, but with patience, you will be able to achieve this goal.

Retro Stations Love: What do you think about this?

These were the three fundamental factors that I think make us love retro stations. But what do you think about it? I really want to hear your opinion.

Feel free to make a comment and share your thoughts with the Indiegala community. In particular, I’d like to know what you think about topics such as the effect that nostalgia has on videogames and a possible comparison between retro gaming and modern games.

Plus, remember that you can also visit the official Indiegala forum to discuss with other users and share your ideas.

Our love for retro stations will never end and Indiegala can help us grow it, spread the word!

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