Redout: Space Assault

Our very good friends at 34BigThings have made us super happy today. They announced that the spinoff of their award-winning futuristic racer, Redout, is in development. Redout: Space Assault is going to take the racer we love to starry new heights. We can hear all the fans cheering ever so loudly with us!

What’s the spinoff in Redout: Space Assault?

Redout: Space Assault will launch players into a tactical outer space dogfight. 34BigThings promises that it will maintain the adrenaline rush, high skill ceiling, frantic pace, and popping aesthetics that made Redout a hit. This time though, weapons and spaceflight will spice the mix.

Redout: Space Assault

Redout: Space Assault is set before the events of Redout

Redout: Space Assault takes place 160 years before the events of Redout. We’re keen on seeing just how that story plays out, although we’re not too concerned. Redout gameplay is famous for its breakneck speed and not storytelling. Still, it’s nice to know that 34BigThings have factored in a certain mood.

In Redout: Space Assault it’s the year AD 2395. Humanity is facing the most daunting and desperate task in its existence: fleeing Earth. The ruthless Colonization Fleet constantly fights cutthroat rebel bands to secure routes and resources.

Players will pick loadouts, plan assaults, and escort cargo ships. To do this with success, you’ll have to engage in furious 1-on-1 duels, infiltrate colossal motherships and blow them up from within!

Redout: Space Assault

Redout: Space Assault will feature an extensive single-player campaign. Still, competitive multiplayer is where real pilots will shine. There’ll be plenty of unique rewards to showboat — color schemes, liveries, decals, and badges.

What the devs say

“The uniqueness of Redout: Space Assault will lie in its tactical layer,” says Lead Game Designer, Giuseppe Enrico Franchi. “Not only will players choose between different ships and loadouts, each one coming with strategic advantages; they will also be able to dock and take control of larger ships with superior firepower, move them around the battlefield, decide which subsystems to repair and which to upgrade. There will be more than one road to victory.”

Redout: Space Assault is expected to release in the first quarter of 2019 for Windows PCs. Follow us and add it to your wishlist.

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