Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a game that fascinates you from the outset. It’s not just a video game, but it’s a mix of virtual reality and live-action. Initially, I was afraid I couldn’t play this fascinating game, but then thanks to the PC version I managed to include it in my collection.

In Quantum Break some things blew my mind. Find out what they are in this review of the game!

Quantum Break: More than a videogame

Quantum Break is more than just a videogame

Quantum Break is a game developed by Remedy Entertainment. For this title, the software house wanted to experiment a lot. In fact, it is a mix between a normal videogame and a TV series.

The game follows a double story. In the “videogame” parts, you will play Jack Joyce, a hero with the power to manipulate time. When you enjoying the “live-action” part, you will see the actions of Paul Serene, the villain of the story.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Wow, a video game that lets you have both the good and the bad guy point of view?” That’s right. It’s really exciting, isn’t it?

In theory, Quantum Break is more than a videogame and even if in practice it presents some flaws, you should try it.

A well-written and engaging plot

Quantum Break has a very good plot

What about the plot of Quantum Break? I don’t want to spoil the story, but believe me, if you’re a fan of science fiction you’ll love it to death.

Jack and Paul, the aforementioned protagonist and antagonist, are involved in a special scientific experiment. The two men witness the rupture of a “time machine“, an event that breaks the common space-time line.

The same explosion gives the two characters the power to control time. Of course, Paul wants to do it for selfish purposes, trying to increase the influence of his company, Monarch Solutions. Instead, Jack will try to stop him no matter what.

However, can you REALLY modify time? As in Bioshock: Infinite, Quantum Break answers this question in a way that will leave you breathless.

I want to give you a little piece of advice. When you play, remember that every action counts. Never underestimate the choices you’ll have to make, otherwise, you may regret it.

Quantum Break and the “slowed down” gameplay

TPS Style of the game

What do you expect in a videogame where you can slow-down time? Well, lots of slow-motion actions.

Believe me, it will be really fun to eliminate enemies using skills like Time Blast that allows you to freeze enemies. Alternatively, you can defend yourself with Time Shield. At some point, you’ll realize that using time skills is even better than using weapons.

In fact, in some moments the actions of the game will be spectacular, able to make you fully enjoy the technical aspects of Quantum Break.

However, the action stages of the TPS-style game are the real weakness of Quantum Break. In my opinion, the shootings are too mechanical and the enemies have a slightly defective AI. Just so you know, these phases are not at Superhot’s slowed-down shooting levels.

Regardless, it’s just a little flaw and it doesn’t ruin the gaming experience, which remains enjoyable.

Realistic and exceptional graphics

Just amazing graphics of the game

The graphics of Quantum Break are spectacular. I think a few games can reach this technical level. You will notice every detail of the characters, also because the protagonists of the game are inspired by real actors.

Not surprisingly, you will recognize the characters of the game during the cinematics live-action: they are nearly identical!

Everything has been taken care of to the maximum, without neglecting anything. From this point of view, Remedy Entertainment has done an excellent job. Besides, both movie and game phases are steady and run without bugs.

If you want to enjoy a great experience with Quantum Break, I suggest you play it on a powerful computer. Trust me, it feels completely different in terms of gameplay and visuals if you can play it on a PC that meets the optimal requirements.

Quantum Break: It’s time to try it

Don’t wait any longer! If you don’t have time manipulation powers like Jack Joyce (and you probably don’t), you might miss your chance to play Quantum Break.

You can buy the game at an extraordinary discount on our store. After you finish it, let me know your opinion on Quantum Break.

The power of time is at your disposal, can you exploit it?

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