Prey is a survival horror game I don’t often hear about. Many times I see how some people like horror games like Resident Evil, but never mention Prey. Well, in my opinion, this title is a gaming pearl.

Why? Well, several factors push me to make this consideration. Here are the most important features of the title!

Isolated in space (?)

Prey character

A famous science fiction movie said, in space, no one can hear you scream. Well, that’s pretty much the whole plot of the game. We are in the year 2034 and on a space station, the Talos I, you will wake up in a state of confusion, remembering little or nothing of how you ended up there.

You’re Morgan Yu, a brilliant scientist and you remember working on an experiment on this science station. Your employers are TranStar Corporation, an ultra-technological company that was trying to develop a revolutionary project. These are some of the few things you remember. Also, you remember that you have a brother Alex, who works with you. But where is he now? This will be your goal initially, but you will have to pay attention to the dangerous Typhon, hostile aliens who hunt you down.

Will you be able to discover the mysteries behind the station, understanding what you were working on and above all what the Typhon’s purpose is? Well, if you want to do it, prepare for an adventure that will hold your breath.

Plus, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful and shocking endings ever. Believe me, knowing the final mystery will blow your head and you’ll be amazed! Just for this reason, you should give a chance to this game developed by Arkane Studios.

An exceptional atmosphere

The atmosphere

A good survival horror should have a unique atmosphere. Prey manages to convey a feeling of unease throughout the gameplay. I want to be clear, don’t expect to jump straight or violent like in Dead Space. Rather, you will be surrounded by a feeling of anxiety that will accompany you in every step you take.

The mystery surrounding the Talos 1 station is tangible and the enemy aliens are evil and terrifying. In some ways, I have to admit that the atmospheres reminded me of those you can try in some stages of Dying Light.

In short, if you are a weak heart I recommend you not to try Prey. Other games can do the right for you. Alternatively, if you want to explore this haunted space station and find out what horror lies behind it, well, I wish you good luck, man!

Prey or hunter?


The plot is the backbone of the game. However, even the gameplay is very interesting in some situations. Morgan Yu, the main character, is a true fighter.

Not surprisingly, in some stages, the game will look like a pure FPS. You will have to use the weapons at your disposal and throw hundreds of shots on the enemies to annihilate them. You can have fun during these stages and you can also discharge some of the tension accumulated in the game.

However, the best parts of the game remain those dedicated to exploration. During these occasions, you can feel the pathos of the title and feel an integral part of the station. Believe me, as you explore every room, you can feel that there’s something creepy about this place and it involves you up close.

Moreover, I advise you not to play superficially, not to go straight on your way. By carefully exploring the areas, you will be rewarded with details and secrets that will compose the final great puzzle. Besides, thanks to exploration you can discover secret ways that will make you overcome certain areas of the game without problems. That’s right: if you’re curious enough you can avoid confrontations with enemies. This will be especially useful at the beginning of your adventure when you only have a wrench at your disposal to kill aliens.

In Prey, intelligence is more important than brute force, never forget it. It’s a bit like everyday life, isn’t it? Going back to the gameplay, if you want to make the most of the gaming experience, decide right away which style you want to adopt. I recommend a stealth style dedicated to exploration, but if you want to get massacred by aliens, you have full freedom!

What about the technical level?

Prey technical level

Technically speaking, this game is not a masterpiece. It has an interesting graphic style, but at times it shows all its shortcomings. From a graphic point of view, some flaws have slightly disappointed me.

Also, I was able to notice how the game is struggling during the most hectic actions. The shootings will be chaotic and not very fluid at times. Of course, we are not at the Fallout 76 level as far as technical uncertainties are concerned, but this game aspect is not exceptional.

From my point of view, I think Arkane Studios worked on a tight budget for this. You couldn’t give developers more credit, could you, Bethesda Softwork?

Prey: a must for your collection

Ultimately, Prey is a game you should have in your collection. Maybe you’re looking for a game that will take your time while you wait for the next releases in 2021. Well, I sincerely advise you to bet on this title, you will not regret it!

In our store, you can find the game at an excellent price! Plus, I recommend you also try the Mooncrash expansion, which adds a new roguelike game mode.

Are you ready to go on this space trip? It will be shocking, I assure you!

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