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Post Apocalyptic Movies. Love them or hate them, post-apocalyptic movies are here to stay. Most of the time, they’re bleak, scary and often depressing. However, beneath all that uncertainty and fear, there are some lessons to be learned from them. You know, on how to survive in case you find yourself in such a scenario. A post-apocalyptic movie scenario.

Fury Road

And just what those lessons might be?

Well, for starters… If by any chance there’s a highly deadly virus out there, it’s best to avoid getting infected. Nobody wants that, am I right? That applies to you and to the people that are important to you. Your family, your significant other and your friends. Pretty much everyone that you care about.

What’s available in post-apocalyptic world?

Yeah, hazmat suits are fine, how many of us can afford them? So… It’s best to stay away from any potential source of contamination. The same goes for a hypothetical event of a zombie apocalypse. Just think.

Dawn of The Dead, The Crazies and plenty of the Resident Evil movies were very smart in that regard. If you’re bitten or infected you might as well be finished. You’re done. So, it’s best to avoid infection, at all costs.

Alice in Post Apocalyptic Zombie Movies

Stock up of food and water

Water and food. We really can’t leave without them. How are you going to survive any post-apocalyptic scenario without the essentials? You’re not. Firstly: Food and water are a must. Why? Because who knows when you’ll have your next meal in the post-apocalyptic world.

Secondly, if you have a shelter you can stock up on food, water, and medicine there. But, if you’re on foot or traveling from place to place, like in Death Stranding, it’s best to make your meals light and easily portable.  You would want to live the Snowpiercer lifestyle, trust me.


Oh, and medicine too

And another thing…. You wouldn’t want to eat those disgusting protein bars in Snowpiercer, right? So…. If you’re stranded somewhere with your pet dog…. You know… Just like Will Smith was in I Am Legend. You might think of providing food for the dog as well. And last but not least… Medicine.

Don’t go crazy. It doesn’t have to be a whole pharmacy worth of medicine. Just the essentials. First aid kit and some antibiotics are always a good idea to have. Again… Just enough to keep you safe and alive, for a while.

Protection is always needed in post-apocalyptic movies

No, I’m not talking about condoms here, you silly goose. I’m talking about guns, pistols and enough bullets to fill them with. The other essentials in the post-apocalyptic world, of course. They are super helpful if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Guns, swords and everything that’s sharp

If you need to defend yourself against any harmful people or even zombies, a loaded gun will do the trick. Of course, if you don’t have them, any improvised weapons will do the job in a pinch. Which ones? Well, whatever is at hand really. As a side note: in Dead Island and Dying Light you get plenty of chances to use an arsenal of melee and firearms.

Weapons like swords, baseball bats, spears, bows and arrows, and even metal rods. Don’t be afraid if you don’t know how to use them. Just aim for the head of the zombie and you’ll be fine. Probably.

Transportation is always tricky in post apocalyptic movies

Post-apocalyptic movies have shown us that having a car, motorbike or any other type of transportation is a must.

But, again…  Cars, motorbikes, and trucks need gas, petrol or even electricity. And in a post-apocalyptic movie, those things are always hard to find or break when you need them. Think of Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. Or Snake Plissken and Cabbie in Escape From New York. Transportation can become difficult, but not impossible. Right?

Choose a good hideout or shelter


Again… It doesn’t have to be a full-on underground bunker-like facility in 10 Cloverfield Lane. You don’t even have to have an in-house laboratory, like Will Smith did in I Am Legend.

But it’s important to have a shelter to hide when things get too dangerous. If the hideout is meant to protect you from zombies, then lock the doors and windows tightly. If radioactive exposure is what you’re worried about then, go ahead…

Build that radioactive-proof bunker. But keeping yourself safe is crucial in every post-apocalyptic movie.

And last but not least… Always trust the crazy guy

Trusting the seemingly crazy guy in every post-apocalyptic movie is great. Just think of Michael Caine in Children of Men. They’re usually smart and knowledgeable in a lot of things. They’re goofy and eccentric, but smart.

But, trusting the scientist is crucial. Yes, there are some evil mad scientists (Alexander Isaacs from the Resident Evil franchise first comes to mind) but most of them are OK. So, always trust one. Who knows, they might end up saving your life.

Your Post Apocalyptic Movies picks

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