Starlight Island Update comes to My Time At Portia

Team17’s Summer Sale packs an amazing lineup of more than 30 Steam games, so you don’t want to miss it. But most importantly, they’ve just announced a new update (Starlight Island) for their charming sandbox simulation RPG, My Time at Portia.

My Time at Portia is currently available in Steam Early Access. It will even be heading to Xbox One, PS4 and Switch when the full game launches.

Starlight Island Update comes to My Time At Portia

What’s new in the Starlight Island Update?

The new Starlight Island update includes lots of exciting new content including:

New location: The Haunted Cave

Remember that mission on Amber Island? Mayor Gale said that construction could take place so that Portians could have somewhere fun to go. The Mayor is keeping his promise! Once you’ve defeated the Rat Prince, you’ll be able to go back to this island and help the Mayor turn the cave into a themed attraction!

New building project: Factory

Pathea Games have been listening to player’s feedback about crafting items in their yard. So they decided to add a pretty big feature with the Starlight Island update. Once you’ve completed the harbor mission, you’ll be able to visit A&G Construction and build a factory in your yard!

The factory will allow you to automate production. To craft something, you’ll simply need to prepare the machine and the raw materials it needs, click ‘start’, and wait! You’ll be able to automate each stage of the production process. From raw materials to semi-manufactured products, and from semi-manufactured products to final products! This factory is a huge new feature and will save lots of crafting time!

Starlight Island Update comes to My Time At Portia

New calendar event: The Day of Memories

The Day of Memories is the third holiday to be added to the calendar in My Time At Portia. The first two were the Day of the Bright Sun and Winter Solstice. This holiday will take place on the 27th Summer each year. There will be an activity on this day, and you’ll get to compete against the villagers for a reward!

The difference with this event activity is that it takes place at night! The activity will start at 9pm, and participants will need to find ghost badges scattered throughout Portia town. You’ll have a limited amount of time to find as many badges as you can. When the time is up, the person with the most badges wins! You can trade these badges in for Day of Memories items at the Badge Exchange inside the Commerce Guild.

Starlight Island Update comes to My Time At Portia

New wearables: Accessories

There’ve been accessories such as necklaces, sunglasses, and earrings in the game for a while now. These have added to different character stats but are invisible when your character is wearing them. Players have wanted to be able to see these accessories when your character is wearing them — and now they can! So, if style is your thing, you’ll now be able to match your accessories to your outfit!

Starlight Island Update comes to My Time At Portia

Item Upgrade: Wooden Storage Box

Players have also complained about the difficulty of managing items since they’re stored in multiple wooden storage boxes. The Starlight Island update will make managing your stored items a lot easier. Now, when you open one storage box, you will be able to manage the items in all of your storage boxes! We’ve also added the ability to sort your items at the click of a button! So, for example: if you put wood into box A, and then some wood into box B, all wood will automatically be sorted into box A.

But there’s more to the Starlight Island Update!

Pathea Games have been working hard to bring a whole host of other additions, fixes and improvements to the game as well as the features above. You can check out their entire change list here.

My Time at Portia is currently available in Steam Early Access and will be heading to Xbox One, PS4 and Switch at a later date. To keep up to date with all the information on My Time at Portia, you can connect on FacebookTwitter and Discord.

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