3 Unbelievably Cool Pixel Action Games

Like most gamers, you probably look straight past games that only cost mere cents, right? You’re thinking that it must be some asset-flipping, cash-grabbing dud. While that can often be the case, the pixel action games we’re about to list here are pure gems.

Pixel Action Games #1 – Prison Run & Gun


If this short list exists, it’s thanks to Prison Run and Gun. Our rather button-smashing journey with Quantized Bit’s bitesize indie gems began right here. Prison Run and Gun is a retro puzzle platformer with modern gameplay and mechanics.

The storyline is short and sweet, and it goes something like this. The recent events in a state prison — involving Jake from Team Hot Guns — was a perfect moment for some prisoners to escape. And you’re one of them.

As far as pixel action games go, this one really packs a punch. Fluid, crispy, and toting plenty of tricks up its sleeve, it will truly surprise you silly. And it’s only €0.50 right now on our store! There’s just no reason to miss out on a gem when it’s that price!

Genre: Indie, Action, Puzzle-Platformer, Retro, Pixel
Price€2.99  €0.50

Pixel Action Games #2 – Shootout on Cash Island

Bobby from Team Hot Guns has a job to locate and secure the legendary Money Tree, but as it always happens in this kind of nonsense stories – he’s not the only one looking for it. Use guns, helmets, grenades and jetpacks to find and collect the map pieces placed in the empty jam jars around the island.

Shoutout on Cash Island is another dime piece in Quantized Bit’s portfolio. It’s got the same irresistible appeal and gameplay as Prison Run and Gun. Still, it’s a whole new adventure and there’s much more to its world than meets the eye. Seriously, though. Just look at those explosions!

Genre: Indie, Action, Platformer, Retro, Pixel
Price€1.99  €0.59

Pixel Action Games #3 – Mission: Demolition

The most secure prison facility in the country is under attack… The city mayor called personally and asked you to take care of this problem.

At this point, perhaps it seems like more of the same. But we can reassure you, each new Quantized Bit title brings something new to the table. Basically, it’s impossible for a lover of any retro, shoot ’em up platformer to be disappointed with any of these games.

Even though Mission: Demolition has the highest list price of them all, it’s still only €0.59 today. You owe it to yourself, and to your gaming library to stock up on these classics. Serve yourself while the deals are hot.

Genre: Indie, Action, Side-Scroller, Retro, Pixel
Price€3.99  €0.59

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